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    Good afternoon! There is no way I can catch up but that doesn't mean you're not in my thoughts. This weekend was a really rough one for food. It seemed that I lost all of my boundaries with food. I'm doing better today and am trying to get to the bottom of the emotional reasons for being so out of control. In any case, I had my MRI on Friday. I've been in a lot of pain since then--the way they propped my arm/shoulder was painful. This morning, my shoulder was essentially locked because my range of motion was so limited. I'm struggling through work right now and can't wait to get home so that I can place my arm wherever it is most comfortable and quit with the stoicism. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I certainly do hope he has some answers!

    I hope everyone is doing well and I will try to do a better job of keeping up!

    Carol in miserably hot NC
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    mom216 wrote: »
    ok, I just want scream..... I made it!!! I walked across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge from VA to MD & back! My sorry 54 yr old over weight body complete with a bad knee made it. I am sun burned, sweaty, and gross. Dam I'm good!
    Never, never give up!!!!

    That's over 6.6 miles!

    Chris in MA

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    Happy Monday ! ! !

    Becca – I agree, we need to love our bodies regardless of their appearance. I am not there yet, so I will continue my admiration of you. Yesterday was the first time in several decades that I went for a bra fitting. I was incredibly uncomfortable at first, but the young gal listened, made eye contact (instead of eye/brea$t contact), and was incredibly helpful, calm, and friendly. She was unable to find me anything that was perfect, helped me choose the lesser of the evils, and encouraged me to return after I lose more weight. All in all, a nice experience, even though it didn’t end with success. That’s the closest I have ever come to nude in front of someone except DH or OB.

    KateKyi – I wish I could do tatting. I get impatient with my projects, so it may not be good for me. I started a crochet group in the hopes that people would teach me to crochet, and they did. The people I know who knit and crochet have always been willing to teach others. I hope you share a picture of your tat project when you are done.

    Carey – Congrats on your 1 year smoke-free.

    Bring on the big hands ! ! ! My ex had little hands (and was passive/aggressive, condescending, and vindictive), but current DH has big hands. He allows me to be me ! ! !

    Elizabeth, - you can do it ! ! ! Just start over, starting right now!

    Renny – Isn’t it amazing how some people are so stubborn and stuck on what they think someone else should look like? I was always muscular and flexible, so I gravitated to gymnastics as my chosen sport. This meant I lifted weights for fun, and I kept getting bigger and always weighed WAY more than I looked. Even in the sport of gymnastics, being “meaty” wasn’t popular until MaryLou Rettin (sp?). But, as my weight trickles off (it is VERY slow for me right now, but I’ll keep trying), gravity is becoming VERY mean to me, and these areas that used to be bulges and now hanging lumps of yuck. So it takes some getting used to looking into the mirror. I am happy that your Mom had such wisdom, and I am also thankful for my parents, because my paternal grandpa was not so nice and open-minded, so my parent did damage control after every visit.

    Carol - Hugs while you wait for the results of your MRI. It's okay to be stressed right now, and now is the time to start over. You can do it ! ! !

    Today is a bad day for me, too, but with arthritis, not food. I think every single one of my joints is having an RA flare today. At least it makes me feel painfully balanced. I know I have not consumed my usual trigger foods, so I'm going to keep telling myself that once it finally stops raining everything will go back to normal. So far my food plan is going well, and I'm confident that I have finally gotten myself over the plateau, and am heading back into loser-ville. I just know in my heart that I will see one-derland by next month. Cheers ! ! !

    As usual, I got so involved reading most of your posts that I forgot to take notes again. Please know that I read everything, and have you all in my thoughts and prayers, and appreciate your friendships.

    Hugs for Everyone ! ! !

    Terri in Milwaukee
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    Hello y'all! I'm back from a weekend of post-flood cleanup and a good family visit. I'll never catch up with all your posts so in lieu of saying anything useful, I'll just post a photo of my walking buddy here. She likes to walk and run and she's eager to wade in the water but not so impressed with the idea of swimming.

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    Hi Ladies...
    Trying to catch up, can't just yet.

    Bless me for I have sinned...I had martinis, pasta, ice cream, cheeseburger, brownies (3), and lots and lots of fun!
    I ate and drank for the past 4 days more than the past 9 months but a lot less that I would have a year ago. One last dinner this evening and I think I can stay within my calorie limit and then it's back on track. I won't get on the scale but my clothes still fit so I don't think I did that much damage.

    Lisa in TX...I went to an author event on Thursday evening. This is a very well know author and I was very surprised that there were only about 25 people there (the room was only 1/2 filled), and this is suburban Boston. I tell you this to hopefully ease your disappointment about the lackluster showing at your author event the other night. I suspect alot of people are very busy this time of year and just couldn't attend. I'm sure you were as enthuastic to your fans as our author was with us.

    Chris in MA
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    @JanetMMcC Im a so so drinker at best. I make a pot of tea that can last 2 days....I know its bad. I can drink both tea and coffee cold because when I worked it always went cold before I could drink it hot so ended up just drinking it cold.
    @Heather UK I think UK doesnt really like the hugging thing. Atleast I never grew up where anyone hugged me. Its taken my boyfriends family to get me used to the hugs.

