*!* JANUARY 2016 Walking Challenge *!*



  • TaniTru
    TaniTru Posts: 6 Member
    I'm in - I have decided not to use the car to drive into work from Tuesday, all that up and down the Tube will do me good. I will dust off the old fit bit too!
  • mjackson59
    mjackson59 Posts: 14 Member
    I set a goal for 500 steps and I actually achieved it today!!! Tomorrow I'm going to try for 600!!!
  • NareenaTheGypsy
    NareenaTheGypsy Posts: 475 Member
    edited January 2016
    The annual Resolution Run was yesterday. I did the longer version of it (4 miles), but walk/jogged it. I am returning to running after a year long hiatus :(. Back at it now though.

  • SalluR
    SalluR Posts: 180 Member
    I am in too :)
  • MelFoulds
    MelFoulds Posts: 13 Member
    Really chuffed with myself, today 2nd January I have done a long walk with the dog and hit 13,000 steps.....and it was raining!!! Blooming loved it!
  • kyriddic
    kyriddic Posts: 2 Member
    I love this idea!!! I walked 30 minutes today.
  • Kristieackert
    Kristieackert Posts: 8 Member
    Sat around all day, but got in an hour of walking this afternoon.
  • AlphaHowls
    AlphaHowls Posts: 1,820 Member
    Awesome day everyone! Truly groovy!
  • Sunsinern
    Sunsinern Posts: 19 Member
    I'm in. I walked 15 minutes today around my mobile home community
  • CamelsForever
    CamelsForever Posts: 9 Member
    Checking in. Walked 2 miles today on the treadmill. Feeling good.
  • quiarga
    quiarga Posts: 408 Member
    01/01/2016 - walked 1.88 miles - 40 mins
    01/02/2016 - walked 2.2 miles - 45 mins

    I almost didn't, but then I wouldn't have been able to update here today. We had a long day at my son's wrestling meet and then dinner with family, and although I felt like being lazy tonight, I decided I needed to get my walk in anyway! I'm so glad I did!
  • borninthemiddle
    borninthemiddle Posts: 4 Member
    I am so in!

  • kgirlhart
    kgirlhart Posts: 4,840 Member
    I'm in. Yesterday I walked 3.80 miles in an hour and 20 minutes. Today I walked 4 miles in an hour and 24 minutes. I'm not sure how accurate my pedometer is. I mostly go by time and just try to get in an hour a day at least.
  • shesback1
    shesback1 Posts: 8 Member
    Did better today
    Jan 2 2000
    Jan 3 2518
  • barbiecat
    barbiecat Posts: 16,603 Member


    I carry a pedometer and keep track of all my walking and dancing for the day.

    January 1--12,542 steps
    January 2--12,233 steps

  • __Iana__
    __Iana__ Posts: 5 Member
    Count me in!! :)
    Been away from MFP but trying to get back on the saddle.
    I'm excited!! Is there anyone who'll be using runkeeper or pacer to track their steps?
  • jusandy
    jusandy Posts: 2 Member
    I'miss in
  • RVGirl10
    RVGirl10 Posts: 16 Member
    MelFoulds wrote: »
    Really chuffed with myself, today 2nd January I have done a long walk with the dog and hit 13,000 steps.....and it was raining!!! Blooming loved it!

    OK Mel, I'm assuming being chuffed is a good thing? I love that word! Congrats on your day!
  • RVGirl10
    RVGirl10 Posts: 16 Member
    I met and exceeded yesterday's goal and walked 12,175 steps.

    Today will be more laid back and is my day off from aerobic activity, so 8,000 should be realistic; however, I'm going for 9,000. Wish me luck!

  • chekur
    chekur Posts: 10 Member
    Is it too late to join the challenge?