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May 2015 Running Challenge

Stoshew71Stoshew71 Member Posts: 6,592 Member Member Posts: 6,592 Member
Hi everyone. This is a continuation from the April (2015) Running Challenge which can be found at:

Anyone can join in. New & Old. And if you found this thread late, you can join in at any time.
We have members that are total beginners all the way to marathon maniacs and beyond. We are a friendly and encouraging bunch.

Here the details from last month that applies here again.

Anybody want to join me for a running challenge? Set a goal here and mark it every day here. OPTIONAL: You can post your progress by creating a ticker at (If creating ones seems difficult, then don't let that stop you. Just type in your daily miles here.)

You can run, walk, or do treadmill. Just be consistent. I am setting a goal for 200 miles. However, don't let that worry you. Some can do 25, 50; whatever you like. We can help motivate each other. What do you say? if you are new to running, set a low goal.

You can set your goal now but wait until Friday May 1st to log your runs.

Also, don't forget to join our group which can be found at:

There you will find lots of good info, and it's a place where everyone can talk to each other for further motivation. It's also a place to find help when there is a problem with this thread.

*******OPTIONAL TICKER*************
Info on tickers since I know there will be questions. Sign up for an account and create your ticker.
Then you need to update it after you do a run and post it here. Here is what you will need to do.

After setting up your ticker, you will need to make note of the weblink they give you so you can return. An example would be: <<<< the last part will be a part of the image link (explained below) that will be supplied to you after you initially create your link.

When you return to TickerFactory with the weblink, go to your settings page. Make sure you type your pin in that you set when you created your ticker account.
Then where it says "Your current cumlative value, there is an add button. Just add what you just did and the cumlative value automatically changes. Then hit next.

Now after you added your new miles (or km's) to your ticker you need to post it here.

After you hit next, it will give you a bunch of codes suggesting on how to display your ticker.
Use the one at the bottom where it says Direct Image URL:

It will look something like:

To display that correctly in your post, make sure you place the img tags around that link. So it will look, (removing the spaces in the img tags):

[ img ] [ /img ]

^^^^^^^ Don't forget to remove the spaces between the brackets. ^^^^^^^^^^

Some key things to pay attention to when posting your ticker.

1: Use the link that ends in .png
2. Remember the [ img] and [ /img] tags go in between the link
3. remove the spaces in the img tags before posting
4. YES, there is a / in the second /img tag

Good luck! And happy running (or walking or treadmilling, ect). If you have any trouble or have questions, please feel free to PM me.



  • WhatMeRunningWhatMeRunning Member, Premium Posts: 2,550 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,550 Member
    Looks like my schedule has me down for 78 miles in May, so that's what I'll shoot for!
  • dennie24dennie24 Member Posts: 251 Member Member Posts: 251 Member
    Thank you for providing these challenges, Stan. I have found so much encouragement and motivation through them.
    I am in for 65 miles in May.
  • HonuNuiHonuNui Member Posts: 1,458 Member Member Posts: 1,458 Member
    In for 65.....
  • MrsKGradyMrsKGrady Member Posts: 276 Member Member Posts: 276 Member
    I'm in for 50 in May.
  • SonicDeathMonkey80SonicDeathMonkey80 Member Posts: 4,489 Member Member Posts: 4,489 Member
    120mi, through May 17th
  • JustWant2RunJustWant2Run Member Posts: 286 Member Member Posts: 286 Member
    In for 175 miles as I'll be tapering and recovering from a marathon.

    I'll probably come a bit short of my April's goal but eh, things happen :)
  • skippygirlsmomskippygirlsmom Member Posts: 4,274 Member Member Posts: 4,274 Member
    Let's see 31 days (long month), 2 races scheduled, vacation scheduled, boyfriend home for 10 days after being gone 6 months hhhmmm let me see what will my goal be.

    I'm in for 120.
    edited April 2015
  • cooter_momcooter_mom Member, Premium Posts: 108 Member Member, Premium Posts: 108 Member
    Yay! I love these challenges. Thank you @Stoshew71 !!!! Hubby figures I need to up my goal, I got a bit complacent this month. Haha. So I'm in for 130kms. I am praying for less windy days in May.
  • mmabry72mmabry72 Member Posts: 100 Member Member Posts: 100 Member
    Upping the anti to 70 for this month!
  • italysharonitalysharon Member Posts: 195 Member Member Posts: 195 Member
    January- 60
    ….so I guess May has to be 100!

    I'm going on vacation for a week so we will see how this goes, but may as well try :-)

    Best wishes everyone. I'm hoping for a warm May here in New England!
  • njfitnessmomnjfitnessmom Member Posts: 345 Member Member Posts: 345 Member
    I'm in for 75 miles. I'm aiming a little high but it's getting nice out and I so looking forward to getting my runs outdoors.

  • DM01234DM01234 Member Posts: 317 Member Member Posts: 317 Member
    Going for 62.
  • nic632nic632 Member Posts: 298 Member Member Posts: 298 Member
    I'm new to running having just started week 3 of C25K.

    My target is 50 miles but will be a combination of both running and walking.


  • karllundykarllundy Member Posts: 1,494 Member Member Posts: 1,494 Member
    In for a slight increase to 115. Ending with the Dam to Dam Half on May 30...woo hoo!

    One of these months I may actually set up a ticker.
  • karllundykarllundy Member Posts: 1,494 Member Member Posts: 1,494 Member
    120mi, through May 17th

    What's May 17th? Did I miss something?
  • GrannyCrayCrayGrannyCrayCray Member Posts: 71 Member Member Posts: 71 Member
    83 in May!
    There are 19 running days, with 83 miles total scheduled on my training plan (hoping for a Half sometime in June or later). Come to think of it those numbers work quite well together for me; 1983 wasn't such a bad year in my book ;)
  • mbcieslak87mbcieslak87 Member Posts: 206 Member Member Posts: 206 Member
    Aiming for 60 running and tons more walking/hiking!
  • cchen2015cchen2015 Member Posts: 33 Member Member Posts: 33 Member
    I'm a beginner! My goal is 75K (5K*15).
  • LoneWolfRunnerLoneWolfRunner Member Posts: 1,160 Member Member Posts: 1,160 Member
    I skipped April to re-set my running mind-set and did my most miles so far this year. I missed everyone here so I need to come back... will put down 150.
  • JenkinsCrew04JenkinsCrew04 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    I am going to set a goal of 80 miles for the month of May!
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