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  • shoeluver67
    shoeluver67 Posts: 56 Member
    I never realized how stupid and small minded my friends were until facebook. that's why i deleted mine...there are just some things i don't WANT to know about my friends.
  • dvnjustina
    dvnjustina Posts: 114 Member
    I have mommy posts mostly so I can avoid talking to my family or for my husband's family that doesn't live close can see how our daughter is growing. Other than that, I usually post boring and mundane crap. Or 70's rock videos from youtube.
  • Here2GetFit
    Here2GetFit Posts: 292
    If you think fitness is important, send this picture to 10 of your friends.

  • ramgi
    ramgi Posts: 196 Member
    I don't like pictures of food. I think they come out gross looking but I love food. I don't like the show off status updates.
  • thetrishwarp
    thetrishwarp Posts: 838 Member
    I used to be facebook friends with a girl who had an entire album dedicated to pictures of her toddler potty training. Like, pants down, on the toilet.

    That is on the internet forever. When little miss baby is 25 and applying for a job, do you want her future employers to be able to google her potty training photo op?

    Drives me nuts. Sure, post a family photo, or pictures from holidays, include your kid. Hell, make a status "Baby is potty training! Woohoo!" But the embarrassing "in-the-photo-album-only-to-bring-out-to-humiliate-in-front-of-future-significant-others" pictures should not be plastered on the internet.
  • marie_cressman
    marie_cressman Posts: 980 Member
    i only get annoyed with the overly dramatic crap. the "life sucks" or whatever and the relationship status change ever week or so. just for sh!ts and giggles, my husband and i both changed our status to single... taking bets to see whose family would call first. yes our sense of humor is odd. LOL unfortunately, EVERYONE called our bluff. i guess we don't air our dirty laundry enough for people to really think we would split. we are by no means "perfect" and right now i'd like to throat punch him, but facebook doesn't know that. but now you guys do.... haha! everything else i honestly really enjoy reading about and seeing since we are a military family and i don't get to see friends and family who live states away very often.
  • lizzybethclaire
    lizzybethclaire Posts: 849 Member
    I was forced to join facebook to keep up with my family. I totally get what you're saying. To each their own. They are mad at me because I only log on once a week and am "behind" on the news.
  • Dead_Darling
    Dead_Darling Posts: 478 Member
    Someone on my Facebook is currently re-modelling her room - she's been updating about the progress every hour, with pictures included! :indifferent: it's just the same thing; bare walls, paint, cups of tea. We're going to re-furbish the bedrooms soon, but I'm not harping about it on Facebook.
    I can't stand the ones that updates that they've just woken up, brushed their teeth, had a shower, ate breakfast, etc...I know more about their lives than my own!
    And the ones that 'check in' from their own beds, why??

    I hardly post status updates, except for random song lyrics and when I've gone to a gig, but that's it
  • Mhaney
    Mhaney Posts: 467 Member
    I don't let a lot of stuff on facebook bother me but I have this one girl on my list that has been dating an old friend of mine for about 8 months now and they don't get to see each other often, and every damn thing on her wall is all "ohhh i'm so lonely blah blah blah blah" it makes me want to stick hot pokers in my eyes. I can't stand emotionally needy people.
  • sarahh87
    sarahh87 Posts: 25 Member
    I think everyone takes Facebook entirely too seriously. I'm sure we're all guilty of venting on it or posting something we've regretted - I know I have. If you can't see someone for who they are in "real life" and judge them solely by what they post on a status update, maybe it's time re-evaluate the "friendship"! Or, you can keep them around for the entertainment value :)
  • anku08
    anku08 Posts: 82 Member
    The " I'm so miserable I want you back" post.

    Or the "I'm pregnant with my 6th child from another man, but you left me to be with someone else so I'm getting over you but I wan't my family back"

    "XXX went from being in a relationship to single." One week later..." XXX went from being single to a relationship with XYZ" 2 weeks later " XXX went from being in a relationship to single" 4 days later " XXX went from being single to in a relationship with ABC" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

    Those are just a few.
    lol dat sure drives me crazy specially when every 2 days their relationship becomes "It's Complicated"
  • TaintedVampyre
    TaintedVampyre Posts: 1,428 Member
    Ugh I know what you mean.
    I just recently realized that I can cancel viewing one girl on my list because she was constantly "sharing" pictures and quotes and making updates way too often. Most of these updates were like "subconscious" ex-boyfriend bashing. It's like she's purposely non-purposely doing it. She claims she's over him, but she's really not. So I "unsubscribed" to her feeds until further notice lol
  • pj12string
    pj12string Posts: 128 Member
    I absolutely love it when one of my FB friends wishes happy birthday to their dog!
  • allisona28
    allisona28 Posts: 186 Member
    I totally agree!!!!
  • Kirsty_UK
    Kirsty_UK Posts: 964 Member
    My fb page is just that, MY fb page. If I make a post and it bugs someone or bores someone, then they can delete me, or unsubscribe.

    I don't air my dirty laundry in public, or post a lot of personal details and then whinge that people know my business. I'm selective who sees what fb status, but you know what, sometimes that means some people ONLY get to see the mundane crap like "i'm so tired" - that's because I've hidden all the interesting stuff from them.

    So next time you think someone is only posting dull updates, maybe they aren't, maybe, just maybe, they aren't close enough to you to want to see all the more interesting stuff.

    I've unsubscribed from several people that post constant updates I'm not interested in, but it's still up to them what they post. It's not up to me.
  • Marla64
    Marla64 Posts: 23,120 Member
    I absolutely love it when one of my FB friends wishes happy birthday to their dog!

    I have a friend who opened a page FOR their dog. :noway:
  • pj12string
    pj12string Posts: 128 Member
    How stupid.
  • Liasings
    Liasings Posts: 150 Member
    I had a FB "friend" who got onto an "Animal abuse is awful! I'll post a gazillion pictures to prove it! Click 'like' if you're against abusing animals!!"

    I am against abusing animals, but I hate the "guilt" thing, so I never clicked "like". THEN, she posted the picture of a gorgeous German Shepard, posing like a lion, with half of her face blown off because someone put a firecracker in her mouth.

    I clicked like a fiend, but not quite in the way the friend intended. Voila! No more horrifying pictures.
  • pj12string
    pj12string Posts: 128 Member
    I have to confess, On FB I bombard my friends with bible quotes...

    Like: "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" Matthew 6:27

    I figure if I can read their garbage then they can read some of God's words, which is THE source of WISDOM.
  • almostatgoalweight
    almostatgoalweight Posts: 234 Member
    Oh! Did get one status update from a friend once.

    "Woke up this morning, & it started out great. Went to pee... & passed a kidney stone." Yeah... TMI buddy. TMI.

    I wish my friends on Facebook would make status updates like that. Just commiserate and make references to that Seinfeld episode.