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Why are most mfp users against holistic nutrition?

TenderBlender667TenderBlender667 Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
I'm 2 months into a holistic nutrition program and I can't help but question some of the things I'm learning. I've been on mfp for several years and I've learned quite a bit on here, but a lot of the information on mfp contradicts the information I'm learning in school. People think everything from a holistic standpoint is "woo" or BS. Even if I provide some scientific evidence, most people still disagree with any information I provide. It's upsetting since I'm a firm believer in using nutrition and lifestyle as a way to improve health and manage some chronic health conditions. The teachers in my school truly believe that leaky gut syndrome and candida overgrowth are REAL problems, even the one's who've practiced allopathic medicine and have years of education behind then. I go on mfp and it's the complete opposite of everything I'm learning. Am I being scammed?


  • YvetteK2015YvetteK2015 Posts: 440Member Member Posts: 440Member Member
    What school are you going to, and where is it located?
  • jgnatcajgnatca Posts: 12,585Member Member Posts: 12,585Member Member
    The only holistic approach that may have merit in my view is an intensive review of a person's blood-work including allergy tests then micro-adjusting the person's lifestyle and diet with supplements.

    ALL of the subjects you mention have been debunked.

    You can still be cautious about your diet and your health. Avoiding misinformation like this requires also a healthy dose of skepticism. There are authoritative sites you can look at for yourself to sift out the truth from belief.

    Here's one example. Quick google search.
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