What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • tara_means_star
    tara_means_star Posts: 961 Member
    Mini goal 1. Go do 'Go Ape' once I lose 50lbs.
    Mini goal 2. Climb Mt Snowdon once I lose 100lbs
    Mini goal 3. Drive a fast car on one of those gift things once I reach goal weight.

    Need to think of something good for if I maintain.

    Great goals even better screen name.
  • kristikitter
    kristikitter Posts: 602 Member
    I want to be 10lbs lighter by the time I run an April 10k (currently 180lbs at 5' 4") :)
  • superfox12082
    superfox12082 Posts: 517 Member
    Doing a 5 day clean eating challenge. I want to see how much of a difference it makes and if I can keep it up after this week.
  • karlis87
    karlis87 Posts: 111 Member
    Not feeling squeezed by the size 6 jeans I'm currently wearing. The 8's were falling off but the 6's are pretty tight.

    The new shirt I get to buy when I lose 7 more lbs.

    Looking good in my bridesmaid dress at my brother's wedding in March.
  • WindyCityGal160
    WindyCityGal160 Posts: 158 Member
    My birthday is early April- gifting my self with a 25lb weight loss. I've been losing slowly but steadily since October. It's time to take it up a notch with the exercise and logging. Going with the motto- A year from now, you'll be happy you started today!
  • rockylovesleandra
    rockylovesleandra Posts: 19 Member
    To lose 10 pounds by the end of the month so far I'm at 4 lbs lost.
  • mbaker566
    mbaker566 Posts: 11,234 Member
    next mini weight goal is to get to 145
    next running goal is to improve my overall pace to 11:00
    I want to do bodyweight work at least 3x a week (need to consistently get the third day in)
  • Rdsgoal16
    Rdsgoal16 Posts: 302 Member
    I was 265 when I met my girlfriend 3 years ago, I want to be back at that weight. I have 8 pounds to go.
  • rhonda6375
    rhonda6375 Posts: 32 Member
    Get to 210 by the end of January. I am currently 218.
  • TheBeachgod
    TheBeachgod Posts: 825 Member
    I live across the street from the beach in a major tourist town and Spring Break is coming up.
  • luvleephilly
    luvleephilly Posts: 41 Member
    To fit in my seamed pants. It goes up but the waist is a little tight and it's a bit hard to zip up. Also to fit in my large work shirt. The extra large are roomy.

  • tammycolbert
    tammycolbert Posts: 236 Member
    Harley Davidson shirt my boyfriend bought me. Its too snug to wear. I am dying to wear it.
  • brightsideofpink
    brightsideofpink Posts: 1,018 Member
    Mini goal: get back to where I was before my 18 month downward trend started up. This includes 6 more pounds and running 2-3 miles without dread.

    Mid goal: do my first success story, hopefully in May to mark 2 years of change and healthy living.
  • vanitycats
    vanitycats Posts: 1 Member
    I want to get below 170, which will move my BMI out of the "obese" category. Then I'll be merely fat, lol.

    I think we must be the same height, haha.

    My mini-goal is to reach 162, which I'm 3lbs away from. No particular reason, it's just the next goal on my goal list :smiley:
  • debrakgoogins
    debrakgoogins Posts: 2,034 Member
    I'm having major surgery in four weeks. My mini goal is to work out three times a week with my trainer and do yoga three times a week until then. I hope that by being physically stronger going in that my recovery is easier and shorter.
  • 4boysn1girl
    4boysn1girl Posts: 4 Member
    to loose 20 lbs so i can weight 128 lb.