What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • jeagogo
    jeagogo Posts: 179 Member
    @ElizabethKalmbach That is awesome! Being so close is a challenge all on its own because you do have to finally figure out how many calories you really need to maintain vs losing where you can have a range that all falls in a calorie deficit. I hope all goes well with the iron test, too!
  • LoveyChar
    LoveyChar Posts: 4,336 Member
    I'm running a 10K in a little over 2 weeks.
  • aerochic42
    aerochic42 Posts: 834 Member
    not gain weight during my vacation to Hawaii. I am waiting at least one night after I get back before weighing myself due to the long flight
  • kmiller2350
    kmiller2350 Posts: 43 Member
    13bbird13 wrote: »
    I want to drop at least five more pounds before the annual ID photos at work are taken. I can't even look at last year's; I was 35 pounds heavier and my face was a big circle on top of not-much-neck.

    Me, too! Except I am waiting till I lose another 30-40 pounds. I make the badges where I work, so I'll get to take my new picture when I'm ready.
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