I can't believe I used to eat that!!



  • Juvenica
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    Trimi wrote: »
    An entire chocolate in one sitting. I'm talking 100 grams, or close to 600 calories.

    even more , sometimes double that. It's amazing I'm not diabetic
  • CooCooPuff
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    Chorizo (spicy sausage) :\
    I love some good chorizo. It's just one of those things I always forget about when thinking of meal ideas.
  • jmxxiiii
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    I have struggled with Binge eating so much in the past 5 years. I think at my worst, a double quarter pounder,large fry,large dr.pepper, mcflurry with oreos and m&ms annd a 10 piece chicken nugget...ew.

    Oh and ramen noodles, lots of nasty ramen noodles.
  • jenglish712
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    An entire jar of marshmallow cream with my hand like winnie the pooh
  • I'm a vegan, and when I think of the things I used to eat, I wonder what was going through my mind.
  • carencae
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    a pint of chicken fried rice and 2 egg rolls
  • jkwolly
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    Bump for more fun!
  • allofme32
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    I used to buy a dozen donuts for the family and eat three or four in one sitting.
    I was bored once and ate a whole package of wonder bread slice by slice with mayonnaise on each slice.
    I used to eat six eggs scrambled with cheese and bacon on Italian bread. Now I feel sick thinking about it.
    I still have my bad days but they pale in comparison to the past.
  • Ladiebug710
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    A whole bag of mini chocolate covered donughts
  • My lowest point had to be eating an entire large dominos pizza to myself with potato wedges and the garlic pizza bread :s
  • MindySaysWhaaat
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    I've always had a hard time not eating whole packages of things, so I would end up trying to buy individually wrapped portions. Sometimes it didn't work out so great. I'd eat an entire frozen pizza by myself. Or when it came down to ice cream, I'd eat an entire pint by myself. The worst habit I had was sitting down and eating an entire box of cereal in one go. Thankfully now I'm better about weighing and measuring my servings.
  • NYmommy87
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    For me I didn't really eat anything too bad it was more of how much I was eating. I'd have an omelet most mornings but it had 4 eggs and tons of cheese and some veggies with like 2 pieces of toast. Now I have it with 2 eggs a pinch of cheese and tons of veggies and sometimes I have toast.
  • Jolinia
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    When I was a kid, I ate sugar packets. Packet included (maybe I wanted some fiber?). I remembered that last night and got nauseated.
  • hesn92
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    Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King, chick fil a , etc
  • Kanuenue
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    Nutella. Ugh. There is nothing nutritious about it despite their adds. I will take Peanut Butter & Co "Dark Chocolate Dreams" any day over that junk.
  • AmazonMayan
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    Mostly it was the portion sizes I ate. My portion would be equal to what my kids ate combined.

    Pizza? Order 2 and 1 was mine and 1 was for them to share. Only thing remotely good about the pizza is I cannot eat cured meats without becoming ill - migraine trigger for me - so I almost always had just mushrooms and sometimes black olives. Ruffles and french onion dip was another huge thing for me. Ate all of it either in one sitting or in one day. And I used to hate chips before I got fat LOL. I always have had to have chips refrigerated - don't know why. I'm really losing my taste for any chips now.

    Probably my worst calorie bomb was the breaded mozzarella cheesesticks that you can bake or fry. I would buy the frozen big bag of them, dump about 1/2 the bag onto a sheet pan and cook them just for me. Then, I dipped them in a massive puddle of ranch.

    Now that I've cut out most processed food, a lot of these things no longer taste good at all. I still love pizza but only either homemade or from a quality italian place that makes their stuff right there fresh.
  • JessaLee0324
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    Is it bad that I want to try some of these food combos? Lol Seriously, you guys are making me hungry!

    I can't eat an entire anything in one sitting, but what I tend to do is eat at it all day til it's gone. Cheese and sausage, package of Oreos, any type of leftovers. I can however drink an entire bottle of something in one sitting....followed by an entire meal.
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    gle8442 wrote: »
    Macaroni and cheese mixed with a can of beef chili

    I used to do that! I moved out when I was 15 and didn't learn to cook, not well, until I was 19. When I was maybe 16/17 that was a staple for me... white cheddar Kraft Dinner and spicy Stagg chilli. I was working like 80 hours a week on my feet then though so I was fit as a fiddle no matter what junk I ate. I ate it so much that the convenient store next to my work always made sure to order them in for me. So yeah, that.
  • 1bellringer1
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    1 1/2 pacs of chicken Top Ramen every single morning for 6 years. It had to have 3 giant shakes of Tabasco sauce and a handful of pork rinds. Clearly it was and addiction but when I quit eating it cold turkey last year, I lost almost 10 lbs in 2 weeks from all the sodium that left my body. The nutritional value never even occurred to me until I mentioned it to my doctor during a physical last year and I complained about always retaining water and not being able to lose weight. She educated me really quick.