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  • Okay, Deena, I'm in. I'll find the app and get started tomorrow. I'm not sure I can do 10 pushups to start with, but I'll give it a go. 25 or 30 is probably the most I've ever done at one time. It's time to get pumped up!
  • Congrats on your success, thus far! AND thanks for being my pal for the past year. I'm enjoying your posts about your successes (and struggles). You continue to inspire and delight me.
  • Soup or spaghetti. Sure, they're not as easy to get in there. And, other patrons don't really appreciate the slurping sounds, but oh so yummy. Just kidding. I eat popcorn.
  • Bump. 'Cause anything with buffaloes and chickens together must be tried. :smile:
  • Great job, man! Also, was the pun intended? Reporting on exercise results as you see "fit". :laugh: Congrats on the great loss!
  • You're doing great, Jana. When I had lost 25 pounds, three people came up to me and ask if I'd gotten a haircut. I hadn't had one in about 2 months (get one twice a year whether I need it or not :happy: ). I didn't start getting many comments on my weight loss until I'd lost about 30-35 pounds. Sometimes, folks are a…
  • No! Dude! Not EVERYTHING shrinks. As the weight from around that other part shrinks, it grows! It's wonderful. I'm talking about kneecaps, of course.:tongue:
  • Well, I'm not 62. I'm 50, but my son is your age. I am about 6'1" and started at 312 pounds. That was November 22, 2011. I've lost 91 pounds so far, without a lot of exercise - some, but not a lot. I did it because of a diagnosis of diabetes. I dodged that bullet and brought my blood sugar and blood pressure into normal…
  • Bumping .... for both reasons. :laugh:
  • You're doing great! That's an awesome accomplishment.
  • I used to have a customer whose name was Richard Tater. And I didn't read all the posts, but there was a pretty famous baseball player a few years ago named Rusty Staub.
  • You can do whatever you want to do to them yourself ... just don't forget the pictures. :tongue:
  • Look at your face, man! You look like a different person. Congrats on the loss!
  • When a vendor or salesperson calls me and says, "I just wanted to touch base with you." If they say that to me, they're not getting to first base ... or the end zone, or the goal, or the hoop ...
  • I would love to wax poetic about the incredible achievement that you've made. The only words that come to me, however, are WOW, and FREAKIN' AWESOME! You've made such a tremendous change. Thanks for taking me along for the ride, friend. You truly inspire me to continue. Endeavor to persevere.
  • I'm with you, man. My wife has been amazing through all this. She wanted to lose a little weight, as well. Together, we have accomplished so much more than I could possibly have done alone. She does most of the cooking and food shopping and always keeps healthy stuff in the house. So far, I've lost 91 pounds. I have to…
  • Biotin is a generic hair vitamin. My hair started getting a little thin -- or my part was getting wider. The biotin has helped tremendously. As a side benefit, The new crop of hair on my shoulders should help keep me warm if I forget my jacket this winter. And, the sun is no longer a problem as my eyebrows can now be knit…
  • If I "accidentally" walk down the candy or cookie aisle at the grocery, I talk to it. I explain to the food that it doesn't have control over me and that I, alone, am in charge of my destiny. Of course, having these conversations out loud are not always socially acceptable. Mothers often grab up their children and take a…
  • Well, I would definitely take the Gators over the Dawgs this year. Florida seems to be improving for every game. I don't think I've seen the same from Georgia. Good luck. Chomp some Dawgs. :smile:
  • I'm not sure that I'm qualified to give an opinion on this as I am a Tennessee Volunteer fan. I pretty sure that Gator fans do things a little differently than we do on Rocky Top. :laugh: Edited to say: Great post.
  • I was underweight until my tonsils were removed at age 6. About age 8 I started getting chubby. I wasn't obese until adulthood, but was plenty big enough to get all the taunting as a child. I'm beating back the beast now, though. :happy:
  • You will rarely get the reaction from people that you expect (or want). When I had lost 25 pounds, three people came up to me on the same day and asked if I'd gotten a haircut. Now, after ninety pounds, people come up to me and say, "You've lost enough," or "you're getting too skinny." I'm 6'1" and 220 pounds. I am not…
  • Hooked. It's gonna take a crowbar to get that one out. Good 'un. :embarassed:
  • Hot day at Biketoberfest in Daytona. Very (make that at least two "verys") large girl in a thong. Lots of sweat (enough lather to shave a buffalo). Makes me weak to remember.
  • Was in Wado-Ryu with my kids a few years ago. Tore an ACL in a sparring competition at 1st brown belt. Stayed in for about another year through my 1st degree black belt (Shodan). My daughter went as far as Shodan and my son is a Nidan. He still practices in college but not for further belt advancement. I finally quit…
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  • This one of the reasons I don't wear these things in public anymore.
  • I'm with you, man. I just turned 50. In November of last year, I was diagnosed with diabetes. A1C was 9.9 and fasting sugar was 262. Found MFP. In March, fasting blood sugar was 90 and A1C was 6.0. In June, blood sugar was 90 and the A1C was 5.5 = no more diabetes. You can whip it (assuming yours is type 2). Endeavor to…
  • Their, they're, we understand. Your just trying to look out for you're fellow MFPer's. I four won, applaud you're efforts.
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