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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • frau5frau5 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    I've had to resize my ring. and I'm going to have to resize it again! I've already dropped two ring sizes, going to need to drop one more!

    Since I'm not at goal yet, I purchased this to keep my wedding ring from twisting and sliding off. It works great and after the first few minutes, I don't feel it on my finger.
  • bobsburgersfanbobsburgersfan Member Posts: 3,607 Member Member Posts: 3,607 Member
    Typikelly wrote: »
    - Further to my point above: That when I am trying to find street parking by my house but and am unable to find any so I have to park a couple blocks away (~150m) and I walk all the way back to my house and see a car leaving RIGHT in front of it, that I could RUN in heels all the way back to my car (the longest run I've ever done in heels) and just barely bat an eyelash. That was the most rewarding feeling ever
    - That I'd want to take the stairs everyday to my office (on the 7th floor) instead of taking the elevator. If the elevator was down previously and I had to take the stairs, I would PANT by time I got to my floor. Now my muscles are activated and I'm only slightly tired at the top. It is an amazing feeling every time I am able to do it
    Those are fantastic!!! I'm curious, were you fast enough to get the parking spot? :)
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