Just for Today - month of February. Would you like to join me, as we take this one day at a time.



  • jazzyjez
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    J42day - what a temptation last night. After I wrote that I wouldn't eat sweets at chorus rehearsal it was like they were calling to me! But I did it. I didn't even leave the rehearsal room to LOOK at the snacks. But I help clean up afterwards and man those brownies were calling me. But I figured, hey, it's just for today. ;)

    The thing I don't get about these message boards, is how do I find my way back to them? Today I did a search for J24day which worked, but sometimes I post on things and then I never see the thread again. Can I star it or something?

    - Plan and shop for 2 meals that will be healthy for the whole family
    (as opposed to cooking for myself and giving the kids frozen, or vice versa. Why do my kids think the house is a restaurant? There is almost NOTHING that all 3 kids will eat. *sigh*)
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    Hi from the UK.
    3rd Feb - 1 goal: to stay within my calorie target
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    jazzyjez wrote: »

    The thing I don't get about these message boards, is how do I find my way back to them? Today I did a search for J24day which worked, but sometimes I post on things and then I never see the thread again. Can I star it or something?


    If you click on the little star next to the thread title, that will turn the star "yellow". That means it is bookmarked. When you want to find this thread again, you just search your book marks. To do that, at the top of the page there is a bell, a star, and a flower-looking icon. Just click on the star, and it will show you all your bookmarked items. I hope this helps.
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    I've done 30 minutes running and looked after my toddler a few times and found I've only done 6000 steps max! How on earth do you reach 10,000?!

    I frequently get 19,000 steps in a single day.
    a. I am in a competition with my father. He almost always beats me. It's hugely motivating.
    b. I have a desk job, but I try to walk on most of my breaks...that can add up to 4 miles a day to my total. My normal walking pace is a 15-minute mile, so I am pretty fast.
    c. I work out for at least an hour every day--sometimes my workouts add as many as 8000-9000 steps.
    d. I often walk to the gym...that adds up to 1.6 miles round trip.
    e. If I need just a couple of things from the store, I walk. Basically, if something is within a 2-mile radius, I walk instead of driving if time allows.
    f. I have active hobbies, like dancing.
    g. I live upstairs...lots of steps.
    h. I do not currently live in a very walkable city. I suspect that during times when I did, I was probably getting in a lot more steps.
  • carrie1829
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    I just had gallbladder surgery and a hernia repair last Friday, Jan. 30. I am still in a good amount of pain but working through it.
    My goals are
    1. drink lots of water...trying to drink 96oz. a day.
    2. Track my food, i have not been eating much for the last month and am having a hard time eating my calories that i need. I don't want my body to go into starvation mode.
    3. To get active.

    I will post tomorrow what my daily goals are. I am excited to start this journey.
  • pharmac
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    Just for today
    1. Exercise 40mins
    2. Drink more water
    3. No carbs after 6pm
  • kelley555
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    Just for today ... I Will remember I'm worth it!
  • healthy6211
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    2/3 Goals For Today
    1. Eat healthy
    2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water
    3. Log everything I eat
    4. Stay out of the kitchen after 7 pm
    5. Get to the gym for elliptical 30 min
    6. Do 3 kneeling pushups
  • Navallez
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    Just for today I will not eat a late night snack :)
  • GrandmaJackie
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    Just a quick update:
    We decided to head out TOMARROW bright and early! We should be in Washington by Saturday, the lastest! Also a thanks for all the congrats about the arrival of the Baby Natayla Mae! Boy, will it be tough spoling here, NOT! I promise once we get to Washington, I be MORE active here! Have a good week, everyone!!!
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    joan6630 wrote: »
    I can be doing everything right all day and then binge if I'm up too late. "Just for Today" I will get out of range of the kitchen at 10:00 P.M. or shortly after and forget about food.

    Carol - this is the same problem I have. I do so good all day, only to give in and eat too much in the evenings.

    Same here. Trying to loose weight for years and this nasty habit has me steady gaining instead.
  • KristinLidbom
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    Just for tomorrow:
    Pay attention to portions and slowly enjoying my food.
  • jazzyjez
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    Today's goal was to plan 2 healthy famil dinners and shop for them.
    Oops, got to Costco but did not get everything I needed for family meals. But at least I have a plan! Minestrone tomorrow night and chicken legs on Friday night. (Thursday night my son is in a play at school so I need to think about when / where we're eating before that too.)

    Tomorrow goal, J42morrow :)
    - Get to gym early enough for good warmup before strength training
    - Get up early enough to eat a good breakfast
    - Drink 6 glasses water
  • smurphy90
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    Just for Today:
    -Drink at least 30 oz of water
    -Drink no soda or sweetened drinks (only water and unsweetened tea)
    -Do not eat after 8pm.
  • February 4th -
    Just for today;

    1. I will exercise at least 180 minutes.
    2. I will drink lotsa water.
    3. I will be open to new possibilities.
    4. I will get rid of at least one useless piece of clutter.
  • EllyKann
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    JFT Feb 3 - brought lunch and drank more water although not nearly enough to say my goal was met. Also had a pretty terrible day calorie wise.

    Just for today: Feb 4

    Stay within nutritional and calorie goals and follow my plan exactly.
  • bluebert
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    Just for today, I will pay attention to what triggers my impulse eating...and be mindful of how it makes me feel. :):(
  • angelred4kids
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    edited February 2015
    Yay! Yesterday was a success! I surpassed my veggie/fruit goal. :smile:

    Just for today Wednesday February 4th
    I've been thinking about this one, because it's my late night and I may not even get supper till right about 8:00.
    1. Snacks under control
    2. 5 fruits and veggies
    3. work out - done!
    4. Eat slowly and give my brain and stomach time to catch up (Wednesday nights are notorious for me eating too much fast food because I'm gone a minimum of 12 hours)
    5. So #4 makes me think... just for today no fast food :wink:
  • CDoll4422
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    I met my goals for yesterday! Just for Today I will:
    1) log food
    2) drink my water
    3) meditate
    4) 8,000 steps
  • losingrae
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    losingrae wrote: »
    Just for Today 02/03
    1. 30 minutes on the elliptical :) I actually walked instead, but 30 minutes of exercise was my ultimate goal
    2. log everything I eat :)
    3. 10 minutes positive meditation :neutral_face: Once again, got interrupted.

    Just for Today 02/04
    1. 30 minutes of cardio (either elliptical or walking)
    2. log everything I eat
    3. 10 minutes of positive meditation

    So far no foot pain! Next week, I'll be upping my cardio time. Maybe I can get back down to my normal weight by the time my family comes to visit in July.