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    :) A few more words about food addiction. Someone said that it's easier with alcohol or drugs or nicotine because you quit completely, but with food, you still have to eat every day. My friend who has lost over 100 pounds following the Overeaters Anonymous Gray Sheet program sees herself as addicted to sugar and white flour and eats no foods made with sugar or white flour. She prepares food from scratch and brings food with her when she travels. She plans her food for the day and sticks to the plan no matter what. She keeps in touch with others who follow the same plan and is not apologetic about refusing to eat birthday cake, pizza, party food, and food served at times when she does not normally eat. She sees this as the number one priority in her life---a matter of life and death.

    :) Pip and Kirby, you two are darling

    <3 Barbie
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    Pip - Nice picture!! and I wouldn't have noticed the makeup if you hadn't of brought it up

    So I finished planting my planters, planted my spaghetti squash in old wash tubs - because I don't have enough room in my designer garden. And planted my Zucchini in tubs too... we will see how it works.... weeded some of the garden , just what I could reach from the edges, I didn't want to walk on the wet dirt and pack it down.

    My feet are killing me - so I am going to get my foot bath and soak them. 11585 steps today - 5.2 miles.

    DH is watching Game of Thrones...and I have not been following it and way to much blood shed for me.

    Later everyone
    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan
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    Did an hour of Violet Zaki's Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a bit of yoga, hold my plank, then take the extremepump class.

    Good G** - From last night to now I have 115 messages! What is everyone staying in the house and posting?

    Went to WalMart then into my pool I went. I really only stay in the pool for about 1-1/2hr/day when I go in, I don't want to become a lobster. Looks like I'm soon going to be down ANOTHER tube of sunscreen!

    DJ - I don't have a problem at all using that nic for you. Reminds me of this guy I (and a lot of other girls) had a crush on in grade school and then high school. Sometimes I think that I don't so much have a food addiction as having something in my mouth is more of a habit than anything else

    Welcome everyone new

    - what is the "military diet"? Good for you giving up artificial sweeteners. I don't use any. For a while I'd use Splenda and then one day I ran out so decided to use sugar instead. Was I shocked at how much sugar I needed! Well, that makes sense.

    katla - (((HUGS))) for your neighbor's mom. Glad your eyelid is getting better fast I don't care for the non-stick stuff, either. Gave all mine away.

    - lol shooting the scale. Sometimes we just have those days when we just don't feel like eating a whole lot. I get lost going around the block. But one time Vince said to me "gee, I wonder if that road connects to this road". So I told him "it does". He asked how I knew. I just told him that I'd gotten lost one time and went on that road to see where it led to. so sorry you are in such pain with your hips

    Penny - stunning picture

    - great goal

    - Vince does everything he can to avoid going shopping with me. Never seen Forks over Knives, but I've heard so much about it

    Lori from WI
    - what a neat workout schedule you have. Do you do that every week? How I miss the body pump classes

    Lisa - great advice to Janet -- step in front of a mirror.

    - Wonderful NSV with the clothes AND the mirror. Thanks for sharing

    Go Yogi, Go Yogi, Go Yogi

    photomo - come in often for loads of motivation

    - from your pic, you are anything BUT fat

    Sylvia - a lady I used to work with lost well over 100 pounds then decided to have the excess skin removed. The reason was really because she would sweat under the skin and it would start to smell

    Lisa - I'm in awe that you make your own bread. Then again, yeast bread is just something that has never quite worked for me. Loved all the flags. Thanks for doing this

    poop - so sorry you forgot you HRM. Isn't it amazing how we get so attached to our gadgets? The doggies look SOOOO cute

    - you sure ARE good!

    I must have skipped a page because I read all the posts and there are so many comments that I just don't remember.

    - welcome. You joined by posting. I know for me it was murder giving up white wheat at first, but eventually I got to the point where I'd really rather not have something with white wheat in it.

