What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Then eventually you get enough loose skin and it vanishes.again....

    Nice new profile pic!!!!

    The stomach vacuum that @ninerbuff discussed really has helped me.

    He suggested pulling in your stomach as tightly as possible and holding for two or three minutes, while trying to maintain the best possible posture.

    I started doing it as I walked, trying to pull "belly button to spine" as the say in Pilates for as long as I could (until I get distracted and forget!).

    I can see a noticeable difference in loose belly skin after a couple months.

    I am definitely going to start doing that. and thank you!

    Well, doing that does rather confirm that I will need at least some surgery. It feels very strange and wrong down the center of my belly when I do that. But I'm shortwaisted and in my twenties had three large babies, so apparently my abs are split.