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April 2017 Running Challenge

Stoshew71Stoshew71 Posts: 5,055Member Member Posts: 5,055Member Member
I am giving up running forever. Someone else take this over... April Fools! Just kidding, I am not going anywhere. And neither should you if you are a regular here. If you are new, come join this crazy and fun group of runners. And everyone here is a runner (unless you find a dead body- then you're a mere jogger).

If you found us in the middle of the month, you're still welcome to join us. No requirements or special invite needed. Once you post, you're in.

You set your own pace and distance for the month. We will all be doing it together. This is your virtual running group to keep you accountable and enjoy a virtual coffee with your fellow runners after you run. Make new friends and learn a few things.

Hi everyone. This is a continuation from the April 2017 Running Challenge which can be found at:

Anyone can join in. New & Old. And if you found this thread late, you can join in at any time.
We have members that are total beginners all the way to Boston Qualifiers and beyond. We are a friendly and encouraging bunch.

Here are the details from last month that applies here again.

Anybody want to join me for a running challenge? Set a goal here and mark it every day here. OPTIONAL: You can post your progress by creating a ticker at (If creating one seems difficult, then don't let that stop you. Just type in your daily miles here.)

You can run, walk, or do treadmill. Just be consistent. I am setting a goal for 125 miles. Don't let my high (or low) goal intimidate you. Some can do 25, 50; whatever you like. We can help motivate each other. What do you say? If you are new to running, set a low goal. (You can also log your miles in km's if you choose.) Also, if you rather log your progress by time rather than distance, you are free to do that as well.

You can set your goal now but wait until Saturday April 1 to start logging your runs.

Also, don't forget to join our group which can be found at:

There you will find lots of good info, and it's a place where everyone can talk to each other for further motivation. It's also a place to find help when there is a problem with this thread.

After you run, come into this thread and post what you did. (don't forget to hit the star in the upper right corner to bookmark this thread) Keep a running tally of what you did this month, and interact with the others. Many folks come in here and chat it up even on their rest days or while recouping from injury. This is a very social group and we talk about many things to include running. Very friendly bunch here so don't be afraid to say hi (even if this is your first time). Talk about a recent race or one coming up. Ask questions, provide answers, or just learn. Participation is what makes this group successful.

Not quite sure how to log your runs, follow what many other people are doing. Even look at last month's thread that I posted above.

*******OPTIONAL TICKER*************
Info on tickers since I know there will be questions. Sign up for an account and create your ticker.
Then you need to update it after you do a run and post it here. Here is what you will need to do.

After setting up your ticker, you will need to make note of the weblink they give you so you can return. An example would be: <<<< the last part will be a part of the image link (explained below) that will be supplied to you after you initially create your link.

When you return to TickerFactory with the weblink, go to your settings page. Make sure you type your pin in that you set when you created your ticker account.
Then where it says "Your current cumulative value, there is an add button. Just add what you just did and the cumulative value automatically changes. Then hit next.

Now after you added your new miles (or km's) to your ticker you need to post it here.

After you hit next, it will give you a bunch of codes suggesting on how to display your ticker.
Use the one at the bottom where it says Direct Image URL:

It will look something like:

To display that correctly in your post, make sure you place the img tags around that link. So it will look, (removing the spaces in the img tags):

[ img ] [ /img ]

^^^^^^^ Don't forget to remove the spaces between the brackets. ^^^^^^^^^^

Some key things to pay attention to when posting your ticker.

1: Use the link that ends in .png
2. Remember the [ img] and [ /img] tags go in between the link
3. remove the spaces in the img tags before posting
4. YES, there is a / in the second /img tag

Good luck! And happy running (or walking or treadmilling, ect). If you have any trouble or have questions, please feel free to PM me.

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    Ops wrong month
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  • MNLittleFinnMNLittleFinn Posts: 2,601Member Member Posts: 2,601Member Member
    I'm in for 120 miles. My plan currently has 130 miles with a mid-week long run the last week of April kicking off a higher mileage base building cycle. But in the event I need to move a down week early amid all this building back up, I will repeat my current mileage on that cycle meaning 126 miles. Plus...what if I miss a run?

    So...120 it is!

    Awesome! welcome back to the big numbers!
  • KatieJane83KatieJane83 Posts: 1,602Member Member Posts: 1,602Member Member
    kgirlhart wrote: »
    This is my first time to join this challenge. I just started running in October and finished c5k and then c210k. I'm still not sure if I qualify as a runner, but I do run 3 days a week so I am going to join. My goal for this month is going to be 40 miles.

    Definition of a runner - you run. That's it, lol. So, welcome runner! There's a really great group of awesome, supportive, knowledgeable people on here, never be afraid of voicing any questions or concerns you might have, I've gotten lots of helpful info here.
  • kgirlhartkgirlhart Posts: 1,734Member Member Posts: 1,734Member Member
  • ejnxyzejnxyz Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    April is ZombiesRun! month - I'm going to try to beat Feb's mileage and go for 50+ miles. (trails and dirt)

    ZombiesRun! is the biggest smartphone fitness game,ever. More info on this app at (available in your App store for free) It tracks my mileage, speed per mile, and shows maps with trails so I don't have to worry about getting lost.

    For the month of April they are sponsoring 5K/10K planet wide racing! For more info check out ($ to enter, but you get a shirt and everything)

    If you jump into the game, friend me, ejnxyz.
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