    Nancy - bet at first it was mostly water weight that you lost so that's why it was so much. But now that it isn't water, it just takes longer. But it DOES happen. You'll get to that overweight category in no time at all.

    Lenora - After my grandmother died, the only thing of hers that I wanted was her pedal sewing machine. It just reminded me so much of her. I think about her every time I look at it right now.

    Kathy from VA
    - how I'd love to go to Aruba! Good for you and dh losing that weight

    Michele in NC
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    :) csofled, you look great in your picture....your experience with your mirror reminds me of the exciting time I was finally able to try clothes on at a store without crying about what I looked like.

    <3 Barbie
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    Tanita scale at doctor's office said I shed 5.5 lbs. This was 5 lbs. of fat and only 0.5 muscle. My water levels were pretty good and consistent on both readings. Scale at home showed -6.2. Anyway, decided to allow myself to feel really good about my new healthy lifestyle, doing lots of walking and releasing what I did. Am staying the course along with the rest of you lovely ladies!
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    Hmmm Barbie, not to be misunderstood, never said other addictions were easier to overcome... just saying you CAN stop indulging in your addictive substance if you're, say, an alcoholic. But if you quit food, you die... Puts a really different slant on how we treat our addiction. The equivalent is telling an alcoholic they can't be an alcoholic, but must still take a drink three times a day. Or they'll die.

    I just don't think we give ourselves enough credit for what we've done and are doing. We are retraining ourselves to think differently about food and how it makes us feel when we eat it. We're learning to use it as fuel, rather than an emotional coping tool, and the strength it takes to develop those other tools should be celebrated. Food does not love us, nor comfort, nor soothe, and that feeling of fullness that replaced hugs or love or held back the tears or made us happy for that moment was an illusion. It just made us want more food.

    Addictions can be overcome, ours included.
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    Barbie, BRAVO for your friend. That's amazing about her 100 lb. weight reduction. I'm sure it was and still is really tough. She has fantastic dedication. Great to hear there are some people who are able to find and stick with solutions. Thanks
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    Pip, You and hubby are so very cute together.

    The Puget Sound drink looks great. Do I see ice cream?! What's in that drink?
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening Ladies,

    Pamici, welcome to this group of lovely ladies. This is a great place for support and information.
    Cheri, a big congrats on your NSV and a big one at that. Good for you!! Keep up the good work. You look fantastic. Beautiful girl, that Poky.

    Sylvia, I know you felt good that your DGD is loving her new maxi dress. What a great grandmother, you are!

    Fitchriis, welcome to the group. You will find this a very supportive group of ladies. Come often and join right in.

    Poop, Yogi looks really excited about his first run. Hope it goes well for all of you. Oh, now I see he is resting up for it.

    Katla, I do hope the actual glass on your phone is not broken. You are right about them being pricy.

    Heather, so glad you got in some writing today. You are better about that than I am with my exercises.

    Photomom, welcome. This is a great place for support. It sounds like you are doing great and I hope the exercise is helping the Fibro? Come often and join right in. Please sign each post with the name you want us to call you.

    Renny, congrats on getting your accounting designation at age 50. It is wonderful to achieve our goals.

    Lisa, I wanted to ask you if you had skin surgery after you lost so much weight? You look so nice in a sleeveless top, so I’m just curious. I think if I ever considered it, it would be for all this lose skin on my tummy. Talk about gross. I just try not to wave too big in a short sleeve top. LOL

    Jetra, welcome. Please tell us a bit about yourself so we can get to know you. Also, please sign your posts with the name you want to be called along with a general location. Come often and join right in.

    Vicki, you can call me whatever you like, but I assure you, I’m not going anywhere.

    Ronrhonda, welcome. You joined just by posting. This is a great place for support. It sounds like you have a good start. If you just log everything you eat and drink and keep up the exercise, you should have this made. Come often and join right in. Please sign each post with a name you want to be called.

