Mind Vs. Body = 85 lbs down (pics!)

Hi Folks, I just hit the 85 lbs lost mark and made this picture to show my progress and thought I would share.

I started last august at 262 lbs and as of this morning am 177. I've gone the all natural and FREE route :-) No fads, or pills, or fancy meal plans. Not even a gym membership or sexy trainer (though that would ahve been fun!) I just use MFP and count my calories every day, I started out dancing like a crazy woman every morning with my Wii games and then at about 45 lbs down I started running. Well I guess I did spend about $2 on a couch to 5K app, and now I get up and run 3 miles 3 times a week and am hoping to do a 1/2 marathon before the year is over. I just bought an $80 bike too and am looking forward to adding that to my regimen.
I've been overweight my whole life. The alst time I was under 200 I was in middle school. I've tried so many things and failed. Last summer my doctor told me I was prediabetic and it scared the crap out of me (happy to say I no longer am!) Something just clicked and I was done making excuses to myself. That I worked to much, that I couldn't afford gyms, or meal plans/supplements, that my metabolism sucked. I had talked myself out of doing this for years. And the excuses weren't fooling anyone anymore, least of all myself. But I knew the truth about a weight loss journey...
IT SUCKS! Sorry not going to lie. It has been long, and hard, and painful and tedious and worth every damn minute of it. I couldn't even walk a mile when I started and this morning I ran three. I was at a size 22 now I am sitting here in size 12 jeans. I am not too embarassed to go out dancing and when I do men actually try to pick me up! Most importantly I am happy. Happy with the way I look, the way I feel and happy that I am kicking *kitten*. That I get up everymnorning and DECIDE my will is stronger than my body. For me this was really a battle of my mind Vs. my weight. And I am winning!
My plan is to lose about another 15-25 lbs. I like being a woman and having curves, and honestly I will stop when I feel healthy and fit. Being in the 150's is plenty skinny for me :-)
Ok, that was long winded, thanks for reading!
SO here I am... Hopefully I can get this picture to post :-)

ACK! HELP! How do you do this picture thing :-(
haHA! Take that picture thingy! :-)



  • monroe61
    monroe61 Posts: 620 Member
    I can't see your pic (red x) but amazing job on the weight loss!! Congrats :)
  • monroe61
    monroe61 Posts: 620 Member
    I tried to fix it...didn't work! You need to change the IMG to img.
  • allison7922
    allison7922 Posts: 276 Member
    AMAZING! Such and inspiration!
  • WOW! Amazingh transformation! Thank you for sharing!
  • Wow! You look great. I'm jealous... you get to be thin and keep your boobs. BONUS!
  • Steelheart7
    Steelheart7 Posts: 1,056
    Awww! That is amazing! You look absolutely fabulous. :happy:
  • zzzeldazz
    zzzeldazz Posts: 19
    You look fantastic! Congrats!
  • carinnaj
    carinnaj Posts: 149
    you look great!! good job!
  • heagler870
    heagler870 Posts: 280 Member
    Amazing story!! Congrats on your loss!!
  • GREAT job! What an inspiration you are! Congratulations on your success and may it continue.
  • melruiz5
    melruiz5 Posts: 134 Member
    Godo for you! You look AMAZING and have the confidence to prove it!!!!!!!! :drinker:
  • lucey928
    lucey928 Posts: 17 Member
    that is awesome I hope to reah my Goal one day you are an inspiration! all natural that is the route I am going I try to take it one day at a time! I need to start excersicing ** that is my next step but I treat each day like an addict because I am addicted to food JFT just for today!
  • Congratulations on your achievement... You gave a lot of inspiration for me to battle against my own weight...
  • beccahummel423
    beccahummel423 Posts: 72 Member
    Wow! Congratulations! You can see it on your face - there is a joy there that wasn't there a year ago! You are a rockstar!
  • mkvilmin
    mkvilmin Posts: 46
  • gnarlynoodle
    gnarlynoodle Posts: 99 Member
    YOU GO GIRL! You look amazing! :) Congratulations on your hard work!
  • Pedal_Pusher
    Pedal_Pusher Posts: 1,176
    Nicely done. You look great.
  • jlanderson01
    jlanderson01 Posts: 15 Member
    You are truly an inspiration for me. I've also been overweight my whole life (although, not this heavy) and was just diagnosed as pre-diabetic. It also scared the bejezus out of me so I'm finally ready to do something about it. Good job and I hope you achieve all your goals and have a happy, healthy life. :smile:
  • la20la12
    la20la12 Posts: 29
    You look great.congrates!
  • Nikocan
    Nikocan Posts: 95
    OMG that is fabulous...I hope someday I can post pics like this too...Its truly incredible..Honestly, you guys keep me ticking..without all of this, I would have folded in a long time ago..
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