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  • celery with peanut butter
  • Yeah you need to go back and talk to your doctor and ask questions. As a pre-diabetic myself, I can tell you that 56 is pretty low and i would feel extremely sick at that level. Are you shaky, sweaty, etc? Pre-diabetic would be a higher number. Unless you meant 5.6 ? Which still is pretty close to normal. Did they give you…
  • You can adjust your percentages, but you don't have to necessarily hit every goal on there. If its too much carbs, don't eat as much . these things aren't designed to adjust for things like diabetes, etc.
  • I have been taking metformin for the last two years, 500 mg twice a day. I also started off at an a1c of 5.9. My last two a1c tests were 5.3. While I am sure that I could maintain without the medication, I am still taking it as of now because I went off it for a few weeks due to not being able to fill my prescription and I…
  • I got you. What I mean is, I use my fitbit during a workout to record heartrate and calories burned during exercise. I usually select "workout" on my fitbit (I have a charge 2). So my fitbit has recorded the calories from that workout session. If I then enter that calorie burn into MFP, the fitbit will automatically add in…
  • I hate cardio to but its good for overall health, weightloss aside. I would say you just need to find an activity you enjoy that provides a cardio benefit. Sports, running, dancing, biking, etc.
  • Google. No, seriously, have had to do alot of research on my own. Have to weed through the information though and figure out which is good info and which is BS (BS is usually easy to spot, but not always).
  • I'd suggest packing some protein bars, nuts/trail mix, tangerines, etc.
  • I think thats the fun part of being retired though, isnt it?
  • Oh, forgot the coffee with stevia and any flavored coffee creamer!
  • Weekends are eggs and toast (sometimes bacon or sausage), weekdays are either: 1. fruit and yogurt 2. overnight oatmeal with protein powder, honey, cinnamon, almond milk, peanut butter, and blueberries 3. mcdonalds #1 but i throw away the top half of the bun :# This gives me some variety but also some consistency bc I know…
  • It's called moderation. Hell I am a dibaetic but I sure eat a doughnut or cupcake or pasta sometimes. You cannot eat like that everyday. No one should be eating like that every day, not the guys you hang out with that aren't on a diet. It'd not healthy for anyone to eat pizza and drink beer several times a week in the long…
  • Ok, so I had a microdiscectomy in Feb 2016. I had been suffering from a bulging disc for years. Once a year it would get so bad that i couldn't walk. I did various stretching, ice, ibuprophen and usually within a week i was fine. That last time though, i was on multiple narcotics that could barely take the edge off. I…
  • Look up overnight oats. It’s usually 1/2 cup of liquid, half cup of oats and then you can add in whatever you want. Make it before bed, put it in the fridge and grab in the morning
  • I'm type 2, was diagnosed last year, feel free to add me! The struggle is real!
  • Berries and cool whip honestly. Hard to get anything decent that low carb and low cal. I a diabetic also. I generally go with fruit because it has fiber also. But i do have the occasional cupcake, cake, cookie, etc.
  • After s workout, have a glass of chocolate milk, or a protein shake. I mean, its not completely unnatural to be hungry after working out, just don't undo your hard work. If I work out in the morning I have my protein shake for breakfast right after. If its in the evening, I usually eat dinner right after.
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  • berries and whipped cream
  • I use my fitbit. Do you have a heart rate monitor?
  • I loved insanity. Don't go at their pace though or you will injure yourself. Go at a pace you can keep good form or youll hurt yourself. I got beachbody on demand and do all of Shaun T's workouts.
  • I'm no help, I had to get a microdiscectomy. That cleared up my problems.
  • Honestly, the best thing I did was get beachbody on demand. Then I have no excuse like oooh, I dont have time to go to the gym. And I stick to workouts that are 30 min and under. They have cardio and weight programs. I'm not a coach and I'm not trying to sell it, its just what has worked over the last month or so to get me…
  • Babybel or some other small portable cheese, cottage cheese, greek yogurt (I love the chobani with the stuff to stir in), pretzel thins with hummus, 100 calorie packs of cookies, those homemade energy bites with PB, honey, oats, etc..
  • coffee always gets it going for me :s
  • I had to switch to lower carbs due to diabetes. It has been a struggle, and I'm not completely carb free, but cutting out sweetened drinks and eating most meals with little or no carbs really helped control my sugar and I lost about 30 lbs in 6 months just by changing diet.
  • Oh but breakfast, my favorite that doesnt spike me is Chobani (or another brand is fine) no sugar added greek yogurt and a piece of fruit. Never have a BG issue after I eat that so I eat it abut every morning.
  • I didnt really have a go to recipe. I struggled and about two weeks after the GD diagnosis, I had to start taking glyburide (?) I hated it. and Now I have developed full blown diabetes and i still hate it.