    Poop, I love the pic of you and blondie. You are so dark you make him look pale. Ya might have to send him to the Fake and Bake.

    Barbie, you make a very good point about food addition. It is certainly food for thought.

    Michele, I’m like you. I think I’ve read every post but some of the responses I have no idea what they are talking about. My mother used a pedal sewing machine for years when I was little. Then she had a motor put on it and didn’t have to use the pedal.

    welcome.gif to any Newbies that I missed. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.
    I’m so glad ya’ll liked my “funny” about the earrings. I haven’t always been able to say the same about my watch or rings. It was a beautiful morning at the beach. The water was as calm as I ever see it and the perfect temperature. DH got a little hot and went back up toward the car to seek shade for a bit. He had a heat stroke years ago and just can’t take the heat like normal folks. It was a very pleasant outing, but the sun drains the energy out of me, so I’m off to bed.

    My friends, have a wonderful night and great day tomorrow.

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.

    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Pip, You and hubby are so very cute together.

    The Puget Sound drink looks great. Do I see ice cream?! What's in that drink?

    a porter ale beer and vanilla ice cream
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    Hey, Kate. Thank you for helping me to understand my friend better. You (and others here) are right about a person needing to admit they have a problem and that they have to want to change. I hope he finds a solution.

    I can really relate to your post about not eating breakfast and also not eating all day. In my case, I used to not eat all day and then 'reward' myself after a high stress day at work with a large margarita and Mexican or Italian dinner. Even though I didn't eat a lot of the food and controlled my portions, it was still too much. Mainly, way too high in calories and fat--all in one meal. My unhealthy choices packed on the lbs. and also caused elevated cholesterol. Well, duh on my part!

    Now I know better and am doing things much differently. I have forced myself to eat breakfast, but don't feel good doing that. So, I recently discovered that drinking a protein shake or eating a half portion of healthy foods for breakfast and lunch works well for me. I naturally want an afternoon snack and now find a healthy option. Then am able to eat a healthy dinner, which is much easier with help from MFP.

    Glad we're all here supporting each other! - Nancy
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    damnit - he will be going to fake n bake b4 we leave for vegas :0)
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    csofled wrote: »
    Hope everyone's day is off to a good start. I wanted to share a NSV milestone I had last evening. Two years ago we moved into a house that has a gigantic mirror wall just inside the front door. I immediately wanted it taken down. I wasn't going to suffer seeing my image in that mirror every time I stepped in the foyer of my home. The hubs wasn't buying the reason nor expense of having it removed. So I have become quite adept at averting my eyes whenever I needed to go out the front door or do anything in the room it reflects back into. Until last evening...we were going out for date nite to the local theater to see Oklahoma and as I got dressed I decided to try on some dress jeans and a top I had thus far not felt comfortable in size wise. Lo and behold the pants zipped with ease and the top as well! Feeling this new found comfort I decided to take a look at how I really could be seen in this outfit. The only mirror in the house to give me a full view was that danged mirror in the foyer! We became friends last nite! I even ventured to take a full length picture of myself....something I never do! And to put it fully out there and own it I am posting it here!!


    You are beautiful inside and out!!!!

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    click on that @fanncy0626 and you can see what my sons truck looks like :-)
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    Damit, thanks for the compliment...I had no plastics after the first 166-lb loss, nor since. My bingo wings are friendlier than I am....as in they keep waving long after I stop. But when it's 109 degrees out, as it was that night, my vanity and my regard for other people's sensibilities takes second place to my comfort. I may have finally become my mother.
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    @exermom I shall be your token nudist friend...hahahaha.....Saturday was a PERFECT day to have gone to the resort too....we were kicking ourselves for not going and checking it out. The drive up to Mt Hood to scatter my father-in-laws ashes in Trillium Lake was Perfect as well though. Alot of driving for us to do in two days. Plus not alot of time to relax and appreciate the nudist resort...having to drive to my Mother-In-laws to crash...(and there really isn't space for us anymore...she is packing and moving in with her sister end of this month). Soooo everything happens for a reason eh?
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    This is a great site but I didn't think it would be advising me to eat more! just got back home from cinema & decided too late for supper, wasn't hungry anyway but when I checked my daily log it said I had't eaten enough and could be harming my health so I ate a fruit yogurt - still under my calories for day but it's not good to eat too late at night. I think this is a great way to check I'm getting the right mix of basic nutrients too even after I've lost the extra weight.

