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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • AwesomeSquirrelAwesomeSquirrel Posts: 307Member Member Posts: 307Member Member
    I want to start C25K but would like to be less than 100kg when I do so. I’m currently focusing on walking trying to hit 10K steps per day, and I can tell me knees are still getting used to this so I don’t want to rush.

    I currently weigh 110kg and hope to reach my target and start running 1 May. On the way I will pass another mini goal, at 108kg I will drop a BMI class to be “just” obese.
  • TheMrWobblyTheMrWobbly Posts: 1,809Member Member Posts: 1,809Member Member
    C25k is great @AwesomeSquirrel and I was well over 100kg, the plan starts with really short runs which can be speed walking - the sooner you start the sooner it gets easier. I also found that as I lost weight during the programme it helped get those longer runs.

    I joined a C25k group here though I don't know if it is still going.
  • noelkro80noelkro80 Posts: 142Member Member Posts: 142Member Member
    My mini goal is I’m off to Barcelona for my 40th at the end of July so I’d love to be approx 50 - 60lbs lighter by then (lost 12lbs so far & got 110lbs to go to get to my goal weight)
  • noelkro80noelkro80 Posts: 142Member Member Posts: 142Member Member
    SERmom3 wrote: »
    @noelkro80 - I have a similar goal. I’m also turning 40 this spring. My husband and I just booked a getaway in April. I’m basically at my original goal weight right now, but I think I’d like to lose 5 more and maybe....maybe consider a bikini for the first time.
    Maybe. 🤣👙😬

    Hello my fellow 1980 baby lol. Go for it & wear that bikini! Life begins at 40 ;-) all the best
  • SERmom3SERmom3 Posts: 226Member Member Posts: 226Member Member
    noelkro80 wrote: »

    Hello my fellow 1980 baby lol. Go for it & wear that bikini! Life begins at 40 ;-) all the best

    For real! I should just do it! Best of luck on your goals!
  • tams_89tams_89 Posts: 1,350Member Member Posts: 1,350Member Member
    tams_89 wrote: »
    3 more lbs to 14lbs down and half way to my goal

    1lb to go
  • melerwin80melerwin80 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Likewise heading towards the 40 club and I wanna squeeze 1 more lb down, then work on muscle tone to get to a nice "maintenance mode" for this next decade.
  • michael1976_camichael1976_ca Posts: 3,458Member Member Posts: 3,458Member Member
    i would like to get 6 more piercing's before september. if your wondering where 2 in my eyebrow 2 in my nose, then happy face i think that's what it called. finally i'd like to get a reverse eyebrow and when i get to goal weight start getting more tattoos
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 1,180Member Member Posts: 1,180Member Member
    Mini goal right now is to do 200K meters rowing a month (around 7 miles a day, six days a week) and lift a minimum of two days a week.
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