If you could go back 10 years...



  • Be selfish, and go out in the world to get what you want. You deserve more than to let others tell you what they expect of you!

    *I was much too altruistic back in the day.
  • quietlywinning
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    YESSSSSSSSS!! You got it!!! I made some VERY wise decisions 10 years ago that I am STILL celebrating with other good decisions, to this day.
  • firefly30
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    Don't drink.
  • Rae6503
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    Quit being lazy and watching so much T.V. Free time becomes VERY precious...
  • deniseearheart
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    your mother is going to die and when she does DO NOT allow yourself to gain a bunch of weight
  • Alex_is_Hawks
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    You can raise your daughter all by yourself and be ahead for it, don't listen to him and RUN AWAY NOW!!!!!!
  • DeniseB0711
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  • If you had a magic capsule and could go back 10 years.. you grab yourself at the shoulders look into your face and yell....???

    Don't get married, it's a nightmare!!!!!!!!!
  • DarkNebula84
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    Do not gain all that weight after having your kids, you have to keep up with them!!!
    Everything else that you will do is going to be lesson learned and those mistakes are the things that make you a little wiser in the end.
  • I would need to go back a little bit more than 10 years.
    I would want to go back 20 years, tell myself to dump the guy I was dating who then came my husband then ex husband
    Going 10 years back I would tell myself to do something about my weight problem. Then again my problem with weight started when I started dating him. Before that I was always slim and active.
  • moran1917
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    don't get your PhD, go get a good job now with your master's. By the time you finish the PhD the world will be in a mass recession and you won't find work that pays well or has benefits. Also have kids, cause in 10 years you will be regretting not having a family yet.
  • B21goddess
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    I would have ate healthier,I would not have become bulimic which has tore my life apart and still battling today.
  • catpow2
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    Wow so many things I'd tell my 10 year younger self:

    1) Buying house #1 was one of the best decisions you ever made--10 years from now it'll be worth 3 times what you paid for it.
    2) Buying house #2 will also be good idea too--it'll be a nightmare to renovate it but it'll be worth it.
    3) Go back to grad school right NOW. Don't wait a few more years. Start working toward that 2nd career you're contemplating right now; and finally,
    4) Don't stop watching your diet and exercising! In 10 years, you won't believe how skinny you used to be!!
  • Elf_Princess1210
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    Move to San Antonio. Your soulmate only lives 45 mins away.
  • _Bob_
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    start school now and get out of sales!
  • carenj1990
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    I would change my career choices.
  • Once you turn your life to God (when your 18) Do not look back, for the love of Peace do not glorify your old life!, it will take more effort to turn the second time then did the first!
  • Lane1012
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    If you had a magic capsule and could go back 10 years.. you grab yourself at the shoulders look into your face and yell....???

    In 2004 put it all on the Sox to win the series!!
  • I wouldn't take the pill to go back 10 yrs. I love my life the way it is, including all the bumps in the roads that got me here! =)
  • XxYeaIrocxX
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    Considering i'd be 12. I guess tell myself nysync or whatever boy band I was into then was a bunch of sissy that I'd be embarrassed to mention I was a fan of in the future?

    lame i know but I was a quiet little 12 yr old lol