I have reached my (first big) goal! *PIC*



  • Dizzy_83
    Dizzy_83 Posts: 1
    OMG!!!!! You fox :) You look amazing, congrats to you !
  • skinnyeascolady
    skinnyeascolady Posts: 287 Member
    wooohoooo! you look better now than high school my dear, younger too:flowerforyou:
  • Tangerine302
    Tangerine302 Posts: 1,509 Member
    Wow! How exciting! I'm so happy for you! :)
  • Redbarron80
    Great attitude! Go get it girl!
  • meeky81
    meeky81 Posts: 96 Member
    Well done!!! you look great! Love your dress! x
  • lula2515
    lula2515 Posts: 13 Member
    You look sensational!! You were a pretty girl before but you're stunning now!! Great work! x
  • MrsWilsoncroft
    MrsWilsoncroft Posts: 968 Member
    I started this journey in the end of January. I ate and logged my food making no real changes. Slowly I started entering exercise and testing out the "complete your day" feature to see how much difference it would make. For the first time in my life I began exercising. I am now ADDICTED! I do bootcamp 4 ish days a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I constantly confuse my body. Different reps, different times of day, different foods, different anything. Just mix it up and ENJOY life along the way!

    In January I weighed *260* and wore a size 24 pants.

    Today I hit my goal of 70 pounds lost and weighed in at the lowest number of *188.8* and fit into some 12 jeans.

    I have not seen these numbers since High School (more than ten years now). I have NEVER been skinny, but I know now that I have the tools to once and for all get into my healthy range for my height (5'4").

    Last night I ran my first mile nonstop since, well, maybe ever. I wasn't even willing to try this in High School. I feel STRONGER both physically and mentally. I know that I am capable of so much more than I had ever dreamed.

    I hope I didn't leave anything out, but if so feel free to ask! Also, feel free to add me. This site has been such an amazing support.


    Wow you look stunning hun and I love your new curves.
    Well done on your hard work xxx
  • biglew909
    biglew909 Posts: 57 Member
  • sofiav76
    sofiav76 Posts: 22 Member
    Well done! You were beautiful in your first photo, now I think you look absolutely stunning!
  • QueenChar75
    You look amazing! Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!
  • ChelseaCamerman
    ChelseaCamerman Posts: 10 Member
    You look freaking amazing (: Keep up the great work
  • ThriftyChica12
    ThriftyChica12 Posts: 373 Member
    way to go, lovely lady! you are inspiration! blessings to you--enjoy and love yourself every day :)
  • Lar349
    Lar349 Posts: 29 Member
    You are amazing, look beautiful well done
  • castroje
    castroje Posts: 130 Member
    You look faaaaantastic!!!!

  • JackieT54
    JackieT54 Posts: 19
    fantastic! you look great! wtg
  • LadyGhostDuchess
    LadyGhostDuchess Posts: 894 Member
    Wow! You look fantastic! Very stunning!
  • karoliknee
    karoliknee Posts: 7 Member
    Freaking awesome. :smile:
  • ktrn0312
    ktrn0312 Posts: 723 Member
    You look good!
  • FarmGirl69
    FarmGirl69 Posts: 211
    You're doing an amazing job and look terrific! Keep up the great work lady! :happy:
  • Kagard11
    Kagard11 Posts: 396 Member
    Wow!!!! Excellent work!!!!
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