    Csofed - sorry don't know your name - you look great - thats a lovely top :smile:
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    Annr wrote: »
    @GRITSandSLUTS I think Florida has the most nudist resorts/beaches of all the states. There is even a nudist housing development that you can travel via a over-street walkway from one resort to the next..or to your home. Crazy. The AANR (American Assoc. for Nude Recreation) here in the states has an extensive legal dept, and there are some states where being nude in your home is a no-no. And of course they are supporting members that would like to bring their grankids to the resort, but then lose their grandparents rights in doing so. Lots of signatures need to happen legally to make that ok...parents/exs/ etc. I am a believer that there is appropriate places in being nude, and so the people that take a stand let say next to a school or church, is really pushing it. Most of the places my family and I have visited have "buffer zones" between the resort and the textile world. I do believe everyone should try it at least once. Its great for your self esteem. I started participating when I was 265 lbs, and to be totally accepted, and my weight being such a non-issue was liberating. To realize that being nude isn't a sexual statement, but just a state of being is humbling. To be poolside at a nudist resort, where everyone is on one plane of existance, no one person being better than the other is strange at first. I remember being friends with a couple of ladies, (my brain labled them the beautiful people of the world) and they appreciated what I had to say, and I was able to just be myself.

    @annr - I'd be in a heap of trouble if I could not be nude in my own home. GEEZ! Just some more 'government interference' if you ask me. I remember when we went to the nude beach above Miami; there was somewhat of a buffer between it and the board walk; but, lookieloos still tried taking pictures of those on the beach; they had 3 or 4 guys that would run them off; couldn't walk dressed on the beach and take any pictures either. I agree that it is certainly a way to find out who are "real" people and who are just along for the ride, so to speak.

    I have only been to a topless beach in Thailand, and even then NONE of the other Navy wives were there, they were off at secluded places. I had never really been nude before, and so I practiced mentally at a Tanning Place at home lying on the lit beds pretending they were a towel on the beach. Ha! Then I remember walking up to wash off at the outdoor shower, and walking past some guys that were in my husbands division. They never looked me in the eyes after that....Eeeek I have seen the Chiefs' wives tatas. hahaha.. Well I felt really comfortable because all the foreigner ladies were all semi-nude around me. Then my husband bought me a massage by a Thailand lady in the shade of some trees right before you walk up to the boardwalk. So she has a WEE bit of sand on her hands....and she is using TIGER BALM...which is like VICKS mentholatim....and I had been out in the sun for most of the day so a WEE bit of a sunburn. Imagine all those things, and she is rubbing leg and arm muscles and I am thinking, "IM ON FIRE"!.... She even cracked my hip and some dude about 10 feet away said, "Good One"....good times...hahahahaha!
    I have never been to a nudist beach stateside though. I have heard there is always lookieloos. Always wanted to visit 'Blacks Beach' in San Diego area, which has places that are for nudists...with signs that say..."Warning you will encounter people that are nude" hahaha..
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    The absolute worst was when I weighed 300+ and the never-heavies would say, "You have such a pretty face!" I would have cheerfully committed the worst mayhem, but you know, I had that whole "jolly" reputation to keep up. Oooh, more buried rage there than I remembered. Time to go take a shower and relax...

    Best to all...
    Lisa from West Texas[/quote]

    Hi Lisa

    I'm curious, why were you upset that people told you you were pretty? I've done that myself in the past so I really would like to get your take on this.