What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    I don't have a lot to lose anymore. I have 11lbs to lose. with nothing budging, I might need to out for a while.

    I was like that at the end of last year, with just a few pounds to lose but they were absolutely not shifting. I decided to up my calories to maintain for a month (it ended up being two, from mid December to mid February, so from just before Christmas to just after my birthday). After that the last few pounds came off pretty quickly. I am at my goal weight and experimenting with what it means to maintain longer term.

    I might need to do this too. Just maintain, for a longer duration of 1-2month too. Then come back to lose pounds later. Before that, I will ride out this May. Then seek maintenance for a longer term. If nothing budge again. On the 30days I have left.
    Congrats on reaching your goal : )