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    Good morning ladies! I didn't do anything packing at all yesterday. I just didn't feel like it. Now I'm going to have to do two days worth in one.

    Joyce-I love your pictures! You're so cute. My DH has the same res med CPAP machine. His is not even a year old. It is a lot quieter than the last one that he had. I think it is his mask not fitting correctly that makes it loud.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Mary from Minnesota
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    Evangelina, if you can admit to yourself - and us - that you've cheated, that's a great first step toward not cheating. The next step is to find ways to suppress the impulse.

    I'm sitting here munching on the "snack food" I prepare for myself every morning, namely 500 grams of raw veggies cut into munchable bits. I keep them handy throughout the day and eat them whenever I feel the urge. (Oh, the joys of being a freelancer! No clients or patients or coworkers to look askance at me.) One of my overweight friends thought it was frightfully goody-goody and wondered how on earth I could go for raw parsnip when chocolate is easier to come by. But a really good parsnip is a thing of joy forever, and my veggies have become a useful habit.
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    Good morning ladies!
    I haven't been on in a few days :( but I am back and more determined than ever! We have another 5K on June 27th so I need to keep walking my 4 miles a day! My husband and I walk one 5K a month during the summer. ..this is our second year and we have a lot of fun, but I want to be able to not feel like I'm dying during and afterwards! :s Last year he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was on medication. ..but he changed the way he was eating and walked 90 minutes everyday and lost 70 pounds in 3 months! He has kept it off...I ate and still eat the same way he does, I did not walk 90 minutes everyday and I only lost 30 :'( ...that's why I am walking 4 miles a day! Changing your eating habits alone does not work as well as getting excercise in as well! I am hoping to see the scale start moving in the right direction again! I want to look as fabulous as he does! He tells me I look great, but I know he is just being sweet...I know what I look like and that's okay...because it is temporary. ..I can see what I want to look like and it isn't super skinny...it's healthy and happy! By the way...how do you post pictures on here?
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    Heather I agree with your take on eating. That is why when I am lucky enough to have a particularly delicious bite to savor like picking that fresh strawberry from the garden I say that food is to live for. Your sunbathing sign gave me a chuckle. Good luck with the rental.

    Mary from Minnesota I know you have a tough job. Moving is never an easy task. Sounds like you are trying to pace yourself. ((Hugs)).

    Still getting back into routine from my trip. I decided to start tackling the family photos after doing a quick sort of my moms. I am going to do an hour a day, so it isn't so overwhelming.

    With all that work gardening and unpacking I lost the two pounds I gained on my trip. Now if I can just keep the momentum I can get off those 10 pounds I gained last year.

    :heart: MNMargaret

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    When I don't have time to check in throughout the day I too notice I have a tremendous number of posts facing me. Yesterday it was 100 in one day. I don't want myself or others to get discouraged from this great site. I have given myself permission that if faced with that many posts I do not have to read all of them. So many are great about making comments it helps me keep up to date.
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    :s Morning kids,
    Well my damn DSL isn't working at the house,so I am on my phone down at the nursing home..have a banger of a headache as it is raining
    Working 10:30-5 today
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Morning Ladies,

    Nancy, glad you are finding what works or you on healthy eating. It is definitely a learning experience for each of us as it’s not a one menu fits all solution. I’m sure your friend knows he needs to lose weight, just like I did for so many years. It is just getting to the point of being ready to do it.

    JanetM, so are you gonna get those ear holes bored out again? LOL

    Heather, you make such a good point about learning to like good food. Like you say, when we were working it was often a case of time when selecting what to cook and eat. That is one thing I love about being retired. I need to get a little more adventuresome when planning how to prepare my meals. I do find myself going to the skinnytaste.com site for ideas quite often.

    Suer, I know how discouraging it can be when the scale doesn’t move. First of all, are you weighing and measuring your food? Your diary is not open so we can’t see what you are eating, to give suggestions there. If you are eating too few calories the body may be holding on to any fat like going into starvation mode. Also do you drink plenty of water. All these things go into weight loss. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Keep us posted.

