Brands of Jeans for Big Butts?



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    Sir-Thix-Alot ! :P j/k
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    Levi Bold Curve! They have a bit of stretch in them to get over the bigger bits but sit right on the waist. If you go to a levi store they measure you too :)
  • RebeccaHite
    RebeccaHite Posts: 187 Member Sasha Jeans are curvy fit Dakotas are reg fit and Tylors are skinny. They have a guide for the size on measurement of your body type.I love there jeans they fit perfect and I can't buy jeans anywhere else that can compare to these Jeans they fit awesome and perfect for me.Vanity Jeans rock!
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    Jeans that are good for curvy women are Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans and Gap Boot cut.

    ^THIS. Old Navy Sweetheart jeans are about all I can wear cause I've got a big butt too, lol. I recommend you head to an Old Navy and try on a few pairs. You may run into the issue I have tho - I have to wear a belt because the jeans that fit in my butt, thighs, hips....are a bit too big in the waist. But at least I can put them on! Hehe
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    Great suggestions everyone !! same issue boot-eeh! w/small waist, suprisingly I bought a pair of Guess jeans which were higher waisted according to their standards of course which just hug all of the right places. I agree the Old navy jeans work well although I haven't purchased a pair I have tried them on. Got some shopping to do!
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    Thanks ladies, you all have been a big help. I'm not much for fashion or clothing shopping, I'm definately going to try the Levied, Old Navy and ill look into the vorex as well.

    I have no idea what size I am currently, but even at my biggest (size 16) it was like Torid clothes did not fit. They'd be super skinny on my calves and baggy in the hip area. I'm also 5'3 or 5'4 on a good day.

    I would guestimate that I am a size 9 or 10 jeans currently

    Make sure they are the Old Navy Sweetheart ones, specifically. They run really big, so if you order online, get a size or even two sizes smaller than you normally wear. I used to love these jeans back when i had an *kitten*, lol. They are only twenty bucks, too. Can't beat them.

    I just bought two pairs of these. I wear a 6 at Kohl's, in Lees or Levi's. I had to have size 2 in the Old Navy pants.

    I also like Levi's Denizens.
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    Levis 529 Curvy Bootcut. I have a 12" difference between waist and hips, and the gap at the waist is almost nonexistent in 529. Don't try the "Curvy-Fit" though, they're a lie- go for the 529s.
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    It takes longer to find jeans at resale shops, but if you are still going with losing weight. I would try to find jeans there, I have gone from a 16-8 since January... no way could I afford that with retail prices.
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    Just don't wear these:
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    Silver's Suki brand are great for big booties!!
  • Bump!
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    Old Navy Sweetheart.
    Liz Claiborne straight leg.
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    in for shopping tips.
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    Your Hip measurement should be the same as your butt/hip!

    I have the same issue! Thanks for the thread!
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    A couple of people already mentioned Apple Bottom. Check out Dereon (Beyonce's label). I've got a 34 inch waist and a 45 inch booty. I swear by Old Navy Sweethearts and anything with some stretch in it.
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    I have a 32.5in waist (at the smallest point) and a 50.5in hip/butt. You wanna talk pear shaped?

    Anyway, what's funny is that I've found the Long and Lean style from Gap to fit really well. I am certainly neither long nor lean, but they hug my butt and don't really gap at the waistband. Just be careful on their lengths - I'm 5'5.5" and I need to wear their ankle length. Worth a try - sometimes they have them on sale on line for pretty cheap.
  • XxYeaIrocxX
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    I got a 26" waist and 40" booty.
    I'm here for the replies! because I've all but givin up on wearing jeans.
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    Apple Bottoms, a little pricey but they are awesome
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    Levi curve id has a cut for ladies with larger butts and Hudson has some jeans that are made with a really soft stretchy material that would definitely fit and they are so comfortable. My fave!