What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    That sometimes you will go to bed sad. During my bingeing days, whenever I was feeling down, I would soothe myself with food. Whatever was troubling me didnt stand a chance in front of Ben and Jerrys and whatever carb fest I was craving that night. Now that I am watching what I eat, I sometimes have to sit with those feelings of stress and anger. Walking, taking a shower and all those other things help but still...

    Oh man! This struck me so hard. I'm going to copy this and share it around if you don't mind? Bingeing is such a beast and any help to stave it off needs to be my arsenal! Thank you so much.

    haah sure! I wish I had ended the post on a more positive note though
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    @BrightEyedAgain , thank you for writing your insightful post. I have found that every word that you wrote is the truth. Wishing you much success in your health journey and discovering your new self identity.