    @barbiecat I might have to steal your word for 2015 "now" seems appropriate. Have you tried the quorn stew
    For the stew
    1tbsp vegetable oil
    1 medium onion, finely sliced
    1tsp paprika
    300g Quorn Pieces
    2 sticks celery, chopped
    1 medium carrot, peeled, chopped
    200g mushrooms, sliced
    1 pint vegetable stock (make your own with low sodium)
    1tbsp cornflour, blended to a paste with a little water
    1 bouquet garni
    @terri_mon I didnt think I could ever learn to tat. I needle tat which is a lot easier to understand than shuttle tatting. Maybe one day I will bite the bullet and get someone to show me how to hold my hands to do the shuttle tatting. Basically its one stitch, a hitch knot if you know what that is. You can make some lovely laces with it. Its good to use the tatting needle because you can not pick up something to eat if your hands are already busy doing something.

    So much for my yoga today.. maybe tomorrow I just dont know where the time went today. Ill plan to do it before my breakfast that way nothing will get in the way. I will also plan to eat breakfast before 9.30 so it doesnt clash with lunch. Didnt have lunch until 3pm today. Dinner was at 7pm but thats because of my bike ride. I did get out on my bike and did 4.4miles today :)
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    mikesmom - don't fool yourself, you did some damage there LOLOLOL
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    Thanks, Chris! Oddly, it does. And if that grin on my face in the picture proved anything, I think I probably was just as enthusiastic--and I'm glad your author was with you as well!

    Good day exercise-wise: 4.4 mile run this morning, then 2.2 miles of push mowing, and just finished another hour of mowing on the riding mower... for which the Fitbit gave me the equivalent of another 3,000 steps, and I'm taking it... this is a rough, tough one-acre lawn, and I feel like I've been wrestling bears. Another half hour to cool off, then off to town - check the mail, buy some groceries (have to remember to bring the cooler with ice) and go to writers' workshop... back home late.

    Good day creatively--finally started the sequel to PIG (yay!) working title Flak Be Nimble... 800 words this morning. Only have to do that another 100 times and I'll have a book. :smiley:

    Y'all have a grand afternoon...

    Lisa in West Texas
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    Oh, Carol.........hope you are more comfortable and pain free shortly.

    Joyce........The perfume "Heaven Scent" would give me a h/a every time I was around it, also, the flower hyacinth will do a number on me too. Loved your pics. What a change!

    We are certainly all different in how we got to where we are today with weight. Most of the older posters know my path here but, for you newbies..........I was skinny, and I mean SKINNY, as in painfully thin. Didn't hit 100lb. until I was 30. Gained a bit in my 30's. Had my daughter at 40 and weighed 127 pre delivery, (she was 7lb 5oz). I was back to pre pregnancy weight, about 110, in less than a week. When she was 4yrs. I got on a scale and was 119 and absolutely horrified. I do want to make it clear that there was no eating disorder involved in my underweight years, I ate everything. Went from 119 to 105 in seven weeks by cutting back a little and adding a 30 min. walk after dinner......easy peasy, I thought. HA!!! What I wouldn't give to be 119 now!!!! First hot flash was at 42 and still coming......at 63. Will be on MFP three years in Jan. and it's been in large part due to the wonderful women on this thread that I've kept it up despite backsliding a number of times. Even if not totally successful, I must keep trying or I'll just keep gaining and gaining.....

    MargaretMN.......YAY for 2lbs. down!

    Heather.........Love the idea behind Level Out Your Day; it just makes sense.

    Lagopus.........Another gorgeous pic; those mountains!!!

    Jules.......Congrats on that A!!!! I hear you on the heat and humidity. Not a hugger here either until the last few years.

    Grits.......When I was little, we had a cat that would jump up on the back door stair banister and rattle the door knob when she wanted to come in.

    Carey........MAJOR, MAJOR kudos on the nonsmoking anniv!!!!!!! Been there, not easy. I have one of those antique china cabinets with the rounded glass fronts and have the very few family antiques in it.........my mother was one who always thought newer was better. I treasure what I do have. It was a major undertaking to get that china here by DD and myself; found it in a antique shop about 4hrs. away and bought it then actually picked it up more than 2yrs. later because the guy never got around to delivering it. But now I get to see the few pieces I have every day and it means the world to me.

    I was a nudist for a few brief moments (at night) skinny dipping in Lake Michigan in the 70's. It was during what seems like another lifetime. Hmmmmmm, had a ladies exercise class lunch today and I did wear a maxi sundress that DD bought and then didn't have enough "on top" to wear........so I took it off her hands, felt quite daring, added a big brimmed hat and sandals.

