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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • ExistingFishExistingFish Member Posts: 1,140 Member Member Posts: 1,140 Member
    speyerj wrote: »
    How your relationship with safety pins will change:

    I used to never have enough safety pins around. I needed them to pin dresses shirts and blouses that buttoned up in the front to prevent the dreaded "gaposis". Now, my only use for safety pins is to pin my race bib to my shirt on race days.

    As a short person, safety pins are my "emergency hem" holders for pants...
  • salleewinssalleewins Member Posts: 1,672 Member Member Posts: 1,672 Member
    That losing weight would be relatively easy but then I would feel unable to decide on a strategy to keep the weight off long term. Losing weight feels safe, going into, or towards, maintenance feels like such a risky decision! And then, I do not know how I'll ever be able to keep the weight off once I go back to my "normal" job and half the year, I'll eat 3 meals a day in restaurants :( .
    I do love feeling healthy and having a healthy BMI though :) .

    You will do it!!
  • salleewinssalleewins Member Posts: 1,672 Member Member Posts: 1,672 Member
    How much you can eat or what you can eat, and still lose weight or maintain it. Everyone is constantly questioning my choices which is super annoying. I'm tempted to start a thread about it, unless someone has a link to one?

    My mom said to my doctor, "it's like she's living in two seperate worlds, one where she wants to lose weight and be super healthy, and the other where if she exercises she gets to eat McDonalds." She can't have it both ways. Umm actually I can?

    I once said that is why I have an accountability person to work with, so no one else needs to watch what I eat or need to ask me questions etc. I also have said I can have anything I want, just not everything is beneficial. I have to be careful who I talk to about what I am doing in all areas of life. If that does not work, I do have to distance, or not eat meals around them etc.

    And yeah, you can have it both ways!!

    Some people really need to think about their own lives a lot more.
  • springlering62springlering62 Member, Premium Posts: 2,888 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,888 Member
    No one tells you your belly button will become a reservoir.

    Every time you think you’ve dried off, you look down and there’s another little trickle coming out.

    I didn’t used to have a belly button!!!
  • spr931spr931 Member Posts: 58 Member Member Posts: 58 Member
    Now that there is less fat surrounding my belly button I can actually see it and less lint and crud gets stuck in there.
  • wunderkindkingwunderkindking Member Posts: 448 Member Member Posts: 448 Member
    Then eventually you get enough loose skin and it vanishes.again....
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