From a size 20 to a size 8 with strength training, in one year! PICS!

GenElizabeth Posts: 291 Member
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Hello MFPers!

I am 33 years old and 5'3". I started this difficult journey in Jan of 2014 at 205lbs and I had JUST hit a size 20!!! In Dec 2014, I got down to a size 8 and around 135lbs! I feel great and am loving who I am becoming now! I'm learning a TON and meeting a lot of great people in the process.

I came across MFP in June of last year. I have kept a moderate calorie deficit pretty consistently (500 or so each day), with my carbs and protein around 100g each while lifting weights regularly (in my home with my own collected equipment), 5-6 times/week. I didn't do much cardio, as I don't enjoy it. I do run on occasion though. I feel empowered now and I absolutely LOVE strength training! Planning to take new progress pics at the end of June so I'm looking forward to that. :)

Best wishes to you all, anything is possible if you don't give up! :heart:








  • Minkaky_
    Minkaky_ Posts: 8 Member
    Amazing that you have changed so much in one year. You go girl!!
  • CupcakeQueen86
    CupcakeQueen86 Posts: 76 Member
    wow u look amazing!
  • Amy3935
    Amy3935 Posts: 94 Member
    You look AMAZING! Did you ever hit any plateaus along the way, and if so how did you keep going? Thanks!
  • kickassbarbie
    kickassbarbie Posts: 286 Member
    OMG! You are amazing! Well done!!!!

    (Love you dress too)
  • enchanted_daydream
    enchanted_daydream Posts: 258 Member
    You look incredible! Excellent work :)
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