    Mary, how dare you not pack any yesterday! I hope you had a good day and I know the packing is getting old. Are you still finding things to get rid of as you go? Just think, it will be over soon and you’ll be in your new house..

    Kmhilinski, your hubby has done a wonderful job! Is he still diabetic? Often with that lifestyle and weight loss, I hear of people no longer being diabetic. I have been able to cut my meds in half and hope to eventually get off of them totally. You are doing a great job so keep it up.

    MNMargaret, congrats on the weight loss. I too hope you keep it up.

    welcome.gif to any Newbies that I missed. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    I just have to make a comment about something I have noticed. There are so many posts and I try to read them all. Sometimes I want to comment about something someone has written but they didn’t sign their post with a name. Perhaps their handle is a bunch of strange letters put together so it’s just too time consuming to try to type it, and I just move on to the next post. It is certainly your option to sign your post or not, but please consider how much easier it is for us to respond to you if there is a name at the bottom. It can certainly be a made up name or initials like DJ for DamitJanit. LOL I do enjoy all the posts and appreciate all you ladies for sharing your journeys and your lives with us.

    I love you, ladies. <3 Have a wonderful day.

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.

    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Lisa - I agree. You know that saying,


    I've read a lot of books recently that confirm what I feel about my changed attitude to self discipline. I have been amazed at how my mind and life has changed through doing this health kick. Who would have thought that it would lead to me starting writing again after years of excuses.! Some books call it "habit stacking". If you can develop one small good habit then others follow on more easily. Even making the bed can add to your stack! Every time you honour yourself with a good habit you add to your stack of self esteem and therefore make better choices.

    I no longer feel bad about myself. That is amazing to me. Even when I achieved something I would brush it aside because I thought deep down I was useless and "if people only knew". It's only taken me 65 + years to be proud of myself! :laugh:

    Heather UK
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    Just checking in to wish everyone a great day!

    So many new posts to read. It's like reading a short novel each morning! Thanks to one and all on the sweet comments regarding my mirror picture. :) Please know that I have taken them all into my heart with great gratitude! <3

    Today marks my 100aversary on MFP! Woot woot for me! Last time I lasted a measly 36 days. AND for the 3rd day in a row I have lost 0.2 lbs.

    Have a good one and see-ya (well really read-ya) later!

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    Lagopus wrote: »
    fitchriis wrote: »
    The absolute worst was when I weighed 300+ and the never-heavies would say, "You have such a pretty face!"
    Best to all...
    Lisa from West Texas

    Hi Lisa
    I'm curious, why were you upset that people told you you were pretty? I've done that myself in the past so I really would like to get your take on this.

    Chrissy, they weren't saying I was pretty, they were saying I had a pretty FACE... its a very American, or possibly Southern way of saying, "if you would only lose some weight..., perhaps you'd actually be attractive." Similar to when someone says they want you to meet someone with a " terrific personality," it means that person is ugly as all get out.

    But Lisa, you DO have a pretty face. I see what you're saying about that being a veiled insult in Southern parlance, but not being a Southerner, I can plead innocent. I hope it's okay to say someone has a pretty face if that's ALL you can see of them. Because this thread is chock-full of pretty faces – backed up with a lot of guts and determination.

    There's been some discussion of what to do about loose skin. Surgery? Yoga pants? "Turn into my mother?" Several people have complained about how inconvenient it is to wear long sleeves when it's hot out. Hey, anybody want to switch places, because I have the opposite problem.

    I am blessed with one truly good feature: slender ankles. (I inherited them from my mother, who still has gorgeous legs at 90 years of age.) So what do I do with them? Cover them up against the cold, of course! Thick socks, long underwear, ski pants, thermal boots, topped off with a snowmobile overall. Let's just say I jump at every chance to wear fancy shoes and sheer stockings.

    After a couple days of solid rain and mid 40's it is now sunny and 60-ish. I'll go work in my garden for a while, then hit the jogging trail!

