*!* JANUARY 2016 Walking Challenge *!*



  • denngler
    denngler Posts: 1 Member
    I have used the map my walk app, and the app was not great and wiped out the battery on my phone, but you go in you can actually plot your walking route and that is far easier and more accurate.
  • kgreenkreations
    kgreenkreations Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in. I lost 49 pounds using MFP starting June 1st - gained back 5 at Christmas and stopped tracking. Must get my mojo back - I want to lose 100 pounds total by August. I was stunned & dismayed at how fast my bad habits came back at Christmas. :( Got to get back motivated. Walked 2.5 at the Y today, 20 minutes on the bike and nautilus -but my enthusiasm is just not there. Any advice to get back on track?
  • wilsonkalyn5
    wilsonkalyn5 Posts: 14 Member
    I'm in! Except I'll start tomorrow, because this hangover is going to be here a while.
  • chrisg3421
    chrisg3421 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm in.
    Just got back from a walk outside in the cold and snow flurries.
    According to my Garmin Forerunner 305, I went 2.52 miles in 54:45 with a pace of 21:42 and 374 calories.
  • LouPsych
    LouPsych Posts: 30 Member
    I will take any and all motivation. Day one at the gym today. I can do this - finally!
  • Deej1020
    Deej1020 Posts: 37 Member
    I'm in! I'll check in tomorrow!
  • Justdoitkelly
    Justdoitkelly Posts: 23 Member
    Count me in!
  • Justdoitkelly
    Justdoitkelly Posts: 23 Member
    I use Map my walk and find it to be accurate Lisa W. :)
  • AlphaHowls
    AlphaHowls Posts: 1,901 Member
    Howllo and welcome to all! Happy New Year! It's a groovy day out today, even though cold!
  • quiarga
    quiarga Posts: 408 Member
    AlphaHowls wrote: »
    It was 30*F when I started this morning and I was just not wanting to be out there.

    That's what it is here right now. I'm going to hit my treadmill. It has a nice place for my iPad and I can watch a show on Netflix while I walk. I'll get outdoors when it's at least above freezing!

  • mmorse1976
    mmorse1976 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in too!
  • AlphaHowls
    AlphaHowls Posts: 1,901 Member
    1/1/16 Stationary Bike 15 minutes, 3.82 miles, 81 calories
    hahaha things to do while waiting for the washer cycle
  • saffysharmamfp
    saffysharmamfp Posts: 140 Member
    January 1- 7311 steps, 4.92 km
  • vwoman
    vwoman Posts: 36 Member
    I'm in. Hoping for 12000 steps a day tracked by my Fitbit. Happy walking guys!!
  • LouPsych
    LouPsych Posts: 30 Member
    Fri, 1/1/2016. Treadmill 1.82 miles, 32 mins, 189 cals
  • quiarga
    quiarga Posts: 408 Member
    01/01/2016 - walked 1.88 miles - 40 mins

    Looking forward to kids being back in school next week and fewer interruptions, so I can walk longer.
  • GillianSmith2
    GillianSmith2 Posts: 387 Member
    01.01.2016 walked 3.04 miles hoping to do better tomorrow.
  • gruvergirl
    gruvergirl Posts: 11 Member
    Yay! Was hoping someone was starting a January Walking Challenge! I'm in!
  • AlphaHowls
    AlphaHowls Posts: 1,901 Member
    Yay! The new year is off to a groovy start, any walk is a great walk!
  • sari_endipity08
    sari_endipity08 Posts: 160 Member
    I'm in!