What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • silviamartins
    silviamartins Posts: 32 Member
    Going back to work soon (mat leave) fitting back into my work clothes
  • epangili
    epangili Posts: 818 Member
    This month's mini goals:
    1. Make it in UAC winner's circle to practice healthy LIFEstyle life long habit
    2. Saving 3 passes this month: one for my birthday and two for that time of the month for females
    3. Alternate days of upper and lower weight training to regain the 3 inches I lost from my feminine curves
  • alexmose
    alexmose Posts: 792 Member
    I would really like to be under 100kgs by my birthday 15th April.

    I’m 108 kg right now, and depending on any changes in my rate of loss it seems quite achievable.

    Did you make it?
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