*!* JANUARY 2016 Walking Challenge *!*



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    I'm in. I lost 49 pounds using MFP starting June 1st - gained back 5 at Christmas and stopped tracking. Must get my mojo back - I want to lose 100 pounds total by August. I was stunned & dismayed at how fast my bad habits came back at Christmas. :( Got to get back motivated. Walked 2.5 at the Y today, 20 minutes on the bike and nautilus -but my enthusiasm is just not there. Any advice to get back on track?

    :) I looked at your profile to find out more about you, but there wasn't much info....Do you have a pedometer to keep track of your steps? Do you have a place outdoors to walk? Do you have an mp3 player or a phone for playing music or listening to podcasts or audio books while you walk? Is losing weight at the top of your list of important things to do this year? Don't wait for enthusiasm, just do it and the enthusiasm will follow. I borrow audio books from my library and listen to something really interesting while I walk and they keeps me moving. I give myself a sticker on a calendar for exceeding 10,000 steps in a day and that keeps me moving. Also check back on this thread every day to become part of a community of walkers. Best wishes to you.
  • I'm in! I did a 30 minute walking video this afternoon before I found this, so I'm happy to be included!

  • AlphaHowls
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    Wow! Such groovy and awesome walking today!
  • Kristieackert
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    I'm late to the group, but walked 20 minutes today and would like to join. Need the motivation.
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    I'm in!
  • lovespellfatale
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    I'll try and keep this goal! I have a husky who loves her walks. So it will be good for her and me as well. I gotta look for my Fitbit charger. It's been a while. Are we tracking here?
  • Hi Everyone, I just found your group & I would like to join in!! I walked on my treadmill this morning &cleaned out all of my e-mails on my laptop. I made myself walk 30 minutes @ 2.5 after dinner... We can all do this!!! 2016 will be a new us!! Report back tomorrow have a get evening
  • AlphaHowls
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    I'll try and keep this goal! I have a husky who loves her walks. So it will be good for her and me as well. I gotta look for my Fitbit charger. It's been a while. Are we tracking here?

    Yes, we like to keep track here, you can post times, steps, miles, kilometers, whatever you please. You can post pictures of pets, or interesting things you see...we really love pet pictures :D
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    Okay dokey! - I track my miles walking to from work/gym on Endomondo. I'm in for seeing how many I can rack up with an extra push :)
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    I'm in!
  • CrystalConsults
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    Got in 3 miles today. Yay! :-)
  • NoMoreFat1972
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    1/1/16 (Fri) - 1.31 miles, 31 min 20 secs, 148 calories burned (walking to store w/kids)
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    Hi everyone! I'm new to MFP and getting the hang of it.

    I walk a lot, but this year I'm striving to be more consistent & accountable. I'm glad I found this group!

    Fri 1/1/16: 4.2 miles in 1 hr 17 minutes. I'll try to up the pace a bit next time.

    I'm shooting for about 5 miles, 3-4 times per week. I use the mapping function in MapMyWalk to figure out my mileage.

    Cheers, Rosie

  • Jacqrose13
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    I´m In - I love walking but just need some motivation. Good Luck everyone....
  • helyg
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    Walked 2 miles in 30 mins this morning.
  • katkins3
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    Jan. 1: 14,874 steps distance:6.9 miles
  • barbiecat
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    I carry a pedometer and keep track of all my walking and dancing for the day.

    January 1--12,542 steps

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    Day 1 for me. I need the motivation. I love the idea of a walking challenge.
  • runintherace
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    Day 1 for me. 3 miles today
  • rosaavant
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    I want to join!!!