Secret motivation!



  • HeatherDee92
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    2) I want to be in a relationship that doesn't require the guy to say "I don't care if you're a big girl" or "I like big girls. No really I do."

    I want this too! I hate this expression! My niece once told me to get on the dating website BBW because men on there are looking for bigger girls. I almost died! I felt terrible! Why would I want a man who didn't want me to take care of myself!
  • HeatherDee92
    HeatherDee92 Posts: 218 Member
    I want to go parties and have guys all over me... and then turn them all down. Aspiring man-eater? Quite possibly :devil:

    Girl this is me! I am always the last girl standing when i am out with my friends!
  • HeatherDee92
    HeatherDee92 Posts: 218 Member
    I wanna be able to say I did it!

  • HeatherDee92
    HeatherDee92 Posts: 218 Member
    BUMP! I wanna hear more! :)
  • Jugie12
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    So that my man will WANT to bring me to his big tournaments and show me off. I want him to know what it's like to have all the other guys he's competing against coming up to him asking, "Dude... is THAT your girl!? She's smokin!" Think: that scene in Casino Royale when Vesper walks into the poker room to greet Bond and the other players are staring at her instead of their cards.

    PLUS he said when I get in shape, we're going to Vegas and we're gonna go clubbing, shopping, sightseeing and we're gonna go off-roading in the desert with a DUNE BUGGY!! WOOO!!

    So, I have some serious incentive, hehehe
  • My secret motivation is to be a really hot step-mom.

    If I was skinny, it wouldn't be a problem. I'm 23 and my step-kids are 15 and 14, both boys. I know it's weird, but I want my boys to bring friends over and catch crap because their step-mom is smokin'!

    No, not even my husband is aware of this!!

    Haha. I was reading a weight loss blog months ago and the writer's son who was about 10 asked her to not say goodbye outside because he didn't want to be teased as having a "hot mom".
  • Once I reach goal weight I never want to "set foot" in a weight loss website ever again. In the 12 years since being at goal weight I must have joined up with 15 different sites and spent thousands of hours (such as now...) reading message boards. When I reach goal weight, that's it baby, I'm outta here!
  • So, this might seem really crazy, like, really really crazy.

    But I want to be a dominatrix.

    In college, that is how I'd like to make money, since it is so lucrative, but I'd like to be able to fit into the leather and other outfits. So, that is one of the many reasons I want to lose weight.

    Edit: Also, one kind of silly way I'm rewarding myself is that I'm going to buy myself pet rats (I've wanted them for so long!)
  • NuttyCake
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    Ok, I thought of two more secret motivations:

    I want to hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu (It's on the bucket list)

    And the tattoo that I have wanted for YEARS. But I can only get it when I reach my goal weight :)
  • jly33403
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    When I see the guys from high school that treated me awfully, I want them to look at me and say "holy ****"
  • peacelovelose
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    One time, through some covert and semi-dishonest snooping on my part (I know, I know :embarassed: ) I found a conversation in which the boy I'd been sleeping with off and on for almost a year and a half said I was okay, but he preferred someone he could 'throw around'.
    I've since come to my senses and realized the guy's an *kitten* (for more reasons than one), but sometimes during workouts I think about making him eat his words.
  • peacelovelose
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    Oh! While I'm being honest, I might as well admit that I want to be thinner than two of my friends in particular. One used to be about the same size as me, but has become very active and looks great! I don't want to be the 'fat one'!
    I also had a group of girlfriends in high school who were all very, very thin. One of them has since gained like, 40 pounds and while she is by no means 'fat', she's also at a size now where I could potentially be thinner than her.
    God, I feel like an *kitten* saying these things, but...:blushing:
  • Booksandbeaches
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    -I want to do a triathlon

    -I want to complete a marathon like my husband

    -I have a close friend who is totally into fitness and races. While she's thinner than me (she did weight watchers), in competitive races, I've come within 5 minutes of her even though she trains with a formal running group. I know when I'm in even better condition, I can totally beat her AND look better than she does right now.

    -I want to be able to walk into any clothing store and buy whatever I like instead of buying what fits me.
  • My secret motivation is kind of embarrassing, but...what ever works, right? :embarassed:

    1. I want to be able to get any man I want( least think I can anyways :tongue: )

    2. Like abeautifulmes said, I want to go to a party and have guys all over me.

    My last one is pretty embarrassing. Seriously. Don't judge, hahaha :laugh:

    And... 3. I'm going to Australia next year, and I want to be able to get with any guy that I want.

    Wow, this post makes me come across as a totally different person than I actually am. Yikes!!! :blushing: :embarassed: :indifferent:
  • briebear77
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    Running into my ex. Stupid, however I can't wait till the day I run into him like he has never seen me before and he realizes what he lost!
  • onyx1972
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    I want to be the woman that turns everyone's head when I walk into a room and not because I am the ugliest or heaviest but because I am the hottest..
  • TriThreat
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    I'm a Theatre Major, and I want to have sexy abs to make all my fellow majors jealous when we are in the dressing rooms changing for shows :wink:
  • kcmcd
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    I don't want to be the heaviest one in my mommy group. Seriously. I hang out with a bunch of freaking hotties.
  • abetterjune
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    I want my ex to regret the **** out of leaving me. Then I want him to come crawling back and I can give him the cold shoulder for a while. Then we'll get married and have more kids and live happily ever after. White picket fence included, of course.

  • dylsmom99
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    all i want is to hear my mom say i look good,,,,, for almost 40 years my sister has been the pretty one, I've been the smart one,,, if i hear one more time ** you'd be so pretty if you lost weight**,.... she's never proud of anything i do...... ran a 5k a few years ago and her answer was ** I'm shocked you didn't die**... well screw her!,,, I'm gonna run a spartan race and be proud of myself