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    Morning ladies,
    I really over-indulged yesterday. My daughter was in Orange County and offered to pick up food at one of my old favorites and bring it home to me in Bakersfield. I texted back, NO thanks. She called me, again I said no thanks, and then she said "when is the next time you are going to be able to...." I caved, but I thought, I'll only have a small portion. Just a small portion put me over my calories for the day. Then my best thinking said, "just eat it all so it won't be messing me up for another day." I totally binged, I felt physically glutted. It was awful. Then I thought, "just purge". I know that is not a healthy choice and I didn't do it. I just logged the food for today since it was past midnight when this binge took place, but now I'm already over my calories for today. Ughhh! I still need to nourish my body with healthy food choices today. Really disappointed about this temporary setback. I know I will see the results on the scale. It was a really high fat, high calorie, high carb and high sodium binge. Sounds delicious, right? Need to have a plan for the next time... no means no.

    Hope you all have a great day. I will keep trudging onward. Tomorrow is another day.

    Elizabeth in CA
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    Lovely, Sylvia!
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    Good morning all,
    My weekend went well. Stayed the course for food and fitness but did not follow through on the water.
    Weigh in is tomorrow so I must drink all my water today.
    Got to work this morning and the internet was out, it was very slow going with the hot spot on my phone. Fixed now so I must get back to work.

    Thank you all for sharing. I will be incorporating some of these tips into my week, esp. about doing things during the productive parts of my day. I am most productive in the morning.

    Goals this week (some one asked and yes this is what most of my weeks look like)
    Today - Spin, Body Pump, Yoga - Done
    Monday - Boot Camp class - Done
    Tuesday - Trainer WO
    Wednesday - Body Fitness
    Thursday - Trainer WO
    Friday - Rest Day
    Saturday - Spin
    This week 20 miles of road bike
    Log every bite, sip, move - 1/7 done

    My quote for today - Obstacles are things a person sees when you take your eyes off the goal
    Lori from Wisconsin
    I am from Neenah, a small town on a beautiful lake about 40 minutes south of Green Bay
    This is a park a block away from my store:

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    csofled wrote: »
    Cheri wrote: We are amazing women aren't we!
    That resonated with me. I was just thinking about all the wisdom and experience and generosity I've seen on this site. It made me wonder what I've ever done to deserve to stumble over such a wonderful bunch of women. :flowerforyou:
    SSC1958 wrote: »
    Carey in Edmonton wrote: Well today I celebrate 1 year smoke-free. I still find it difficult at times and lately have had a lot of cravings especially under stress. After 40 years of smoking it is no wonder I miss it. I think I'll go and have that pedicure today.
    Bravo! A pedicure is a perfect anniversary gift for a one-year non-smoker.

    And Renny, thanks for the line about "someday" not being an actual day. Memorable and so true!

    So I went out and worked in the garden, did some laundry, refilled all the birdfeeders, cut the tall grass in the driveway... It all took much longer than I intended and now it's so late I may or may not get my jogging in today. Of course it won't get dark or anything, so there's still hope.

    When I was hanging the laundry to dry (outdoors for the sake of the fresh-air scent) I heard thunder out of a clear blue sky. This time of year that always signals there's been an avalanche somewhere up the mountain. I almost never see them because by the time the sound reaches me, the snow has usually stopped sliding.

    Somebody wants pictures, so here's the mountainside. Picture from yesterday, when the sky wasn't clear and blue. The little white spot halfway up the trunk of the birch just left of center is a nesting seagull. We do what we can not to disturb them. I'm so happy we share this planet with other species!

    /Penny at the Pole


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    Cheri - the book I found the most use was "Level Up Your Day." Basically it recommends planning your daily/weekly activities so you do the things that are the most important to you at your peak energy time and save routine, ordinary stuff for lower energy times. I had got into the bad habit of filling up my day with mundane tasks and never got around to the one thing that gave meaning to my life - my writing. When I did write successfully in the past it was because I had a set time to do it and made myself do it then. Strangely that was when the children were young and I ONLY had that time. Too much time led to me frittering it away. I also worked well when DH and I did it together side by side every morning when we were first married. DH is naturally self disciplined. :noway:
    I have found that if I say I am just going to do half an hour every morning after I have finished exercising and got dressed and don't let anything else get in the way (no phone calls, emails, reading this thread ) then often I do more and feel sooooooo happy, the rest of the day breezes by. It's as if I have "bomb proofed" the day. :bigsmile:
    Good luck with the sewing/quilting. That sounds wonderful. :flowerforyou:

    Love Heather x

    LUYD is by Scott and Rebecca Livermore. On Kindle.

