What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • motterotter
    motterotter Posts: 701 Member
    Being able to walk up three flight of stairs and also fitting into my pants again
  • oolou
    oolou Posts: 765 Member
    Mini-goal of 175 pounds by the end of Dec. That will mean I move from obese to overweight in the bmi scale. It would be good to begin 2016 like that.
  • ThisMagicMoment
    ThisMagicMoment Posts: 39 Member
    Get to 275 by the end of this month. Just 2 pounds away.
  • 7lenny7
    7lenny7 Posts: 3,468 Member
    Mini goal is to break through the 210 barrier. I did great going from 258 to 213 but have been in that area since the end of October. I did take November off from logging and cut my running from 120 miles to 40 in November so I know why I was stuck, but time to get serious again even with Christmas upon us.
  • laniakea67
    laniakea67 Posts: 14 Member
    My goal is to not gain weight during the Christmas holiday and break into the 260s.
  • Shull_rachael
    Shull_rachael Posts: 430 Member
    Mine is 1lb away from 10lbs!
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,993 Member
    Getting back on my bike as soon as I get the splint off my hand, which should be January 5.
  • sjohnson__1
    sjohnson__1 Posts: 405 Member
    edited December 2015
    Several, but the number one goal motivating me right now is my strength goal. My big 3 max lifts haven't been great, so I'm working towards some bigger lifts. Specifically, I'd like a 245lb bench press (20lb increase), a 315 lb squat, and a 345lb deadlift.
  • doreenslays
    doreenslays Posts: 4 Member
    edited December 2015
    Current mini goal is to have a healthy BMI and right now I'm 15lbs away from that (145lbs)
  • trjjoy
    trjjoy Posts: 666 Member
    To weigh below 70 kg. I am 3.5 kg away from my first goal.
  • PieAndLattes
    PieAndLattes Posts: 43 Member
    Even though it's only a few days away, the gorgeous (and slightly pricey!) dress I'm wearing for New Year's Eve is my current motivation. Small goals. :smile:
  • Exiting the 160s and entering the high 150s by Jan. 1st!
  • gamescon.
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