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From a size 20 to a size 8 with strength training, in one year! PICS!



  • jontuccjontucc Member Posts: 142 Member Member Posts: 142 Member
    Wow you look amazing! Can I ask what setup you have at home? Did u do a particular lifting program?
    I workout at home as well and not 100% happy with my equipment so am after some ideas :)
  • cindys921cindys921 Member Posts: 396 Member Member Posts: 396 Member
    You look amazing! Great progress! Very inspiring!
  • littleblue2littleblue2 Member Posts: 76 Member Member Posts: 76 Member
    Wow! Great job!...Still speechless so I have nothing else to say....
  • totalobliviatotaloblivia Member Posts: 1,164 Member Member Posts: 1,164 Member
    Inspiring, thank you
  • kdiamondkdiamond Member Posts: 3,330 Member Member Posts: 3,330 Member
    You're looking very fit! Good work!
  • jsnyder320jsnyder320 Member Posts: 96 Member Member Posts: 96 Member
    Amazing, congrats on your journey.
  • yolo9752yolo9752 Member Posts: 69 Member Member Posts: 69 Member
    You should be VERY proud of yourself! Congrats!!!
  • bbonthebbbontheb Member Posts: 718 Member Member Posts: 718 Member
    I read your post on the other page. Wow, I'm amazed. I'm about the same height, size, weight. I liked reading that you have a problem with moderation as I do so I know I have to be more strict with my diet. I would like to hear more details on how it went! And I think you are an example of a fit, strong, beautiful woman and I don't think you have more to lose (as you noted on the other post). What an inspiration! Congrats.
  • SrMaggaliciousSrMaggalicious Member Posts: 499 Member Member Posts: 499 Member
    Your hammies are BANGIN'!!! And such a beautiful woman. Congratulations!!
  • LebatsirkLebatsirk Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    WOW! Thanks so much for this. It's come at just the right time for me.

    I too started off my journey wearing a size 20 and I'm down to a comfortable 16 (and occasionally 14) now. I've lost 3 stone over the past year but since Easter I've been out of action having physio and I've lost my way with both logging on MFP and exercising.

    This post is just the motivation I need to get back into it again. Whilst I know there's no way I'll ever be a size 8 (I was only ever that small in my early teens) I know from experience I can get to a small 12 and I'm going to keep checking back on this post when I need a kick up the backside!

    Thank you - and well done on such an amazing transformation! You look incredibly healthy and strong which is what I want too. :-)
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