    Being from the South; I'd say that you are correct about the comments of having a 'pretty' face. My Mother always had a pretty face; but she was morbidly obese most of her adult life; looking back at pictures she was always heavy then. Being a bit on the 'curvy' side when she married and weight 145-150lbs for her - looked very good. I'm thankful (now) that I look like her, in the face, smooth skin, no wrinkles even at 64; but I was hitting a scale at something I never wanted to weigh and my MDs were getting on to me because my BP and Cholesterol was high (and none of the cholesterol medicines were working for me; they interacted with other meds or I was just downright allergic to them). Weight loss was the 'only' way to bring down those numbers. I'm going to be happy the next time I have to go back to one of them and see their expressions when they see that I have lost weight. It is all about portion control and keeping a good records. I even ate 1/4 cup of blackberry cobbler last night and did not go over my C/I but by 22 calories. I spent 2 hours walking in our pool; but, I don't count back the calories (or eat them back). I keep my exercise and water intake on a different section on the print out. I love gorgeous shoes; but, cannot wear them ... been wearing low heels or flats since I retired/disabled 16 years ago. I had had a bad wreck and was diagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder during the same hospitalization. After the wreck had pins and plates in my ankle and heel. Use to set off the alarms at the courthouse where I worked; while I worked there they just ignored the bells and whistles; but, after I retired and would come back to visit my boss and set them off I had to have that 'wand' things run over me, unless one of the Marshal's on duty was one that had been there when I worked. Sure enough the thing would go off when they got to my left arm and right ankle - verifying that there was metal there. They even had to 'announce' that I was there unless I first went to the Clerk's Office and one of them went up with me in the elevator. Was no fun to go back if I could not surprise him. LOL!
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    Lisa - I agree. You know that saying,


    I've read a lot of books recently that confirm what I feel about my changed attitude to self discipline. I have been amazed at how my mind and life has changed through doing this health kick. Who would have thought that it would lead to me starting writing again after years of excuses.! Some books call it "habit stacking". If you can develop one small good habit then others follow on more easily. Even making the bed can add to your stack! Every time you honour yourself with a good habit you add to your stack of self esteem and therefore make better choices.

    I no longer feel bad about myself. That is amazing to me. Even when I achieved something I would brush it aside because I thought deep down I was useless and "if people only knew". It's only taken me 65 + years to be proud of myself! :laugh:

    Heather UK

    Very nicely worded! Love the idea of stacking for habit building. So glad to hear you no longer feel bad about yourself. I have struggled with that same attitude and just went along with the tide of my life. Late in my forties I realized I had a voice and could use it to guide my life in the direction I wanted it to go. My passion has always been crafting/sewing/quilting and have let it sit dormant for so long. I am going to embrace your "habit stacking" attitude and set aside a time each week to add that passion back into my life!

    We are amazing women aren't we!


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    @suerontur3 . . . other than what you have said ... what might help is to 'exercise' 3x a week; drink a LOT of water; meaning 8 8-oz glasses of water/coffee/tea a day. I drink 2 protein shakes and eat 1 protein bar on the medical weight loss program I am one to get me down to a size/weight that I will be able to maintain on maybe a little higher C/I than what I am on now. If I know we are going out to eat (before I decide to eat or drink my breakfast) I will go in and punch in what I 'think' I might eat at that 'out to whichever meal' we are going and then adjust that when I get home to what I actually did eat. I'm told by the nurse/MD that I really ought to drink both shakes and the protein bar every day if possible, exercise (for me it is walking on a treadmill 3x a week) and walking in a pool (moving both my legs and my arms) as long as I can on the days that it is pretty outside. I drink between 8 - 10 glasses of water a day. Some days it is flavored "Sparkling ICE" and other days it is just cold well water. The first 2 weeks I lost 7+ lbs and the next 2 weeks I only lost 3. This 2-week period I am trying to hold true to my diet plan and maybe I will lose even more. Don't get discouraged . . . just throw in some exercise and more water. Water keeps our tummies from saying 'we're hungry, go eat something'.
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    morning peepheads -

    fanncy - it is good.. i don't like porter beer normally...

