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  • Yes x3 I think I'm on track for it,
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  • Yes x3 My biggest mindset shift has been that I'm not a failure if I have a bad day. I'm someone who gets back on the horse and carries on the next day. I used to get derailed easily. One bad day. Oh well I've failed might aswell make it a bad week. Nearly the end of the month - I'll start again next month. Etc etc. Or end…
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  • Yes x3 You can't change people, only support them. I'm lucky that my husband and I have both been on a permanent self improvement drive since before we've been together so he gets it and I don't need to poke him. I will say don't put yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. I often see in here it similar spaces people…
  • Pass day 3. Hopefully the last one of the month I think it's very doable.
  • Yes x3 I don't really check very often. However I do sometimes check that I've got my fibre high enough. I have an IBD and all my research around it really leads to creating a good environment for my gut biome as being important. Fibre is important for that.
  • Yes x3 If all things were possible my baby would sleep through the night! I think I'm too tired to think of other possibilities
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  • Pass day Nsv I managed to fit into my work clothes again!
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  • Yes x3 The big reason is health. I want as many healthy years as I can get. Everything else is just a bonus really
  • Yes x3 So I tend to do yoga or walking for rest days. I feel a bit rubbish if I don't move my body at all. I'm a teacher and so on my feet all day. As long as I reach my 10000 steps I'll count that as an active day. I feel so sorry for people who have office Jobs. It must be so much harder to be active.
  • Yes x3 I definitely find it easier not to binge when I don't have things in the house to binge on. We buy very few snacks and if we want snacks we have to walk to the shop to get them. Which we still do regularly but its thought about and less of an urge. It works because we live near enough to shops that we can do a walk…
  • Yes x3 I always find that making something routine helps with the self discipline a lot. Like logging. Just take a minute to log food as soon as its finished and get into the habit of doing that. Easier to maintain. Get into a routine of doing exercise either as soon as you wake up or as soon as the kids are in bed or…
  • Yes x3 I find the calories the hardest. I'm currently breastfeeding and so I'm keeping a moderate deficit and some days I'm really hungry.
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  • Pass day 1. Went out for the first time in years. Was good fun
  • Hey turning up every day even to say "whoops" is still an achievement. Honesty and accountability are hard. You are clearly a champion. Yes x3
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  • Congratulations winners circle! A tough accolade to get. I sort of fell off the wagon in the last few days of January. I don't think I actually went massively over but I stopped tracking for a few days. I'm back though. I always give up processed sugar in February so day 1 today. Yes x3 today. Yoga. Although I wanted to go…
  • Yes x3 for both today and yesterday
  • Love the opener today. I've been losing weight for about 10 years. With patches of maintenance. Having kids definitely didn't help. It's only the last few years that I've really come to accept that I'm fighting against a lifetime of bad habits. It's ok that I'm not always perfect. Childhood obesity is very hard to work…
  • Yes x3 I totally agree with mindset. I've always fallen into a "well I'm over on calories today may as well just eat what I like." "This weekend isn't going well might as well start again on Monday" etc etc... One thing I've been doing that I think helps is internally thinking "well I'm only one extra meal away from my…