    Thanks for the book information. I will definitely look into it. :)

    Cheri (Fairlawn, Ohio)

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    Lagopus wrote: »
    csofled wrote: »
    Cheri wrote: We are amazing women aren't we!
    That resonated with me. I was just thinking about all the wisdom and experience and generosity I've seen on this site. It made me wonder what I've ever done to deserve to stumble over such a wonderful bunch of women. :flowerforyou:
    Somebody wants pictures, so here's the mountainside. Picture from yesterday, when the sky wasn't clear and blue. The little white spot halfway up the trunk of the birch just left of center is a nesting seagull. We do what we can not to disturb them. I'm so happy we share this planet with other species!
    /Penny at the Pole


    I totally agree about "It made me wonder what I've done to deserve to stumble over such a wonderful bunch of women." I never engaged on the forums here on my last trip through the land of MFP and I am convinced that this is part of the reason I've maintained my logging and checking in to have reached day 100 today!

    Lovely picture!

    Cheri (Fairlawn, Ohio)
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    suerontur3 wrote: »
    My scale will not budge. Joined MFP June 4th. Have calories left over every day, minimal exercise. Watching my carb intake. I drink alcohol very little. Drinking a lean protein shake! WHAT GIVES! Help, please offer some advice!

    Hi. Maybe you are not carb sensitive. I cut way back on carbs, but the scale did not budge. Then did a DNA test which validated I'm not carb sensitive. Instead, I need a pretty close balance of % on carbs and proteins, with lower fat %. So, now I watch my % and keep the fat grams lower. Perhaps this will help. Best of luck on your journey with the rest of us! - Nancy
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    fanncy0626 wrote: »
    Becca-that is such a cute truck! I remember seeing one in a movie.

    Fitchriis- MFP doesn't like it if you don't eat at least 1200 calories. I don't think it scolds us if we go over. I don't remember...

    Mary from Minnesota

    I think that's a great idea because I yo-yo a lot and it's only when I get shocked by my weight & start to diet I can go long times without eating at all sometimes it's as late as 4 in the afternoon before I realise I haven't eaten anything which is very silly of me & I should know bettr as it can be worse for your health than over-eating & also metabolism slows down so it's harder to lose weight. I think I have to keep to this program as unless I am concerned about how much I've gained, I do have a tendancy to eat too much and to be honest it's not only when I am hungry, it's 'comfort' food.

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    The absolute worst was when I weighed 300+ and the never-heavies would say, "You have such a pretty face!" I would have cheerfully committed the worst mayhem, but you know, I had that whole "jolly" reputation to keep up. Oooh, more buried rage there than I remembered. Time to go take a shower and relax...

    Best to all...
    Lisa from West Texas

    Hi Lisa

    I'm curious, why were you upset that people told you you were pretty? I've done that myself in the past so I really would like to get your take on this.

    Chrissy, they weren't saying I was pretty, they were saying I had a pretty FACE... its a very American, or possibly Southern way of saying, "if you would only lose some weight..., perhaps you'd actually be attractive." Similar to when someone says they want you to meet someone with a " terrific personality," it means that person is ugly as all get out. [/quote]


    thanks for explaining that, I've never said it to anyone since living in the USA, only when I was in UK so hopefully it doesn't mean the same there, I know one young lady in UK, she is really very beautiful, great personality, very clever and has always been overweight since a teen (has had her share of problems so I don't know if that has contributed) I think she is gorgeous as she is but I worry about her health, just the same as I would if she was one of what we call 'stick insects' which society seems to deem ideal bodies but seem very unhealthy and unattractive IMO. I wasn't concerned about my weight until I had a medical and they said I had high blood pressure, which I have never had before so that shocked me as I considered myself to be very healthy.
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    Cheri ~ Congrats on your 100 day anniversary.

    The two dogs are driving me nuts. The Pom only eats cooked chicken, pork or beef. The Springer Spaniel eats dry food but would love to eat the Pom's. So, I'm giving her a tiny bit of cooked meat on top of her dry to try to satisfy her. They both follow me all over the house wherever I go....Mutt and Jeff.