    lhannon - that was sooo funny!!!!!, "my bingo wings are friendlier than i am"

    fitchriis - when people used to (or even now) tell me that i'm pretty i think they're lying.

    lhannon - i agree, don't tell me i have a great personality ! lmao!!!

    yannie - kirby was always a blonde. he is just now an all over blonde.. he does have more fun ;0)

    janetMMc- yeah i know about that trick, i'm just too lazy lolol

    suerontur- welcome, you said minimal exercise? there you go.. it's a combo what you eat and how much you move... you might need to move more. i agree w/damnit damnit!

    plus on running w/a dog, you get to run with a dog. minus is he gets so excited and if he doesn't know how to run w/you he may run in front of you and MIGHT make you trip or he might need to pee or poop. i'm glad that I didn't fall when he made me trip (may have been 3-4 times) and he didn't need to pee or poop, so we didn't stop except for once when he laid down in the kiddie pool to cool off. there were about 2k people so in the beginning there was a lot of dodge people and dogs so we were zig sagging a lot. I was surprised that we still managed to do just under a 9min. mi, I was shocked actually. after we were done and he got in another pool, we walked back to find Kirby and the other two kids.

    I usually bring a skirt or something to change into when I get here but I forgot my skirt AND my bike pants are white w/blue print. OOPSSIIIIEEEEEE..
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    Cheri ~ Congrats on your 100 day anniversary.

    The two dogs are driving me nuts. The Pom only eats cooked chicken, pork or beef. The Springer Spaniel eats dry food but would love to eat the Pom's. So, I'm giving her a tiny bit of cooked meat on top of her dry to try to satisfy her. They both follow me all over the house wherever I go....Mutt and Jeff.
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    MNMargaret: Recently we found a picture that used to hang on my Grandma's wall even when my Dad was young. My cousin has it in proper storage and she was able to take a photo of it and send it to us. We had it printed and framed for Dad for Christmas. Those kinds of gifts are so priceless. I always get goosebumps when someone takes the time and care to preserve those precious mementos. I've been looking for someone reputable in Edmonton to restore a picture of my grandfather.

    JanetM: You're on the right track, recently discovered that only Total Fat, Transfat and saturated fats are required on food labels, therefore the values may not be in the database and since there isn't a recommended daily value MFP doesn't set goals for them either.

    JMKMomm: You've come a long way!

    Sharon: Good for you for catching up. Your weekend sounds wonderful and well deserved.

    suerontur3: MFP sets your calorie goal at the minimum prior to exercise, you should eat at least that amount. For women it is never set lower than 1200 calories which you need just to keep your body functioning.

    Mary: You deserved a day off from packing. You're so organized, I'm sure you'll manage the rest.

    Heather: Your comments on self-esteem and feelings of useless resonate with me and are things I am working on. They bring to mind a couple of my favorite quotes.

    Thoughts for the day:

    Self-esteem is as important to our well-being as legs are to a table. It is essential for physical and mental health and for happiness. - Louise Hart

    "It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes." -Sally Field

    Well today I celebrate 1 year smoke-free. I still find it difficult at times and lately have had a lot of cravings especially under stress. After 40 years of smoking it is no wonder I miss it. I think I'll go and have that pedicure today.

    June Goals:

    1. Do menu planning for June (complete)
    2. Eat 3 meals a day
    3. Log all meals
    4. Plan and Do one fun thing each week
    (W1: Hot stone massage and weekend of Tai Chi with friend...Oops that's 2 things...oh darn
    W2: Lunch with a friend, going away party for co-worker... 2 more...yay!)
    W3: Pedicure
    5. Ride stationary bike 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

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    Good morning. Just a quick check in and then I'm off to take the kids to swim lessons. Just finished a couple of drafting jobs. Sitting at my desk in the studio is getting harder and harder. There is a leak in the roof which runs down the wall behind the sink (about 12 feet from my desk) and it's really moldy. There is a piece of shower board hanging behind the sink, and the mold is so bad behind it that it shows through the shower board! I have a hard time breathing with the mold. One of my goals this summer is to tear out that big stainless steel sink (move it back into the glaze room) and clean up that wall and the mold behind it once and for all. That will require a little roof repair too, so it's a big project. I figure if I get started on it hubby will come and take over. It would cost too much to call in a professional, I'm sure. But breathing this is not good for my lungs.

