What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • larali1980
    larali1980 Posts: 162 Member
    I set my mini goal to 159 pounds by the end of January, but I've actually passed that. I guess my next goal is 145 by the end of February. I'm more focused on changing my habits and getting in a routine right now, than actually achieving goals.
  • luvleephilly
    luvleephilly Posts: 41 Member
    My next mini goal is to get to 90kg. I was 94.8 two days ago but aunt flow has been threatening since and I am now up to 95.7 (sigh). Anyways I hope to be there by mid February and I put in some serious walking this week. Hope to do some more next week
  • dujyandco
    dujyandco Posts: 90 Member
    Looking forward to the first 10% of body weight gone! :)
  • steebsthegreat
    steebsthegreat Posts: 70 Member
    My first bridal appointment to check out dresses is at the end of February. I'm aiming to be under 155 pounds by then.
  • Jesikuh094
    Jesikuh094 Posts: 48 Member
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    I jus wanna look good in a bikini again! I'm basic :/
  • kirstinlee
    kirstinlee Posts: 152 Member
    I've lost and gained the same ten pounds about a dozen or so times over the last few years, so I'm just aiming to get past those. I've got three pounds to go. I think if I can break that number, I'll be fine. Most of it's water weight, but constantly giving up has done a number on me mentally.
  • xickel
    xickel Posts: 48 Member
    Current mini goal: losing 15 pounds by May for my Arizona vacation!
  • calmandpeaceful
    calmandpeaceful Posts: 95 Member
    My mini-mini goal is to start writing in the mornings, and I am committing to starting on Monday (maybe Sunday). This is important because I've gained my weight from stress eating, and writing about my experiences could help others who go through them, and also get my head more centered.

    My mini goal is to weigh 190 or less by mid-February (trip to visit family). I"m at 197, my second all-time highest weight. I am 5'8" and 55. So - 7 lb in 5 weeks - I can do it!! I just have to buy into dieting and get into the groove.

    My longer goal is to be down 25 lb by June 15th - 25 year wedding anniversary.

    Thank you all for sharing!!
  • carmkizzle
    carmkizzle Posts: 211 Member
    To be down 4 lbs by February 5th, which would mean that I'm still losing at a steady rate of 1lb per week, AND that I'm a little closer to my overall weight loss goal of 40lbs.
  • MelKayem
    MelKayem Posts: 1 Member
    I want to be 150lbs or under before my engagement party on 20 February. Eventually I want to be 120lbs by early March, 2017.
  • monetfuge
    monetfuge Posts: 43 Member
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    Makeing it to spin class with circuit following no less than 2-3 times per week.
  • elizabethbreed
    elizabethbreed Posts: 21 Member
    I wanted to lose 10 pounds before my birthday on Tuesday. I only have one more to go!!! It's the little goals that keep you going!
  • tara_means_star
    tara_means_star Posts: 961 Member
    karlis87 wrote: »
    Be able to wear my wedding ring on Valentine's Day! That would be quite a romantic NSV. :)

    Awwww really sweet. Good luck, girl!
  • PieAndLattes
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    Jesikuh094 wrote: »
    I jus wanna look good in a bikini again! I'm basic :/

    Me too. I have a trip to the Bahamas planned for Easter. Bring it on!
  • tara_means_star
    tara_means_star Posts: 961 Member
    cvs1234 wrote: »
    Jesikuh094 wrote: »
    I jus wanna look good in a bikini again! I'm basic :/

    Me too. I have a trip to the Bahamas planned for Easter. Bring it on!

    I want to go, darn you for springing that on me :lol:
  • wannabefitmom1
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    Yivs_87 wrote: »
    -read 'What mini GOAT motivates you' and was wtffff-

    Current mini goaL is to be healthier for my Japan trip in the spring. :)

    Dito! I'm going to Okinawa and Tokyo in May...need to make room for tonsa yum raumen lol

  • glitterrainn
    glitterrainn Posts: 73 Member
    Mini Goal: To stop eating crappy foods.. Ugh. Hard when it's been this way your whole life! To lose at least 10lbs by Valentine's day. Also weighing food and portioning it being a second nature instead of reminding myself to do it all the time.
  • Erindipitous
    Erindipitous Posts: 1,234 Member
    Next photo shoot.
  • Bambalina22
    Bambalina22 Posts: 54 Member
    I have a holiday in May so each month is a mini goal hoping for 5-8lb losses :#