Anyone from the UK ?



  • bertburtison
    Hi all. Gymgeek from Bedford.
  • AlmondTheGreat
    Hey. I'm in the east midlands. Add me if you like and good luck with your goals :)
  • ladykat2330
    I'm in Manchester and find this site really helpful. The boards are really motivational and I've discovered lots of new things like Jillian Michaels workouts( if you haven't discovered her yet I would recommend a Google she rawks). Feel free to add me if you want.
  • LNPurdie
    LNPurdie Posts: 84 Member
    I am living in Manchester, Whitefield area. Would love a local friend, and welcome all the support I can get. I have been fighting the urge to have a binge day.
  • AliceKlaar
    AliceKlaar Posts: 275 Member
    Hello and welcome! I'm in the Cotswolds, been on here getting on for 3 months now and love it! There is a Team UK forum at and feel free to add me if you like :o)
  • sukari
    sukari Posts: 2 Member
    hi :)

    Im from wiltshire. Not after major weight loss, just want to be under 9 stone again!

  • Jggg10
    Jggg10 Posts: 2
    Hi, Im in Somerset, ideally looking to lose 86lbs! QUite a challenge.
  • Lesley2901
    Lesley2901 Posts: 372 Member
    Hi, I'm from Scotland and have been using MFP since March this year.
  • katkel52
    katkel52 Posts: 4
    Yes, i am just new and need all the motivation i can get, tryin to lose my last 12lbs after having 2 babies inside 15months. feel free to add me:smile:
  • jerzypeach
    jerzypeach Posts: 176 Member
    I'm American.....but my husband is from Woking in Surrey. We live in the US.
  • Ke1ra78
    Ke1ra78 Posts: 146 Member
    Hi. Im from loughborough. Been on here bout 5mths and love it. Am happy to support you in your weight loss. Ill send you an add. :-D
  • ultim8fury
    ultim8fury Posts: 42
    Hi, I'm from West berkshire. feel free to add me.
  • muzmacol
    muzmacol Posts: 358 Member
    yep, feel free to add, i try to support all the time! welcome!
  • simbatabby
    simbatabby Posts: 35
    I'm from Hertfordshire and just love this site, feel free to add me :)
  • spells1977
    spells1977 Posts: 146 Member
    A big hello to everyone in the UK. Feel free to add me anyone. Always nice to have some fellow Brits to help encourage each other :)
  • timorm
    timorm Posts: 19 Member
    Ello iam from ipswich,suffolk you can add me if you like :happy:
  • nix1975
    nix1975 Posts: 7 Member
    Hi I'm living in Belfast NI. Feel free to add me, I could do with more friends. xx
  • slimintraining
    slimintraining Posts: 80 Member
    HI I am from Kent....anyone else from Kent?? :)
  • lillian1607
    Hi I'm from Dumfries Scotland
  • lissyloo1988
    lissyloo1988 Posts: 37 Member
    Hi i'm from the Uk too, been on this site since february and have lost 37lbs! Best thing i have ever done, now half way to my goal with another 37lbs to go! anyone can add me, active friends are always appreciated! :)