• I agree with this! You seem to be eating a lot of processed food and sugar. Cut ALL of it out and that will help. Also, don't eat back all the workout calories you burn. The less you put in and the more you put out will help you reach your goals. One month of not being that consistent is not going to show you the results…
  • I have the fitbit 1 since xmas and love it! I loving seeing how may step I can get. Yesterday was 13,200 steps! Totally worth the $99 investment and keeps you moving!
  • I have been off it for 75 days. I don't miss it and have lost 7 pound because of it. I am at the point I don't want to drink again cause I don't want to gain weight.
  • Are you eating back your workout cals? I would trying eating more natural foods and less processed foods. Cutting out pasta, rice, bread etc will help but try brown rice about a 1/4 of a cup) sweet potatoes. This one will sound a little drastic but cutting out drinking will help also. I stopped drinking about 5 weeks ago…
  • Sorry to say you can not spot reduce. Additionally most belly fat is all about your diet. You need to eat clean and workout.
  • Congrats so far on what you have done! Belly weight is the hardest and last to go usually. You will see if decrease over time but to get really nice abs its all about your diet. You can't spot reduce so just keep doing what you are doing and it will come off over time. Good luck!
  • Congrats on that losing all the weight. I am 5'7 140lbs and a size 6 or 4. I think it depends on your build. I got down to 130lbs and it didnt look good since I have a bigger build. Maybe toning up would help you? Do you lift?
  • I like a Chocolate Protein shake that is low carb with natural peanut butter, banana, ice cubes, with either water or Almond Milk. It is good idea to have fruit right after a workout.
  • Congrats on what you have done so far! That is something to be proud of. After taking a look at your food. I would say that you need to eat less processed food. More fruits, veggies and lean protein. Additionally do you workout? Maybe adding in some walks in the morning or evening would help? Also, make sure you are eating…
  • I haven't done cardio in 3 weeks and have only lifted 4 to 5 days a week. I have lost 4 lbs in that time. So I think the trainer is wrong!
  • Try some skim milk or almond milk in the coffee with some Truvia! Taste great! I am always over on my protein by a lot. I think it is a little low on the MFP so if i go over it I am ok with it.
  • I do 5 egg whites and a half a cup of steel cut oats in a blender then fry it. Kind of taste like a pancake but healthy. Yum!
  • I have done it before and found it really fun and enjoyable. I have never took the plunge and bought a board and used it for regular workouts though. Let me know how the progress goes. I may need to get one!
  • Egg whites and Oats with some green veggies or Greek yogurt and berries!
  • I am! EP
  • Did you get that off pinterest? I found it there and did it. Didn't see much of a change but I enjoyed doing it. Good luck!
  • Dark chocolate is my way of dealing with it. Just a few pieces but seems to work for me.
  • I am 5'7 1/2" and weight 140 lbs. I wear a size 4 dress, size 6 or 8 pants (depending on the brand) and a small top. I used to weight about the same 4 years ago but everything was a size 8 then. I have toned up a lot and found that it totally depends on what I am eating and how much I am lifting. Additionally, I think it…
  • I don't eat a lot of fruit for that reason but I still do. It is about knowing how much sugar is in the fruits. Melons are high and so are bananas/grapes in which case I would recommend berries and apples. They have the lowest levels and you can have more of them.
  • I wouldn't recommend doing abs everyday either. You only need to do those about 3 times a week depending on what you do. You don't want to over do an ab workout and not get the benefits. I workout 2 times a day about 5 days a week if not more. I make sure I am getting 1200 or more cals in a day. I do a cardio session and…
  • Ha! Yes, we are. Just looking for some additional ones.
  • 1. What was your motivation to start losing the weight? I didn't feel comfortable in my skin. I wanted to look and feel great. I wan't over weight but I wanted to lose a few pounds and feel better. 2. What was your activity level before?I have always been active but put the wrong things into my body and didn't watch what I…
  • They are usually the last thing to go on people. It is all about your diet. Cutting out sugar (bread, cookies, cakes etc) and drink will help these disappear.
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  • It has only been a week and you may want to increase your calories a little. If your workouts aren't that hard then you won't see a dramatic lose in weight. Keep at it and losing a 1lb every few weeks isn't bad either. Or increase your workouts and what you are doing. Maybe a bike ride or running...Just a suggestion! Good…
  • I work at a desk job also and it can cause weight gain. I workout 2 times a day about 5 to 7 days a week depending on the week. I will say it is mainly about what you are putting into your body. If you want to add me I would be more then helpful to provide some great food options and meals that are easy to bring to work…
  • Kelli- Glad you are trying to find support and change your life! Congrats to taking the first step. It is not easy to give up the and thing and cravings are hard to overcome. I have done fit competitions and I still got during my diet period. My trainer told me this and it helped. It is have one "cheat" meal a week. It…
  • Nicely said! You can add me!
  • Coach Kitten..Thanks for the feed back! Katlifter...Thank you for the information!
  • 32 here...Add me too!