What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • 47Jacqueline
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    Took a test bike ride after being injured 4 months ago. My goal is to join a short group ride to a bicyclist ball on Thursday.

  • 2fabulous2Bunfit
    2fabulous2Bunfit Posts: 47 Member
    Starting to get my nails done again when I reach 180 lbs! (Which I have about 2 more lbs to go out of 10!)
  • allunits
    allunits Posts: 95 Member
    My mini-goal right now is to keep up my gym schedule until the end of this month. I have just started 2 weeks ago, I love it, and have been very diligent about it, and I want to keep it up for the full month. I know it's not much, but it's so much for me.
  • Jetamu96
    Jetamu96 Posts: 963 Member
    Looking noticeably slimmer for the next time I go home to see my family and boyfriend :)
  • ereck44
    ereck44 Posts: 1,171 Member
    2 mini-goals...to run a half marathon under 3 hours. and to be at goal weight by the end of March...only 6 pounds away.
  • dawnngivens
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    Lose 75 pounds total
    •Lose at least 35 by mid-Feb for our first cruise/vow renewal
    •Lose the rest by end of May for our Gulf War deployer unit reunion
    •Get healthy - stop meds for diabetes, HBP, and cholesterol due to weight

    I was always a Size 5/6 most of my life until my last child and left the military for a desk job. Then, with mid-life and menopause, let everything get out of control. None of my family/friends have ever seen me like this and I want to get back in shape before I see everyone again. At least now I have milestones to shoot for.
  • MlleKelly
    MlleKelly Posts: 356 Member
    @taracan25 - I have the same goal! I'm a tight 10 right now, 12s fall off...but I've NEVER been an 8! I'm hoping for a size 6-8 by June.

    Even mini-er than that, though, is to make it through Dry January!
  • holly745
    holly745 Posts: 13 Member
    My mini goals are 1. working out every single weekday, even if I get off late from work and 2. wanting to lose 15 lbs by my cousins wedding in April! So far I've lost about 4 lbs so only 11 to go! Woohoo! :) I eventually want to lose about 20 lbs, although that might change when I begin putting on muscle weight. The scale works for now because I have such a high BF% but I might have to just start measuring inches and body fat at that point.
  • MlleKelly
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    sinistras wrote: »
    A wiggle, not a jiggle, in my walk. That's what.

    Love it.
  • bluvsu
    bluvsu Posts: 373 Member
    New Orleans in October. I do not want to ask for a seatbelt extender.
  • mis1022
    mis1022 Posts: 109 Member
    Walking a 15 minute mile, I just started walking this week and I am at a 20 minute mile.
  • laurenharby
    laurenharby Posts: 4 Member
    My mini-goal is to have the dress I wore to convocation last June fit me better and look better than it did by April. It would prove to me that I'm making some progress.
  • GemimaFitzTed
    GemimaFitzTed Posts: 260 Member
    Lose another 12kgs by the 13th April. By that point, I'm at my halfway mark of weight loss (started on 13th October 2015)
  • lwetzler512
    lwetzler512 Posts: 10 Member
    I turn 30 in May so besides sticking to this new lifestyle, I want to be "noticeably skinnier" by then and be able to ask for gift cards to go buy new clothes :)
  • carrieg20
    carrieg20 Posts: 10 Member
    My current goal is to be under 200 lbs. I haven't been under in the last 4 years and I am 3 lbs away.
  • tara_means_star
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    carrieg20 wrote: »
    My current goal is to be under 200 lbs. I haven't been under in the last 4 years and I am 3 lbs away.

    That was my goal once too! I made it and so can you!
  • jayebird91
    jayebird91 Posts: 1 Member
    To get below 150 by my April birthday. And to run a 5k with ease!
  • Potter_Nerd07
    Potter_Nerd07 Posts: 27 Member
    Mini goal 1. Go do 'Go Ape' once I lose 50lbs.
    Mini goal 2. Climb Mt Snowdon once I lose 100lbs
    Mini goal 3. Drive a fast car on one of those gift things once I reach goal weight.

    Need to think of something good for if I maintain.