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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • richardgavelrichardgavel Member Posts: 939 Member Member Posts: 939 Member
    Midnigh wrote: »
    Nobody tells you that through this journey you can learn so much about yourself. I've learned that I can stay on track easier when my life isn't full of chaos (like it was this weekend with the weather and power outages) but the most important thing I've learned about me, is that I can trust myself! I trust myself to get back on track when I get off and that a piece of candy (or other unplanned calorie/calories) doesn't mean I'm going to give up my lifestyle changes. My relationship with myself as improved immensely. I have more reverence for my body than I've ever had in my life! But, if someone had told me all this: I probably wouldn't have understood the value of these lessons.

    "I trust myself." That's just what I needed to read today. This hit me hard in the very best way. Thank you!

    I would say I trust myself per se, but I trust the habits and routines I've constantly reinforced and learned the triggers that help me get back on them quickly when I falter.
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