What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    Does anyone else here PURPOSELY buy clothes in smaller sizes because the sale is REALLY amazing and you love the item? And you honestly feel you'll get there someday?
    I have been SO consistent with my exercise since December 26th, 2022...the rewards arrive faster than I can make goals! 😀 I have a few pieces of clothing in size 8/10 or M I've had in my closet for up to two years. Yesterday I tried on a top, which lead to another, etc. Three pieces fit. Some are still a bit too small....but they almost fit. My mini goal is to fit into ALL my M size 8/10 clothes and purge my L/XL clothes this year. As I believe in consistency and not the time it takes.....my time limit is simply this year. I strongly believe I will reach it by the Fall. Dropping one size per year....14/12......10/8 for 2023.......6/4 for Summer 2024....gives me an opportunity to enjoy where I am in the Journey with a feeling of gratitude. It also gives me joy knowing there is still further improvement to come. All I need to do is stay consistent and see what happens if I don't give up this time!! 😊 It's inspiring to read so many shared joys in this thread!! Every goal.....achieved or striving for is life changing! Focus on one day at a time....have a back up plan to move every day for ten minutes....and tell yourself you want to see what happens if you DON'T give up. Imagine if you had decided to stop trying to walk after falling when you first started? You instinctively knew NOT to give up. You didn't set a goal of walking by your 12th or 14th month. 🤣 Tap into that!! Let the process happen.

    Yes!! I do! Especially if it's a really good sale. The jeans I am currently wearing was purchased on a black Friday sale a size too small. Actually I was bearly able to zip up a size 10, but they were out of the 10 in a short, so I bought an 8 instead. They were really more than a size too small! I have often bought the next size down over the last 18 months of losing weight.
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