Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • ChristiSutton
    ChristiSutton Posts: 8 Member
    Always need more motivational friends!
  • SomeMFPuser
    SomeMFPuser Posts: 53 Member
    I'm back and am in a rut. In desperate need of motivation, inspiration and friends!
  • Bridge_marie
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    MDC2957 wrote: »
    Join me in your workout journey =)


    Adding 😜
  • spider_mark51959
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    Always appreciate fun, interesting and interactive friends here. If that’s you, feel free to add me. I’ll cheer you on. (But remember, it goes both ways.
  • anabanana2022
    anabanana2022 Posts: 4 Member
    I would appreciate some support in weight gain 😊
  • Feenin2BFit
    Feenin2BFit Posts: 20 Member
    Add me 😊
  • floweredsteel
    floweredsteel Posts: 56 Member
    I'm restarting MFP again. I gained a lot of weight over the last few years, and Covid lockdowns didn't help. I've told myself no more diets. I've been seeing a trainer for the last couple months to get active again beyond my usual walking. My boyfriend just underwent bariatric surgery, so I've decided to revamp my diet to start matchong his so that we are both getting healthier. Please add me as a friend.
  • Jovijovi86
    Jovijovi86 Posts: 15 Member
    I've been on MFP a while now but keep dipping in and out, I seem to lose a bit, plateau for a bit, lose some more and so on.
    Think it might be good to get more involved in the social side to keep me motivated for longer!
    Feel free to add me! I accept all friend requests on here!
  • LetsG077
    LetsG077 Posts: 4 Member
    Started keto a few weeks ago. Finally feeling motivated for the first time in years. Looking for fun people to chat with for motivation!
  • Cookie_Mama
    Cookie_Mama Posts: 5 Member
    Hi. I've been back on here for a week now. I first joined in July 2013 and successfully lost 3st. Then I fell pregnant with my daughter. After that I put all the weight back on plus another 50lbs! So I have about 170lbs to lose. I'm 34 and am from Scotland. Would Love some friends to help motivate and help motivate me. Please add
  • spider_mark51959
    spider_mark51959 Posts: 2,174 Member
    Hi Rachel @rhenry_2424
  • Pickles175
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    Looking for fun people to chat with and support each other.
  • Venus_1
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    Reasons to add me as a friend:

    1. I am extremely inconsistent in logging in. I won't clog up your newsfeed.
    2. I also have my "became friends with", "commented on xx post", etc, turned off. Also, not clogging up your feed.
    3. If I do log in, I at least "like" most things. Hey, my thumb gets exercise hitting the like button.
    4. I have an Android, so I can post selfies all day long, but I won't. Only occasionally usually when I actually post a status update.
    5. I hate DMs. I will not bug you all day asking how you are, what are your goals, etc.

    I am sure there are more pros to adding me; I don't want to go overboard with how awesome I am though.

    OMG that sounds too good to be true! 😂
  • kimspiree6601
    kimspiree6601 Posts: 18 Member
    me! Been using this app on and off for a couple years lol allot of people dont stay very long so always looking to freshen up the friends list!
  • MikeRunsDaily2021
    MikeRunsDaily2021 Posts: 68 Member
    I’m on here looking to find very motivated friends. Not looking to have the most friends, just very active and motivated friends. I’m a runner struggling to consistently strength train. I’m a fairly active person looking for accountability partners looking to get better every day. Feel free to add me if your the same way. Thanks
  • richardinengland
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    Hey, add me! :)
  • WSOX37
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  • MonkeyMagic71
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    edited August 2021
    50 year old grandad (true story) looking to loose 50lbs, self confessed recovering sugar addict, into cycling, rowing, gym for strength training, VR and walking the dog, on Strava here:, anyone fancy some mutual support? It's a long road ahead but I'm very determined, might just have some fun on the way too.