From a size 20 to a size 8 with strength training, in one year! PICS!



  • GenElizabeth
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    rosestring wrote: »
    Damn! I need to start weight training more! And not much cardio? Nice.

    That's right! Not much cardio but I did do some, it always made me feel great afterwards. I am not opposed to cardio, I just prefer weight lifting. :blush:

    When I did do cardio though, I would do walking/running at the track, elliptical, treadmill or bleacher sprints for 30-45 mins or so at a time. I danced in my living room and did step ups in the beginning for cardio and when I got stronger and lost some weight, I started walking and trying other things. But I lifted consistently (what was heavy to me), from very the start.
  • GenElizabeth
    GenElizabeth Posts: 291 Member
    This is my husband's weight loss photo (he won't mind, lol). He is 39 years old, 5'7" and type 2 diabetic. Naturally, a good and improved, quality diet did wonders for him on the outside, as well as on the inside of his body. He accomplished this through eating 3 balanced meals a day, with moderate carbs and healthy snacks. He didn't use MFP but he ate pretty much the same things I ate and worked out with me some. He gets a work out in every day with his physical job too - he just needed to fix his diet.

    I'm so very proud of him and grateful for his support to me. He came onboard with me and I couldn't be happier! Teams are always more successful so try to buddy up with your spouse or friend, if you can! :blush:


    Absolutely WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He kinda looks like Hugh Jackman! How utterly tremendous that you guys have partnered in not only getting healthy, but looking totally fabulous while doing it. Also, what a tremendous example you two are to your children, family, neighbors and the world. BOOM--you guys are SUPERSTARS, period. o:)B)B)<3B)B)o:)

    Thank you!!! :smiley: Maybe I will start calling him Wolverine! :lol:
  • codycsweet
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    Amazing and just the kind of motivation I needed today. Congrats you look great.
  • GenElizabeth
    GenElizabeth Posts: 291 Member
    codycsweet wrote: »
    Amazing and just the kind of motivation I needed today. Congrats you look great.

    Thank you, it means a lot to know that it inspired you! Keep at it, one day at a time. :blush:
  • Nataliegetfit
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    You look amazing, thanks for sharing your routine with us.
  • erojoy
    erojoy Posts: 554 Member
    I'm so jealous. I try to do this and i just don't lose. Would love to add you so i can learn from you. I lift 5 days a week and the weight doesn't come off. Working on my diet
  • Peace_Love_Coexist
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    I REALLY REALLY REALLY needed this today. I just started back on MFP. Its been a roller coaster for me with the starting and stopping, starting and not seeing results and stopping again. I have finally learned that I need to cut my carbs (My body just responds better to lower carbs) and my calories too, but I haven't been sure what to do for exercise. I am also sedentary due to the type of job I do. I have been reading more lately about the benefits of less cardio and more SEALED THE DEAL for me. I know nothing about weight training, but I am going to learn now. You've really inspired me and given me a place to start. Thank you so much for sharing. :)
  • liftrunrepeat
    liftrunrepeat Posts: 23 Member
    You look awesome! Results like this are one of the reasons I try to incorporate weights into my routine.
  • nyvah
    nyvah Posts: 14 Member
    you look so beautiful. Awesome job.
  • sakapona
    sakapona Posts: 22 Member
    Wow! Such amazing results. You look incredible. Good for you. Wish I could have as much will power as you.
  • MissTinekaMarie_x
    MissTinekaMarie_x Posts: 4 Member
    Wow, you look incredible! Well done! :)
  • LosingLast30
    LosingLast30 Posts: 16 Member
    You are pure awesomeness!!! Thanks so much for posting. You've given me more hope and motivation on what can be!
  • TXRedDirt
    TXRedDirt Posts: 45 Member
    One of my favorite success stories! Nice work!
  • MusclenMascara
    MusclenMascara Posts: 50 Member
    Wow you've done an amazing job! You look great!
  • GenElizabeth
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    TXRedDirt wrote: »
    One of my favorite success stories! Nice work!

    Yay! Thank you, lol :smiley:

    And thank you as well, RoseBud244!
  • jrline
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  • ajsimyan
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    Just when I was on the brink of wanting to quit, I read your story. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there for people like me who feel like they have no hope and no more motivation to keep going!! You definitely gave me the motivation to keep going!. You look amazing! I started out at 205 as well and I am now 149. My lowest was 132, but I was not eating due to immense amounts of stress last summer. Well I started eating again and gained that weight back and only managed to lose 3 pounds of the 20 I gained over last summer and fall. I love strength training and like you I workout in my own home with acquired weights. Even bought a pull up bar. I can't do one yet, But I will be working towards doing a full pull up. Thank you for your story and motivation!
  • Gska17
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    Look at those muscles! WOW!!! Nice job. :smiley:
  • terizius
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    Gen, thank you so much for the shout out to my website. Your story was incredible and really brought a lot of value to both the site and your "fans" on MFP. In fact, you are my #1 story so far!

    I've read through this post and saw that a number of people are interested in hearing more detail about your transformation, routine, etc. That's exactly the response that I was hoping for when I first contacted you. If you are up for it, I'd love for you to write another story that goes into more detail regarding your diet and routine. I'm sure the readers here would appreciate it as well.

    Also, I need to get your husbands story too! I didn't realize that both of you had such great success! Ask him if he would be interested please.

    Its the stories of people like you and him that provide the inspiration for us all to keep on the path.
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