How often does everyone weigh themselves?



  • delight232003
    delight232003 Posts: 23 Member
    I weigh myself as little as possible. I know I am losing inches and I am working out hard. I HATE my scale and my scale HATES me. It's evil. LOL

    Our scales must be sisters. LOL We do NOT get along.
  • jenkinsdeb
    jenkinsdeb Posts: 44
    I weigh myself twice a week, keep doing whatever works for you!
  • Mersada
    Mersada Posts: 9
    every other day...try not to though.
  • mauswood
    mauswood Posts: 137 Member
    When I first started I would only weigh myself monthly - never expecting the scale to really show that much - but it was super motivating the first four months when I dropped 10 pounds every time I weighed in. Once I hit my plateau it was de-motivating because I would work out and work out, count my calories, and NOTHING moved. So I'm trying to go back to my old routine of weighing in once a month and really working out to see if it will make a difference.
  • moepwr
    moepwr Posts: 349 Member
    I weigh myself every day but only record it on Sat or Sunday. Whichever is kinder :) Sometimes I will record my weight if I have had a big loss. Like last Thursday I lost 3.2 pounds. So I recorded it!
  • roland72
    roland72 Posts: 58 Member
    I go for a weigh in very week. it's tempting to weigh yourself every day, but I want to keep it as a motivation to myself to do it once a week so that the surprise is bigger :)
  • I weigh myself every month to 6 weeks because I find I obsess so much over the number on the scale which I believe is really not that important, the scales can lie.

    Not weighing in every day allows me to concentrate on the way I look and how I feel, which is what really matters =)
  • Overboard_Eater
    Overboard_Eater Posts: 105 Member
    I weigh in monthly or less. I am really trying to make this a long term/ forever lifestyle change so by not concentrating too much on the scale numbers helps me with that goal. I have had a lot of NSVs so that keeps me motivated.
  • monkeyriley
    monkeyriley Posts: 51 Member
    Approximately every other day, sometimes I might wait for up to 3 days. Personally, I am training for a marathon, so I don't want my weight to go down, but after losing weight, I don't want it to go up.

    Fun Fact: According to the documentary series, "The Weight of the Nation", people who are successful in losing weight and have kept the weight off for a year, tend to weigh themselves every day and track their caloric intake.

    Personally, I think the key is to recognize it is a number (mine is 175 lbs.) and that number will fluctuate by 2-3 lbs. in either direction, if it starts getting out bounds, I need to look at what is going on take corrective action.

    Weight of the Nation link:
  • Altarian
    Altarian Posts: 230 Member
    every other day if i remember. if not then i make sure i do it every monday to see how much i have to bust *kitten* to fix my weekend sloth.
  • pmclane12
    pmclane12 Posts: 1
    Whatever works for you. I weigh myself every morning. It doesn't matter if it goes up a couple of pounds or so. Swelling, water retention, or the bulk of food in your system can make that happen. But weighing in every morning helps me to stay focused on what my goal is for the day. It helps me to stay focused
  • Jugie12
    Jugie12 Posts: 289
    Never. I measure once every week or two.
  • strawberrie_milk
    strawberrie_milk Posts: 381 Member
    1-3 times a day.. I'm so obsessive I need to stop :(
  • kiminikimkim
    kiminikimkim Posts: 746 Member
    For the month of April and May I only weighed myself once a month. Then I stepped on the scale and saw I gained 2lbs.

    I am weighing myself every day now. it keeps me in check and reminds me why I shouldn't be eating that Blueberry Pop Tart for breakfast.
  • deaddivya
    deaddivya Posts: 102
    I weight myself every day.
  • Mistic811
    Mistic811 Posts: 4
    I weigh myself once a week, sometimes twice if I don't like what the scale said the first time. I try not to do it more than that or I will get discouraged.. I want the scale to move down EVERY time I get on it.

    I agree. I weigh every 4-5 days. I want progress every time. If I'm up then I obsess over it and weight everyday til back down.
  • Jessicapages1
    Jessicapages1 Posts: 114 Member
    I weigh myself EVERYDAY! I try and stay off the scale but it never works...
  • fiveferrels
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  • nailqueen74
    nailqueen74 Posts: 37 Member
    Once a week. Don't weigh yourself daily, it will only discourage you if you gain weight, our bodies all fluctuate.
  • kadins_momma07
    kadins_momma07 Posts: 328 Member
    I record my weight every Monday morning. I usually do peek at the scale around mid-week just to get an idea of how I'm doing and how Monday's weigh in might turn out. After I see my weight mid-week and think I need to step it up, then I exercise a little more or eat a little better. Works just fine and I don't go crazy and jump on the scale everyday.