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Looking for friends who don't eat "clean" and healthy

Verity1111Verity1111 Posts: 3,268Member Member Posts: 3,268Member Member
Because it's nice when I can eat junk sometimes and no one will judge me. :P lol


  • Verity1111Verity1111 Posts: 3,268Member Member Posts: 3,268Member Member
    I eat whatever I want as long as fits my calorie goal. Today was mostly Buffalo Wild Wings and shots of 151 rum. I don't judge, unless it's something really delicious ;)

    Went to Buffalo wild wings for the first time this week. My son said we could only go if I tried the hottest wings they had. I could have used some rum with them to ease the pain.

    I have that sauce in the fridge! It's delicious, but after a while you can't taste the food anymore. LOL. I am actually craving it...I was trying to figure out how I could fit it in tonight lol
  • Verity1111Verity1111 Posts: 3,268Member Member Posts: 3,268Member Member
    And I am in for the BWW love, although it has been forever since I've been. Only the boneless wings though; bone in are not worth the fight for the meat.

    Went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday Friday. Had a blood orange mojito, avocado egg rolls, barbecue chicken salad, and french fries. Of course the salad was huge, so I ate some leftovers yesterday for lunch and still have some left for later this week; good thing I liked it a lot! I also thanked my cousins (who were the ones taking me out) for the birthday dinner and multiple lunches. ☺

    I have never been there but the menu is making me drool. lol. I wish their potato tot things didnt have bacon though *cries* and I LOVE sriracha mayo o_o
  • cerise_noircerise_noir Posts: 5,306Member Member Posts: 5,306Member Member
    Verity1111 wrote: »
    ashycrew wrote: »
    Well so much for health !!!!!

    This cracks me up. I don't understand why the quoted has to be mentioned. No one stated that they eat "junk food" all day every day. What OP was getting at is nutritious plus treats, or all foods in moderation. Nothing wrong with that. I find the quoted quite amusing and dramatic. Once still can be physically (and mentally) healthy including all foods in their diet. For some, including treats in their WOE actually helps them adhere to a deficit.

    It is of a healthy mindset to eat foods without labeling them "good" or "bad". Demonizing foods can lead to orthorexia.

    I eat processed meat substitutes and I eat fresh spinach arugala broccoli tomato celery carrots etc...and I eat chocolate covered fruit and frozen fruit smoothies...and I eat cheesecake fiber one (processed GASP) snackbars....and I eat lots of stuff. lol.

    I've never tried those fiber one bars, but I really want to! It seems like a great way to hit the fiber goal. Do they taste good?
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