    Best to all,
    mid-Atlantic, wishing for a rain shower

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    All you out there who are mowing your grass - ooooohhhhh! But I guess it burns loads of calories. :o DH did his first mow today after his hernia op - it was looking like a pretty meadow! :laugh: Me no mow. As my mother used to say, "Keep a dog and bark yourself! ?" :noway: When people asked if she wanted a dishwasher she said, "I've got one - my husband!" Guess I'm a chip off the old block. :laugh:
    Heather UK
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    I find myself checking out the post three or four times during the day. That way I don't get so far behind. I try to take a break and eat every three hours so that I do not overindulge. And my blood sugar doesn't spike.

    Carey - One year smoke-free good for you!

    Carol - I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

    Terri- I hate it when my arthritis Acts up! I only have it in my hands so I really feel for you!

    Chris - you are so naughty! I have not been so good lately either. I started being really strict with myself yesterday and I am doing well again today. We just need to get back on track!

    Kate- Nice bike ride!

    Lisa - that was a bear of a work out! Great job!

    Yanniejannie- thanks for sharing your story! I know it is going to end in great success. Your outfit sounds darling!

    Back to work for me!

    Mary from Minnesota
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    Teri ~ wanted to say your son looks like a red headed cutie pie.

    Carey ~ yeah for your year of smoke free living. My DH quit after his heart attack and it has been over two yrs. Now if only the DS would quit.

    Jan ~ your luncheon outfit sounds marvelous.

    A very, very small NSV for me. I participated in a 15 minute Youtube exercise for seniors. Was totally done in before it was over but will try again tomorrow.

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    :::: lifting up my leg, marking my spot:::::
  • pipcd34
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    :::: lifting up my leg, marking my spot:::::
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    Casey...1 year smoke free, many, many congratulations!

    Chris in MA
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    A very, very small NSV for me. I participated in a 15 minute Youtube exercise for seniors. Was totally done in before it was over but will try again tomorrow.

    Congrats! Great attitude! Before you know it you will be doing the whole thing and looking for another one!

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    :p I just found this on the internet because I wondered how many calories I burned playing with my grandkids:

    "Calories Burned - Playing with Kids
    Find out how many calories you burn for Playing with Kids. The number of calories you burn while exercising is dependent on the exercise you do, your weight, and the time spent doing the exercise. Use the calories burned calculator below to see how many calories you burned during your workout.

    Your Weight in Pounds: 153
    Minutes Spent Exercising: 60
    › Calories Burned: 363"

    I need a nap

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    I too read all the posts and have to say yesterday and today have been full of good advice and plans to make it happen. I love that you all are so supportive of each other and take an active interest in each others lives. I haven't added much as I feel I don't know everyone well yet, but reading the posts make me feel part of something positive and like I'm getting to know you.

    Went to water aerobics this morning early cuz I hate it when the pool is so crowed you can't move. Tomorrow there is only one class so its always packed. I'll go early before the class and do my "own thing". Sometimes I think I work harder when I do that. The larger classes have too many that just want to stand and chat and I'm there for business lol

    Raining a lot here, we have a flash flood warning til late this evening.

    Oklahoma City
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    @terri_mom Congrats on the new sling harness!!! I did that a couple of months ago, and she measured me in a G size...I was like G? Really? I tried it on and was no most definatly am not a G....finally settled on a DD but now I do not think so either. When I have it on I feel like I have the front of a buick on my body... It makes me feel like I have a sumo wrestlers suit on and I want to mow people over... I have it in my drawer, but I don't think it will get much use. Its padded abit in the cup and that is plain ridiculous... Who pads a 44DD bra anyway...sheesh..
    Forgive me for I have sinned. (saw that earlier and its fitting)
    It's my birthday, so I had my sandwich from yesterday I never ate, (because I ate the KFC chicken instead). I ate the sandwich for breakfast. My husband looked at me and said...weird. I purposefully talked with my mouth full at that moment... We went to our local food bank, and they were handing out JC's Mint cookie crunch covered mint Pie Pops. Oh momma, I had that for lunch, and now I can't really eat anything else with any sort of calories.... I will have spaghetti flavored AIR and breathe deeply....or just go over my caloric intake. I shall let you know which way I will go hahaha.
    Another TOPS lady drove her car and met us at the food bank. She is a proud woman, and felt really shy about the whole deal. I look at it this way... my husband served 20 yrs taking care of the country via the Navy. Its the countries turn to help him out. Especially after transplant. I have no shame in asking for help. I hug the people that give me food, and I share the wealth when I get too big of something, ie; bag of apples, or oranges. I can't possiblly eat a whole bag of those, so I give them to neighbors or take to my TOPS meeting as giveaways.
    I have had a couple of people approach me and ask if I would run for Leader of the TOPS group. I shall decline though, because I still need to work on alot of issues at home. Its an honor to be asked, but part of me doesn't quite wish to be so relied upon. I am still learning to put myself first in my life.
    Great job with all of your many successes! Keep doing what you are doing! To those needed support, I am one of your bestest fans! You all are a great bunch of people, and I am honored to call you friends. :-)
    Becca by the Beach feeling Blessed.
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    Pip!!! Hey girl quit marking your spot and just give us words of healthy wisdom!! You are our mascot of healthy hot momma, so you can't just spell P-I-P on the ground here... hahaha....