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    I am just 9.5 pounds away from having lost 10% of my starting body weight of 260. That is deeply meaningful to me, as it is the thing my MDs strongly pressured me to get bariatric surgery to do (I refused, after the meeting with the surgeon who made clear the serious downsides of the surgery that doctors *don't* tell you about). I got so upset during the entire process I decided to prove that no, I didn't need a stomach the size of a banana because I didn't eat too much food; I needed to get a clear understanding and management of the high caloric load of the normal amount of food I did eat, and needed to exercise. Still at the beginning of my journey, but having lost 17 pounds since the beginning of March through a combination of WW Blue (overly punitive) and now MFP, slow and steady, that 1st finish line (since I have a long way to go, yet) is blinking at me with increasingly bright lights!

    Great mindset and very logical thinking, I like it! In my past attempts, I would easily get discouraged with what I had in my mind was a slow loss or plateau of some sort but this time I have taken on a whole new mindset and lo and behold each ounce that comes off ADDS up to pounds and before you know it, the amounts are very meaningful! Not to mention, you kind of hit the nail on the head that it is really about seeing and understanding the impacts of what foods, not just how much of them, we are eating and how those add up too.
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