    So, I'm off to pick up the kiddies. Have a great day everyone!

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    Cheri - the book I found the most use was "Level Up Your Day." Basically it recommends planning your daily/weekly activities so you do the things that are the most important to you at your peak energy time and save routine, ordinary stuff for lower energy times. I had got into the bad habit of filling up my day with mundane tasks and never got around to the one thing that gave meaning to my life - my writing. When I did write successfully in the past it was because I had a set time to do it and made myself do it then. Strangely that was when the children were young and I ONLY had that time. Too much time led to me frittering it away. I also worked well when DH and I did it together side by side every morning when we were first married. DH is naturally self disciplined. :noway:
    I have found that if I say I am just going to do half an hour every morning after I have finished exercising and got dressed and don't let anything else get in the way (no phone calls, emails, reading this thread ) then often I do more and feel sooooooo happy, the rest of the day breezes by. It's as if I have "bomb proofed" the day. :bigsmile:
    Good luck with the sewing/quilting. That sounds wonderful. :flowerforyou:

    Love Heather x

    LUYD is by Scott and Rebecca Livermore. On Kindle.
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    :::: lifting up my leg, marking my spot:::::
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    Heather: Speaking of saggy bits, I wore a swimsuit in public yesterday. My candid neighbor commented about my wrinkly skin, but it didn’t even hurt my feelings. Then she admitted she needs to lose weight, herself. I seem to have lost the thin fat layer right below the skin. :ohwell: “I no longer feel bad about myself. That is amazing to me. Even when I achieved something I would brush it aside because I thought deep down I was useless and "if people only knew". It's only taken me 65 + years to be proud of myself!” Me, too! It feels really good. :bigsmile: I love your recipe for getting your writing into the day. I may have to copy you. I’m giving it some thought. :flowerforyou:

    Renny: Thanks for the very important reminder that “someday” is not an actual day. :wink:

    Lillian: We did have someone from Italy but I haven’t seen a post in a while. We also had Sassy aus Austria, and I haven’t seen a post from her in quite some time, either. I hope they are doing well. :flowerforyou:

    Penny: I am in awe of your ability to thrive in such a beautiful but uncompromising place. :heart:

    Mary: I’ve been on an ice cream kick, too. I buy it one cone at a time. When I buy a carton I have a piggy party. :devil: :ohwell:

    Sylvia: If you go for the skin surgery, tell all. I’m curious, as mine has “outgrown” me, too. :noway:

    Lisa & Chrissy: My mom had a pretty face, and was a pretty woman but she never believed it. She fought “the battle of the bulge” most of her life. It is quite possible to be both overweight and beautiful. It is NOT possible to be significantly over weight and healthy. Mom wasn’t healthy because she was addicted to cigarettes and had breathing problems in addition to being over weight. :broken_heart:

    Yanniejannie: I’m looking forward to another riding lesson this week. :bigsmile:

    Joyce: I love the pictures. :flowerforyou:

    Suerontur3: Move more, drink lots of water and be patient. You seem to be at a plateau. This works, but it is slow. In the race to good health, the tortoise wins. :bigsmile:

    Cheri: Happy 100th day! :flowerforyou:

    Carey: Congratulations on your important smoke free anniversary! :heart:

    I wrote a lengthy post yesterday and thought I posted it, but it is nowhere to be seen. I guess I didn’t take the final step of clicking the post button. It better not happen again! I’m saving this missive until I see it on the thread.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

    June Goals:
    1. Log every bite and swallow.
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on flexibility and back strength.
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least three glasses of water daily, preferably more!
    5. Eliminate alcohol.
    6. Monitor sleep. Try to average 7 or more hours of sleep nightly.

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