Runners: what (if any) form of ID do you carry with you?

CaseyBee Posts: 163 Member
I set out this am for my "run" (2nd week of C25K - I'd hardly consider it a REAL run yet, lol) with just myself. DH was home so I left the foor unlocked. No keys, no phone (I have a triceratops that is un-appable, so I run with an iPod nano) and no ID. It struck me that if something were to happen to me, there would be no way to know who I was or alert my husband.

I pondered bracelets, drivers licenses, ICE cards, even tattoos, lol... what do YOU do?


  • arc918
    arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
    Road ID - on my shoes (I run out of two pairs of shoes, so I have two of them)

    Don't leave home without it!
  • runnercheryl
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    None for me, but I keep my fiance's number in my phone listed as my ICE, and I always have a tracker on my runs so that he can monitor where I am and will know that if I'm not back in time he'll be able to see exactly where I am and to check if I've stopped or I'm not moving at the speed I should be.

    I have no medical conditions, no allergies and nothing people would need to know immediately.
  • IronmanPanda
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    I carry my Road ID (ankle version)
    I also carry my DL, 5-10 bucks in cash and my house key all in a little baggy.
  • MassiveDelta
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    i need to get a road ID....I dont carry anything while running except my phone. I do keep ID on my bike while riding but not on my person.

    it freaks me out I need to get one
  • Athijade
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    Always carry ID. It is the fastest and easiest way for emergency personnel to identify you if needed.
  • arc918
    arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
    I'm a "run with as little stuff as possible" kind of guy. No tunes, no phone. Most of my running shorts have a couple dollars tucked into the pocket. Some bloks if I'm running long and not much else. Sometimes a handheld water bottle if it is warm (depending on my route).
  • Kilter
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    I carry my DL, bank card, credit card and usually a small bit of cash.

    I want to get a RoadID though, probably the ankle one that can be used as a timing chip holder.

    I want my loved ones to know if I've been hit/crashed and need to go to the hospital.
  • wbgolden
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    Another vote for roadID. it's who you are :)
  • nyy03
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    Road ID, have an ankle one and one for the shoe. Great for kids too.
  • lauleipop
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    I wear a RoadID as well. They are inexpensive and customizable.
  • AmyRhubarb
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    I carry my phone in an armband, but have seen it discussed in other threads that if something horrible happened, like being hit by a car, the phone may or may not work. I need to get a RoadID, too! I think I'd go for the bracelet type, as it was also discussed that in a bad accident, shoes often go flying, so if you have the shoe model, your RoadID may not stay with you.

    I suppose for now I should at least slip my ID into the armband with my phone.
  • Trail_Addict
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    I carry a RoadID on my wrist or ankle, and my cell phone.
  • BobbyDaniel
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    I've got Finish Safe tags on my trainers and I will usually carry the matching ID in my water bottle carrier or fuel belt.
  • atsteele
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    Road ID on shoes. And on my long runs, my cell phone.
  • SmartAlec03211988
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  • bregalad5
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    I have a Road ID bracelet and dog tag. Usually wear my bracelet for most things, and my dog tag for races, because it has the quote, "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." on it. It keeps me pushing during races (I'm super slow due to chronic knee issues, so it's an incredibly true quote for me)
  • scapez
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    Nothing ATM but I plan on getting a RoadID bracelet.
  • taylmarie
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    Def get Road ID, it is the easiest. I wear a mine on my wrist, the shoe ones are good to but keep in mind that in many accidents (horrible to think of, I know) peoples shoes have been known to fly off. Ankle is good as well, but I really think wrist is the best bet for visibility. Mine has my name, husbands name and phone # and parents names and phone # you can also have it linked to online medical info so that emergency responders can see if you take any special medication, have allergies etc. $20, can't go wrong!
  • dinosnopro
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  • Carlton_Banks
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    Dog tags