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  • FitFitzy - I'm similar to you but worse. I bring water on all runs over 4 miles and I actually drink the water. I'm a very salty sweater and I sweat a ton. I bring fuel on my long runs only 12+ miles, but I had a really bad midweek 10 mile run this week that made me think I might want to bring stuff with me on 10 mile runs…
  • I probably have about 25 or so to lose. I'd like to lose at least 5 of them before the NYCM which is in 5 weeks and change. It is my first marathon so as long as I finish it'll be a PR. I think that training would have been much easier had I lost the weight beforehand, but I like to eat :'(
  • What is "really low" total cholesterol? I should pull up my results from back in the day. I remember my LDL and HDL matching: 48 each. I forget what my triglycerides were but my doctor was completely unconcerned about my low levels.
  • Name: sapf Age: 29 Height: 5'4 Start Weight (1st April): 141.5 Goal Weight (1st May): 131.5 1st April: 141.5 8th April: 15th April: 22nd April: 29th April: 1st May: Weight lost/gained this week: Weight lost/gained this month: Successes/struggles this week: Too much night time eating!
  • Chill out - no need to run if you're truly sick. Missing a couple of training runs isn't so bad in the grand scheme of things. It is better for you to get well before the race so that you can do your best.
  • Yeah this also happened to me when I lost some weight. The girls were bouncing more and bam - so much pain. I bought new bras (same model) in a smaller size and no more major problems. I aquaphor around any places that have been hot spots in the past before long runs. Also taking off your bra ASAP after a workout is…
  • Eat maintenance + 300 for the two days before the race. You want to fill up your glycogen stores a bit.
  • I started it May 2013 and successfully completed it in July last summer. I've since run 3 half marathons and gotten up to about 25 miles per week. So the program can definitely help you achieve results. Ultimately you only get out of the program what you put into it. The key to running is consistency. Make sure that you're…
  • Nice post and nice progress :-)
  • I take osteo biflex triplex and think it helps -- but it could all be in my head :-)
  • Thanks for the advice. I'm running ~20 miles per week at the moment. So it looks like maybe I can do one about a year or a year and a half from now. Maybe I'll plan to try one on my 30th birthday instead, just to be safe :-)
  • I also found that really focusing on slowing my breathing helps. Try to only run when the weather is optimal ex: between 50-70F - I don't need to use my inhaler before a run in mild weather. Cooler or warmer than that and I do. I carry water with me and take sips as need be because when your body is dehydrated you exert…
  • Ran the Rock N Roll Brooklyn 10k this weekend in 1 hr 5 min. First 10k so obviously a PR. I only started running in May, so I'm pretty happy with myself. Registering for my first half on December 8th - hopefully it isn't too much of a jump to make in 2 months.
  • I am new to distance running! I'm running the Rock n Roll Brooklyn 10k tomorrow - it will be my longest distance so far. I'm contemplating training towards a half that will take place in early December. I have a program that seems reasonable, but I'm worried about over training.
  • I started this and it really wasn't a good plan for me. The problem was that by week 11 or 12 I was running ~5 miles a day three or four times per week. That was really too quick of an increase in mileage for me and hurt my hip. I had to back off of the running. I am now doing the Hal Higdon plan and it is great for me…
  • Finished the program. Now I run for fun and enjoyment. I lost about 10 lbs doing it but the real reward for me is my new found love of running. Running is a nice way to burn calories very quickly (compared to other cardio) and can be done anywhere as long as your bring your running shoes.
  • When in doubt, I say repeat the week. Going slow in your training is better in some ways because it puts you at a lower risk of injury.
  • Yeah I've been looking into stronglifts. The only problem I have is I want/need a program that I can do in my building's gym (which doesn't have a squat rack, has only preloaded barbells up to about 100lbs, and some other limitations) so that I can be sure that I stick with it. We have a smith machine, but I don't think…
  • I was also looking into adding some lifting into my training. I did body pump for 2 years and I think that the high reps just destroyed my joints. Some of these seem interesting as well:
  • Your body will adapt. How much kale are you putting in? Make sure to blend it for a long time.
  • When I hurt my lower back/hip/shoulder from a fall, my PT said that I could do the upright stationary bike. Now when my hip acts up (as it still does since I now have bursitis) I switch back to the stationary bike for a few weeks until the inflammation goes down. I'd say that you should see a dr if you don't feel…
  • Sizes at the larger end of the spectrum have much bigger gaps between them. Once you lose more weight you'll drop sizes more quickly. Ex: at 160 I wear a 10, at 150 I wear an 8, and at 142 I wear a 6.
  • Thanks that was great. I have a foam roller on the way to stretch it out.
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  • I'm reasonably active. About to hit 120 days of logging in. I don't always log my food (esp on weekends when I go out to eat) but I pretty consistently provide support. Feel free to add me.
  • Nerd checking in here :-) Now, back to league of legends... Feel free to add me. Gamer girl, big into the quantified self movement, science geek extraordinaire. Also, german style board games... doesn't get much worse.
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  • How do you measure your food? If you are using volumes (Tbsp, etc) I'd highly suggest changing to mass and getting a food scale. It could be that you're eating more calories than you log if you are using volume based measurements.
  • I noticed that my heart rate falls a lot during any of the non-standing tracks (ex: chest, triceps) and that makes my overall reported calorie burn much lower. I'm 5'4, 143 lbs, 28 year old female and typically burn between 300-400 during a 60 minute pump class according to my polar f4. For reference I squat w/ 40 lbs and…