    Are they your dogs? My son and his wife had 2 dogs and 3 cats. Both dogs are kenneled inside. One is a lab; sweet dog; the other is a Boston Bull Terrier who is definitely on 'his last leg'. I'm afraid I would NOT have him in the house. I'd like to get another dog; but, not before the end of summer. I'd like to find a Mountain Feise or Mountain Cur as they are sometimes referred to as being; but, the are really too expensive. Will got his as a gift. I would not mind having a small dog 'in the house' if I could get one that is almost trained to go out whenever they feel the need. But, being home all day, I could train one quickly. I remember when we tried to train Shorty to go out . . . she just kept looking back and getting further and further away; then when we moved out in the country she became a 'yard' dog and loved it! She knew exactly when Louis was supposed to be getting home; she would start walking up near the entry of our driveway; then as she got older she would just go to the fork in the driveway between our house and our son's. She was a long, wavy haired JRT - who already knew what her name was when we got her (don't ask) ... but, she did. Five pounds of hair would come off when we started clipping her during the summer. The first year we called her "Naked Dog" and she'd put her face between her paws like she was embarrassed. The next few years she looked forward to having herself buzzed. We'd still call her "Naked Dog" but, she did not care - much cooler. Only when we clipped her the first summer did we realize that her tail was actual 1.5" long. Whenever she had her full coat on the tail looked as if it was just a white curl at the tip end of her fur. She'd wage it so hard that she would be wagging herself. Smart little dog and I really miss having a dog. But the cat has enjoyed the 'extra' loving he gets and I think he has learned how to knock on the door. I'll hear two bumps and go answer the door, nobody there except the cat. Sometimes standing up and other times laying down as if to say, 'oh, you're here finally - get me some food in my bowl'. He comes in if we happen to leave the door open (like when we are hauling in groceries). It makes Louis so mad; but, he goes directly to Will's old room and hides under the bed (after walking the entire perimeter of the house). All I have to do is close the door and he will come to it and "m-e-o-w" wanting to get outside.

    My goal for the next week is to continue working my 'plan', exercising on the treadmill 3x a week; and getting into the pool for as long as I can, to walk. Finish reading the book that I have started and picking up the next one. Need to go to the library to pick up another book that is 'on hold' but I am sure as soon as I leave the FedEx man/woman will come with a package I have to sign for. I think I will see if my granddaughter will come over and stay while I am gone.

    Back with more books, no laptop delivery; but, that is 'ok' they usually don't run until mid-/late-afternoon. She said she'd come back in the AM so someone will be here to sign for it while I do a few errands.

    Stopped by the 'tomato' place to pick up tomatoes - poor Vern is so lost since Sarah passed away a few weeks ago. Really misses her (the tomatoes growing were her babies to deal with). Hard to see one without the other. So sad.

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    @fitchriis - Ambitious goals! So far I'm doing well to get in walks most days.

    @ Janet - yes ambitious but let's see how many I can achieve :smile:
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    Wow. Three hundred posts since I marked my spot last. I’ve not had a great weekend. The heat and the perimenopausal symptoms I still have about every other month hit me hard this weekend. Mood swings, water weight, insomnia, forgetfulness, sweating through my clothing before I could leave the grocery, standing in the grocery with the freezer door open blankly staring in while hoping no one was watching, headache…..I had them all while trying to study for my exam, which BTW, I made an “A” on this morning. Yay, me!!!
    Forgive me for not replying to everyone, but I haven’t the time nor the stamina today after my three hour exam and a heat index today that will top 111 degrees. :blush:

    Carey, I’m googling local “hot stone massage” vendors in my area as we speak. My tension is held mainly in my shoulders as well. Enough sometimes that it crawls up and gives me a wicked headache of causes me have mid back pain. :cry:

    Janet in NO, my soil is sandy, but I usually buy huge bags of potting soil to mix in it because of so much sand.

    Cynthia, a hot stone massage sounds perfect for me, as I’m one of those cray-cray people who have personal space issues. I don’t like strange people (or casual contacts) touching me. Even for health reasons. Ask my doc. He had to give me Xanax to take every time I had an appointment until I got to know him. I’m not sure why I’m like that, but I always have been. I have no problem shaking hands, but come any closer and you’ll feel the tension. This makes things rather awkward at church. Most people like to hug after services and it puts me at the disadvantage of looking cold and standoffish, which I’m not. I imagine if I ever had to attend group therapy I’d be a real party pooper. :noway:

    Penny, I am loving your pictures, particularly with out heat index predicted to be greater than 110 degrees for most of this week. I’ve lived in the South all my life and I have never gotten used to the heat/humidity combination that leaves me breathless and jelly-legged by 4 p.m. Now that I’m “peri-menopausal”, I can stand it less than I ever could. My mom is scheduled to go on an Alaskan cruise in a month and I’m tempted to stow away. Are you up for visitors? I’m sure I could find my way there…….
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    May was rough. Finally back to logging, but having trouble getting sugars down where they should be. Frustration rules. I'm so tired after work I don't feel like cooking..weekends I'm busy with the grandkids. I know, it all sounds like excuses. We'll see how June goes.
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    Sylvia love it!

    :heart: MNMargaret
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    DJ - I had a very nice day just relaxing yesterday. Today I am back at it. I'm still in the closet! I don't think I want to come out of the closet. My DH works most of the time so I am starting on his stuff.I agree with you about writing a name or handle at the end of a text so it is easier for us to respond to people. I have a hard time remembering some of The email addresses and end up passing over them as well.

    Cheri- congratulations on 100! Also great job on losing .2 pounds each day! Keep up the good work.

    Grits- that is so funny about setting the alarms off at the courthouse!

    Pip - glad to hear that your run went so smoothly.

