Small steps to big success! What did you achieve today?



  • Meganthedogmom
    Meganthedogmom Posts: 1,641 Member
    I did 5k for the first time on my treadmill.

    Fantastic!!! :)

    I have successfully kept a half gallon of coffee Haagen Dazs ice cream (my favorite) in the freezer for two whole weeks. And even between my boyfriend and I, there's still a little under half left! Huge accomplishment for me to be able to keep sweets in the house and have it last longer than a couple days.
  • Blossom_13
    Blossom_13 Posts: 6 Member
    I didn't go over my calorie go today even though i almost did :) fixed it!
  • saralthrash
    saralthrash Posts: 105 Member
    I closely watched my calories today! I haven't been so good at it lately.
  • mascre07
    mascre07 Posts: 5 Member
    I got back on myfitness pal! It's been useful in the past. I've decided that whatever I was doing was not working.
  • leahkathleen13
    leahkathleen13 Posts: 272 Member
    Decided to drive home and eat instead of going out to dinner at a food court!
  • TnZMom
    TnZMom Posts: 222 Member
    I went for a fifteen minute walk during the work day.
  • Dory_42
    Dory_42 Posts: 3,511 Member
    I'm going to my first fitness class since concussion. It will be slow but I need to get back into routine...
  • saralthrash
    saralthrash Posts: 105 Member
    I ate a 500 calorie snack at about 1 am last night. I am at the gym doing a double workout to correct it
  • AshleyStar84
    AshleyStar84 Posts: 5 Member
    I rejoined MFP today!!
  • saralthrash
    saralthrash Posts: 105 Member
    I rejoined MFP today!!

    Welcome back!!
  • saralthrash
    saralthrash Posts: 105 Member
    I had to stop for a quick lunch before work at a convenience store. Instead of the delicious double chocolate chip muffin (that I love) for 650 calories I grabbed a Special K meal bar and a small bag of jerky for my afternoon snack. It was hard to do but I'm glad I did!!
  • Quinn_Baker
    Quinn_Baker Posts: 293 Member
    Today for lunch I had a subway sandwich piled with lettuce and spinach (which I normally don't eat), and the rest of the day has been healthy as well!:)