Where in the world are we??



  • PJ64
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    Boston, MA!

    I'm grew up in Malden, last stop on the orange line
  • monipie
    monipie Posts: 283 Member
    the beautiful island of Guam, USA!
  • Masharitos
    Masharitos Posts: 106
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina :)
  • thejulesmarie
    thejulesmarie Posts: 17 Member
    Louisville, Kentucky from Chicago, Illinois from Houston, Texas

    Talk about culture shock :drinker:
  • Itsallbs15
    Itsallbs15 Posts: 262 Member
    Phoenix, Arizona, USA...and LOVING it!!!!
  • FitzyFitzpatrick
    FitzyFitzpatrick Posts: 188 Member
    The Sonoran Desert in Arizona, where's it's supposed to be 110F tomorrow!
  • Currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. Surrounded by mountains, beach is 45 minutes away, fantastic food and very rich culture. Originally from USSR but lived in the States for quite awhile as well.
  • Boston, MA!

    I'm grew up in Malden, last stop on the orange line

    Nice, I used to live in Malden myself! I rented the basement bedroom of one of the old city counselor of Malden, a guy named Neil Anderson. I lived on main street a few blocks from park with a field named after him. Small world
  • bethmillerwilson
    bethmillerwilson Posts: 43 Member
    Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. The southern most town in Canada. We are actually south of Detroit (an interesting geography factoid). 5 minutes to the beach on the shore of Lake Erie for us. My grandfather was originally from Northern England, would love to see it.
  • thegeordielass
    thegeordielass Posts: 208 Member
    Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England. :) I live on the outskirts and right on the Northumberland border so it's just 10 mins drive west into the city centre (with plenty of shops and everything else I could need!), 10 mins east and I have a pick of beaches and of course we're surrounded by the beauty of Northumberland to the north and west so don't need to drive far to get away from things.
  • Jebbster007
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    San Fernando Valley
  • skinyZ
    skinyZ Posts: 89 Member
    London baby :bigsmile:
  • moe0303
    moe0303 Posts: 934 Member
    Djibouti city, Djibouti. Africa
  • yourenotmine
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    Eastern MA. Yuck. Horribly short summer (actually, make that "summer"), and horribly long winter, except this past one, which was surprisingly tolerable. I so often hate it here, wish I could move.
  • hevhoyda
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    Tiffin, Ohio small country town
  • rhonniema
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    Brooklyn, NY!
  • I am from South Carolina. About 2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean.
    OSC_ESD Posts: 752 Member
    ~ I live at the beach ... My life is all about the Ocean. I find my serenity comes from the peace the sea brings to my soul. It wouldn't really matter where I live ... As long as it's on the beach !

    For now ... Home is Lauderdale By The Sea, FL ... And hoping one day I will call an Island my home !

  • litatura
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    New Brunswick, Canada (love the East Coast!)