    Carey - Heather was just commenting about self-esteem and it is a fitting thought for the day that you have about self-esteem as well!

    Sylvia - you are right on both parts one you do need to get rid of the mold and two, your husband probably will come in and take over! Have fun swimming with your DGKS. I love that saying!

    Katla- I buy one ice cream cone at a time as well, but just about every day! I am now trying to resist except for the days that I go swimming with my DS IL.

    Elizabeth- when I binged like that I just let that day be a lesson for me and get back on track the next. I know that other ladies will exercise until they catch up with the extra calories. It is a tough lesson to learn.

    Lori- good job on your exercise and calories. I also have a hard time getting my eight glasses of water in each day. I tried to drink a lot last night and ended up awake half the night going to the bathroom! Today my plan is to try to drink most of my water during the morning and early afternoon. Nice picture of the park.

    Penny - Beautiful picture of the mountain! Very interesting about the thunder being an avalanche. I used to love hanging out my clothes because of the fresh smell. I can't do it anymore because it causes allergic reactions to the pollen in the air that attaches to the clothing. I always wondered when I was younger white when I got into bed my allergies were so much worse!

    Crissy- I am with you on comfort food! That is my downfall. My comfort food is full of sugar and carbs. I am trying to substitute fruit when I crave sugars. Another thing I learned on Dr. Oz was to eat something like a pickle or Olive when a sweet craving comes. It really does help.

    Jules - I usually skim over the posts when people are replying to other people and only read what their personal statement is. It really cuts down on time.

    Grandmakathy- you are here! You can do it! We are here for you!

    Have a great day everyone!

    Mary from Minnesota
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    Jules - I used to be a "don't touch" person also. It's perfectly alright to have your personal boundaries about how close you want people to get. I did a personal growth course that taught me that, in any personal encounter, the person with the lowest touch tolerance gets to dictate the level of encounter. That was a huge relief to me and I have followed that principle ever since. It can help to explain to people, "I'm funny like that." , then they understand. All that huggy business - yuck! ! ! ! !
    I am much more huggy these days, but that was a long time a-coming! :flowerforyou:

    Heather UK
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    @mollywhippet - Sylvia. I like that page.

    Penny at the Pole - love the pictures. And it is so neat to hear from a place we would not normally hear about or see, except for tv.

    Speaking of pretty faces - it is funny how we are affected by cultural conditioning. I was always told I had such a cute round face. I have no idea why people kept saying that, but it was not meant as a compliment. I guess my round face stuck out because I was so skinny, and after WWII babies were not allowed to be skinny. A school nurse/doctor (elementary school) told my mom once that I should be sent to a 'fat farm'. In those days that was not meant for people to lose weight, but to fatten children up. My mother told this woman in no uncertain terms that I was as healthy as a horse and no school doctor was going to take a child from this momma bear!! I have always been grateful for my mother's wisdom.

    Till next time
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    Lagopus wrote: »
    I'm now settled in at the holiday home in northern Norway. The first day I turned over the soil in the garden and got seeds in the ground (radish, dill, arugula, carrot, various kinds of lettuce). A cruise ship passed by as I was working and I thought of Heather (in the UK).

    On Friday my husband and I had a good 2-hour walk on the footpath out to the point (where we can look North to the open Barents Sea) and then I jogged 6 km the other direction, along the gravel road. Norway's public roads have markers every half kilometer and that's really practical for us, living right at the end of the road. On my way out I get feedback on how far I've run, and when I turn around, the posts tell me how far I have left to go before I'm home again. Meanwhile, the scenery ain't half bad!

    /Penny, still pretty near the Pole


    Hi Penny,

    Thank you for sharing the beauty around your holiday home! Oh my, how lovely it must be to have such a private place to spend time. It sounds as if your garden will be a source for delicious salads. The picture of the water and mountains is just beautiful! Enjoy!!

    Sondre, South Fork, PA

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    smiley-happy110.gifCarey, congrats on your smoke free year....my hubby stopped smoking a few years ago and he believes that he is still alive today because of that

    smiley-happy026.gifElizabeth, someone told me "Success is inspirational, disaster is educational"....so you learned a lot.

    469367makfzcur9b.gif In the years I've been posting on this thread all of you have seen me through selling a house and buying another one, several trips to the ER for my hubby including one in another state when he was traveling that resulted in three days in the hospital, having to euthanize a beloved cat, along with my weight loss.....I thank all of you for being in my life and sending understanding words and virtual hugs.

    253149qtzkf0ld22.gifBarbie from beautiful NW Washington smiley-happy020.gif

    June Resolutions (with mid month comments)
    *walk at least 15,000 steps a day---every day so far
    *strength training twice a week--almost
    *don't take things personally--great
    * figure out a good meatless low sodium stew recipe---not yet

    My word for 2015 is "now"---I won't wallow in the past or waste time worrying about the future