where do people carry their weight????



  • nanatsuiro
    nanatsuiro Posts: 30 Member
    Definitely, thighs :c (mostly inner thighs)
  • kdeaux1959
    kdeaux1959 Posts: 2,675 Member
    abdomen, unfortunately... but it has gotten much better.
  • 9ofthem
    9ofthem Posts: 44 Member
    Used to always be my hips, rear, and thighs. After 9 kids and hitting my 40's, my rear, belly, back, and upper arms. Every time my weight goes down, the boobs are gone first. I fit 1 size on top and usually 2 sizes or more bigger on bottom. Ugh.
  • For me, it's my butt and thighs. On top, I look exactly the same as I did in middle school; my lower body carries the weight I've gained, and I just look disproportionate. :indifferent:
  • Shrinkingmam0429
    Shrinkingmam0429 Posts: 58 Member
    I tend to carry MOST of my weight in my Boobs. I have such a weird body type because i'm only 5 foot tall, But before I gained all the weight from being pregnant + then birth control. I was ALLLL muscle so I was always "thick" but never fat. having since had my son and getting on b.c. I noticed my weight is in my back area, I guess because I have a naturally big butt, Some in my tummy, But MOST in my boobs! I'm seriously a GG :/
  • kath711
    kath711 Posts: 712 Member
    This always fascinates me, on how peoples bodies, even though they cud be same height and weight, but look totally different sizes. I carry my weight in my upper chest and my stomach, which really annoys me, wud like to hear sum responses =)

    I carry in my stomach too but unfortunately not my upper chest! :)
  • Shrinkingmam0429
    Shrinkingmam0429 Posts: 58 Member
    Trust me, be glad its not your upper chest!
  • kath711
    kath711 Posts: 712 Member
    Trust me, be glad its not your upper chest!

    Ha! Wouldn't mind a little though :)
  • YennaBean
    YennaBean Posts: 77 Member
    Thunder thighs!
  • Kenzietea2
    Kenzietea2 Posts: 1,132 Member
    I am fairly proportionate when it comes to weight gain/loss, and I feel very blessed about that... but I still will always have a skinny neck and collar bones no matter how big or little I may be. I guess I am slightly more bottom heavy, and my hips seem to be the last place I lose, but I can't say I mind too much.
  • stepharega
    stepharega Posts: 211 Member
    my lower belly! and armpits!!!! curse you armpit fat! :explode:
  • Shrinkingmam0429
    Shrinkingmam0429 Posts: 58 Member
    Hahaha. Yes i agree! :)
  • lbaileyjohannsen
    lbaileyjohannsen Posts: 133 Member
    Definitely my upper body. I have pretty slim legs and no butt, but large breasts. I would say that someone of my weight generally would wear a pants pants bigger, but I can't fit in to button down shirts of that same size. Worst body type ever!!
  • Cathafurd
    Cathafurd Posts: 3
    I carry mainly in my stomach and butt.
  • Stomach and nowhere else. Ugh. If I'm carrying even 10 extra lbs, I look pregnant!

  • My stomach. After having 3 kids I'm afraid it's pretty bad.
  • Jeepers133
    Jeepers133 Posts: 110 Member
    Stomach and thighs.
  • morninglilli
    morninglilli Posts: 194
    my lower belly! and armpits!!!! curse you armpit fat! :explode:

    YEP!!!! That is the same for me too! I dream of one day having my arm pit fat removed!!!!! Drives me nuts!!!!
  • sthrnchick
    sthrnchick Posts: 771
    Most of mine in the stomach and butt... It annoys me too!