Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • sugarfreesquirrel
    sugarfreesquirrel Posts: 268 Member
    If you want some friends to keep up with, join this group, we each post a daily blog just for us (as an individual), which others can leave feedback on. Look forward to seeing you :-)
  • wheels1872
    wheels1872 Posts: 65 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me looking for more friends to help me stay motivated and accountable
  • tbridges273
    tbridges273 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello, I've been logging in to Myfitnesspal for 39 days now and I've lost 14 pounds. I need to lose around 80 pounds in total. I am giving myself a year. If you are wanting to chat about your weight loss journey, we can be friends.
  • rosiedogmom72
    rosiedogmom72 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm a 50 year old type 2 diabetic grandmother, wanting to get healthier for the grandkids. Could use as much support and motivation as possible. All friends welcome!
  • SimplyDad
    SimplyDad Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add! Just a dad over here trying to defeat all dad bods. Tying to have a goal reached by Mayish time frame. I try to post everyday and comment on others post. Now.. Lets get ahead of the curve for 2023!!
  • AndyRRobinson
    AndyRRobinson Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone, I've struggled with my weight ever since I can remember, I'm now 59.. the only time I've lost a large amount of weight (23lbs) was when I went on the Atkins diet when it first hit.. but at that time a person could only eat so much bacon & eggs! I've done a little reading up on the Keto way and it seems to be along similar lines but nowhere near as restrictive so I've started today and I'll see how it goes. My plan is to read up as much as I can about Keto and buy in the things I'll need, foodwise... eggs, meat, cheese, veg, flour, milk etc.
    I've joined as a premium member to help me along the way, feel free to add me.
  • owinoc
    owinoc Posts: 14 Member
    Hello, I did this a long time ago and now I am back trying again. I'm 66 years old. Would like to lose about 20 lbs more lbs. I am doing NOOM, which was great in the beginning and lost 25 lbs, with a month to go I don't even want to read/listen to their daily lessons. Would love some friends and motivation along the way.
  • AndyRRobinson
    AndyRRobinson Posts: 2 Member
    Planning and prepping tomorrow's meals works for me :)
  • mrdcmcmillan574
    mrdcmcmillan574 Posts: 4 Member
    Hello everyone I'm Dawayne. My friend can me D or Mac. I'm not new to myfitnesspal, I just been on a long hiatus. Hopefully with you all inspiring and motivating me I can get back on track
  • plan4ever81
    plan4ever81 Posts: 2 Member
    I am pretty new to MyFitnessPal pro and would love to have some accountability buddies!!! I have already reached my perfect ideal size of 125 pounds and am trying to maintain my weight loss. I reached my goal by practicing Intermittent Fasting and logging/tracking my calories.
  • ShondraJ28
    ShondraJ28 Posts: 23 Member
    I’m not new but was pregnant with baby 5. I have a wedding in sept 2023, and need motivation and drive to lose weight before the wedding. Add me.
  • jimdavidson9508
    jimdavidson9508 Posts: 8 Member
    Just started and friends are recommended by Myfitnesspal.
    So, looking for friends on the app.
    Live in Livingston UK and has c14 lbs to drop.
  • seneca65
    seneca65 Posts: 1 Member
    Trying this again due to isolation, the loss of a person who guided me to lose 50 pounds, and mental health battles in which the food usually wins.
  • Pepper562
    Pepper562 Posts: 1 Member
    Been a while for me. :)
  • melmoon90
    melmoon90 Posts: 31 Member
    Looking to make friends! I’ve lost 6 stones so far. I’m 32 a mum of 3 and from the Uk
  • Jmess_Bond
    Jmess_Bond Posts: 3 Member
    im a lone wolf but my friends list says no friends. thats kind of sad. Im in north east Pa. In my early 60's. My weight is currently at 215. I'm 6' tall. Covid 30 is leaving finally. I do easy exercise every day but consistent. Intermittent time restriction eating. I always sabatoge myself, usualy its a bout of bronchitis but im trying to stay on track. Add me if your so inclined or can relate. jim
  • M_Shay2414
    M_Shay2414 Posts: 63 Member
    Guess who is back? Back again.. lol add me! Love to restart my journey with others. 😊
  • brandonfidoo
    brandonfidoo Posts: 3 Member
    Nice to meet y’all, I recently got back into using myfitnesspal again. I’m currently bulking, averaging around 3.4k cals a day. If you’re also trying to bulk, feel free to add me. I made my ‘food’ diary public so you can take some inspiration from what i intake on a day to day basis. Fyi, i’m 21 years old.